Man faces backlash for bringing non-blood daughter to family-only event

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In this heartbreaking story, a man who legally adopted his late wife's daughter is left reeling after his family tells him that she's not really family. Despite being his legal ward and daughter in every sense of the word, some of his relatives are uncomfortable with the fact that she's not related by blood. The man is left wondering if he's in the wrong for bringing his daughter to family events, and if he should continue to fight for her place in the family. Read on to find out if he's the a**hole in this situation.

Father faces criticism for bringing non-biological daughter to family event

dhdad | dhdad

Man adopts non-blood daughter, faces family backlash. #FamilyIsMoreThanBlood ❤️

dhdad | dhdad

Misunderstanding leads to family drama at intimate wedding 🎭

dhdad | dhdad

Man faces backlash for bringing non-blood daughter to family event.

dhdad | dhdad

Father defends non-blood daughter at family event 🙅‍♂️

dhdad | dhdad

Navigating family events with non-blood relatives 😍

dhdad | dhdad

Dad faces backlash for bringing non-blood daughter to family-only event 😕

dhdad | dhdad

Man faces backlash for bringing non-blood daughter to family event 😮

A man who legally adopted his late wife's daughter from a previous relationship was asked to watch what sort of family events he brings her to in the future. The man has two children, a son from his first marriage and his late wife's daughter, Anna. He was invited to his niece's wedding, which he understood to mean he could bring his kids. However, upon arrival, he was told that Anna was not welcome because the wedding was family-only. The man tried to explain that Anna is his daughter and therefore family, but his sister-in-law insisted that she wasn't a blood relative. The man left the wedding early with his children. Later, his niece asked him to watch what events he brings Anna to in the future. The man is baffled that his family would even request something like this or be uncomfortable with his non-blood daughter's presence. Read on for the reactions to this family controversy.

Adopted daughter excluded from family event; family shows racism.

StAlvis | StAlvis

"I don't have any step-grandchildren; I only have grandchildren." 😍

SvChocoboRideAirshp | SvChocoboRideAirshp

Blood doesn't mean sh*t. We choose our family 🙌

Affectionate_Iron998 | Affectionate_Iron998

Support for OP's decision to not bring daughter to family events.

WaywardSoul717 | WaywardSoul717

Defending non-biological daughter at family event. NTA wins hearts ❤️

bobledrew | bobledrew

Protecting a racialized child is crucial. Family acceptance matters.

behating | behating

Defending his non-blood daughter, man faces backlash and racism.

Coco_Dirichlet | Coco_Dirichlet

Stand your ground! 🙌🏽 Your daughter, your family, your rules!

Elegant_Hornet_7641 | Elegant_Hornet_7641

Defending non-blood daughter, calling out sister-in-law and niece 👊

Scoff_22 | Scoff_22

Adopted daughter is real family. Others acting like trash. 🙄

RestInPeaceLater | RestInPeaceLater

Father stands up for non-blood daughter against family racism 🙌

thisisjustabitweird | thisisjustabitweird

Adopted daughter not welcomed? NTA. Family's racism is obvious 🤨

Traditional-Ad-2095 | Traditional-Ad-2095

Adoption exclusion is unacceptable, NTA stands up for inclusivity 🌈

Percentage_Express | Percentage_Express

Defending his non-blood daughter, man receives support against family's discrimination.

mrtartarus16 | mrtartarus16

Support for non-blood family member, condemnation for racist family members.

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

Breaking the cycle of racism with love ❤️👨‍👧

infinitemonkeytyping | infinitemonkeytyping

Heartwarming comment defends father's actions at family event ❤️

whatsmynameagain55 | whatsmynameagain55

Supportive comment for non-blood daughter, condemning family's behavior.

Away_Refuse8493 | Away_Refuse8493

Defying family norms, a supportive comment section applauds NTA's decision 👏

lifetooshort4bs | lifetooshort4bs

Supