Wife refuses to help husband until he gets ADHD treatment

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A wife has given her ADHD husband an ultimatum after he stopped taking his medication and his behavior began to change. She asked him to seek treatment for his ADHD before she would help him with his expenses. The couple has been fighting over this issue and the wife is now considering leaving him. Read on to find out if the wife is the a**hole in this situation or if she has a valid point.

Wife gives ultimatum to husband regarding ADHD treatment 🤔

throwaway_adhdhell | throwaway_adhdhell

Managing ADHD without meds: struggles of an adult with ADHD.

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When ADHD becomes a 'superpower': a dangerous misconception 😔

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Struggling with ADHD affecting daily life and finances 💰

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Wife seeks ADHD treatment for husband's verbal outbursts and alienation.

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Husband's ADHD takes a toll on marriage and finances 💰

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Wife refuses car-help to ADHD untreated husband 😠

throwaway_adhdhell | throwaway_adhdhell

Husband blames ADHD, wife stands firm, sparks ableism accusation ⚡

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Setting boundaries for a spouse with ADHD, is it justified?

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Husband demands apology before discussing ADHD treatment with wife.

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Struggling with ADHD and a strained marriage? Take a break! 😊

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Wife struggles to help husband with ADHD, seeks support online

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Husband's ADHD leads to separation and chaotic home environment.

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Husband's untreated ADHD leads to lawyer meetings and new housing 🏠

throwaway_adhdhell | throwaway_adhdhell

Wife refuses to enable husband's ADHD denial 🙅‍♀️

A wife has reached the end of her tether with her husband's denial of his ADHD diagnosis. Despite previously managing his symptoms with medication, he stopped taking them after reading some blogs that convinced him he no longer needed them. His wife, who is a medical resident, noticed significant changes in his behaviour and has been covering the majority of their expenses while also doing her residency. After refusing to continue enabling him financially and with household chores, the husband exploded verbally and has since refused to seek treatment. The wife has made the difficult decision to separate from him due to the impact on her work and health. The situation has escalated to the point where there is now physical damage to their home. Despite the challenges, the wife remains committed to taking care of herself and hopes her husband will eventually seek the help he needs. Stay tuned for the comments and reactions to this story.

ADHD solidarity and humor in the face of marital strife 😂

DebateObjective2787 | DebateObjective2787

Support for husband seeking ADHD treatment in marriage 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

ADHD medication can provide control, not a cure. NTA.

EeveeQueen15 | EeveeQueen15

Medication can make a world of difference for mental health 💯

youaskedfurret | youaskedfurret

Woman shares her struggles with ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

Equivalent_Isopod_61 | Equivalent_Isopod_61

Living with ADHD is tough, but embracing it can be beautiful 😊

severalcouches | severalcouches

Divorce attorney advises NTA to keep track of bills paid 💰

Socrtea5e | Socrtea5e

ADHD is not a superpower, NTA comment explains why.

markus_kt | markus_kt

Setting boundaries and expectations is crucial for healthy relationships 💑

paulllis | paulllis

Partner needs professional help for ADHD. NTA for expecting so.

Murderbunny13 | Murderbunny13

Supporting a partner with ADHD should not break you 💪

chonkosaurusrexx | chonkosaurusrexx

Married person A, got person B - NTA for wanting fairness 💍👨‍❤️‍👨

PattersonsOlady | PattersonsOlady

Understanding and support for ADHD in relationships 🙌

MasterOfMyDomainX | MasterOfMyDomainX

Supportive comment suggests trial separation for husband's ADHD treatment 🧑‍⚕️

lis_amazing25 | lis_amazing25

Managing ADHD with medication and impulsiveness on weekends. 🧠

awkwrdaccountant | awkwrdaccountant

Leaving an abusive partner with untreated ADHD. 👏

counting_daisies | counting_daisies

Medication envy: NTA's comment on ADHD treatment

VV_Argost | VV_Argost

Managing ADHD unmedicated isn't the same as medicated. 💊

Lumber74 | Lumber74

A kind-hearted comment offering support and positivity. ❤️

kingkrypt66 | kingkrypt66

Managing mental health is our responsibility, not an excuse. 💪

AdministrationShot14 | AdministrationShot14

SIL should handle husband without meds. NTA wins 🏆

Scared_Assistant_649 | Scared_Assistant_649

Struggling with mental illness and medication, but NTA for seeking help ❤️

Alyssa_Hargreaves | Alyssa_Hargreaves

Encouraging comment on importance of mental health treatment and therapy 💚

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ADHD is serious but managing it is important. NTA 👍

Ralynne | Ralynne

ADHD and relationship stress - one person's experience and advice.

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Wife sets boundaries for ADHD husband, faces resistance and backlash 💔

bopperbopper | bopperbopper

It's time to let go. You deserve better. 💪

Crimson_queen911 | Crimson_queen911

ADHD sufferer sympathizes with wife's ultimatum for treatment

Athena_Galaxy | Athena_Galaxy

Managing ADHD can be tough, but NTA for setting boundaries.

ImBabyBitch021 | ImBabyBitch021

ADHD meds as a superpower? Updates on difficult holiday situation.

Deathbecomesher13 | Deathbecomesher13

Resourceful solution 🤔💡

ltltna00097 | ltltna00097

Managing ADHD without medication: A personal story.

Katana_x | Katana_x

Wife refuses to enable husband's ADHD, internet approves 👏🏼

Mystik-Spiral | Mystik-Spiral

Husband stops ADHD meds, now wife bears all housework. NTA

Bright-Entrepreneur | Bright-Entrepreneur

Living with ADHD: One person's struggle to manage their behavior.

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Partner needs to take responsibility for ADHD, NTA.

Zubinka | Zubinka

Husband's refusal of ADHD treatment puts marriage and finances at risk 😔

TheBattyWitch | TheBattyWitch

ADHD treatment ultimatum leads to NTA judgement 👍

Proplyd-0628 | Proplyd-0628

ADHD community member agrees with wife's boundaries. YTA judgment overturned.

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Encouraging medication for ADHD to prevent drowning together. 🏊‍♂️

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NTA with ADHD gets support from husband to treat symptoms 👍

katkaterran | katkaterran

Enforcing tough love: NTA's career vs husband's ADHD treatment.

jmelross | jmelross

Not the a**hole! But why does he need her help?

FireEbonyashes | FireEbonyashes

Understanding ADHD and Bipolar Disorder co-morbidity. 🤔

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Husband's ADHD affecting marriage, NTA seeks advice on confrontation. 🤔

Jaded_Tourist2057 | Jaded_Tourist2057

Managing ADHD requires tools including medication, body doubles and lists. NTA.

catsncatsnbootsncats | catsncatsnbootsncats

Living with ADHD is hard, not a superpower 😔. Husband needs treatment.

MrMashed | MrMashed

ADHD and autism don't excuse abusive behavior from a spouse. 🚫

Hyperion_Heathen | Hyperion_Heathen

Supportive comment suggests husband needs counseling for ADHD treatment

Lizardgirl25 | Lizardgirl25

NTA. Husband's refusal to seek help is selfish and unfair.

anonymousbee14 | anonymousbee14

Seek legal help, prioritize basic household functioning - NTA

Flat_Contribution707 | Flat_Contribution707

A supportive spouse shares her experience with ADHD treatment.

sdpeasha | sdpeasha

Supporting a partner with untreated ADHD is exhausting 😔

voluntold9276 | voluntold9276

Mental illness isn't an excuse for selfish behavior 💊

anoceanfullofolives | anoceanfullofolives

ADHD struggles strain relationship, wife asks for treatment. #NTA

ChicksDigBards | ChicksDigBards

Support for tough love approach in managing husband's ADHD.

MLiOne | MLiOne

Supportive reply to spouse refusing to enable partner's behavior.

theatrewhore | theatrewhore

Commenter and reply dismiss wife's criticism with humor 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

User supports wife's request for husband to get ADHD treatment.

DrummingChopsticks | DrummingChopsticks

Supportive comment suggests leaving husband with ADHD treatment ultimatum 💔

Tier1Clean | Tier1Clean

ADHD doesn't make you TA. Let's end the stigma! 🧠

cavernofcalypso | cavernofcalypso

Commenter shares their experience with ADHD, supports wife's decision. 👍

Ok_Zookeepergame5141 | Ok_Zookeepergame5141

Dealing with ADHD alone? NTA, but he needs help too 🧠

Janglez88 | Janglez88

Struggling with untreated ADHD, NTA advises spouse to push for treatment 😓

hammyhamilton134 | hammyhamilton134

Supporting spouse's mental health is crucial for a healthy relationship 😊

kastalaesi | kastalaesi

Supportive comment encourages OP to prioritize their own well-being. 🙌

KimmyKatAlways82 | KimmyKatAlways82

A cautionary tale on untreated ADHD and relationships. 😢

jamarwoerst | jamarwoerst

Heartfelt support for someone going through a tough time ❤️

BossValkyrie | BossValkyrie

Partner refuses ADHD treatment, OP sets healthy boundary. NTA 💯

Stinky_Cat_Toes | Stinky_Cat_Toes

Taking responsibility for ADHD treatment helps relationships. 👍

chrystalight | chrystalight

Don't be your partner's therapy, he needs to fix himself 💔

Maoricitizen | Maoricitizen

Managing ADHD can be tough, but is it fair to rely on your partner?

kalsixx888 | kalsixx888

Partner's ADHD is affecting every aspect of life. Marriage counseling recommended.

holisarcasm | holisarcasm

Marriage with untreated ADHD can lead to divorce. Ultimatum advised.

neverthelessidissent | neverthelessidissent

Partner's ADHD affects relationship, tough love or part ways? NTA.

Quicksilver1964 | Quicksilver1964

Taking ADHD medication is crucial for his behavior. 🧠

Deucalion666 | Deucalion666

Hilarious comment about ADHD treatment and chores, NTA judgement.

bebeazucarr | bebeazucarr

Stand up for yourself or seek help for ADHD 👍

FightinTXAg98 | FightinTXAg98

Sister over spouse, should wife be responsible for ADHD treatment?

BahaSim242 | BahaSim242

Supportive comment suggests leaving unsupportive spouse for successful career. 💪

clear-jade220 | clear-jade220

NTA. Time to move on 💔

Greeneyestexas | Greeneyestexas

Struggling with a partner who needs meds for ADHD? 🤷‍♂️

Mrtyu666666 | Mrtyu666666

ADHD isn't an excuse. Other treatment options are available. NTA 👍

Soupswifey | Soupswifey

Living med-free with ADHD is possible but requires effort. 💪

TheAngryBeezy | TheAngryBeezy

ADHD is not an excuse for being TA! NTA 👍

LizE110307 | LizE110307

Setting boundaries and seeking help for ADHD in relationships 💑

[deleted] | [deleted]

SIL angry at husband's ADHD, OP suggests cash and leaving.

Positive_Mango_2783 | Positive_Mango_2783

Living with ADHD without medication. NTA, but husband needs help.

Jaylamarie333 | Jaylamarie333

Living with ADHD and being called names, NTA takes a stand.

[deleted] | [deleted]

A helpful book on ADHD and marriage 📚❤️

Whowutwhen | Whowutwhen

Taking responsibility for ADHD: NTA suggests couples therapy 💑

Whoreson_Welles | Whoreson_Welles

Commenter compares superheroes to messy husbands, supports OP

8kijcj | 8kijcj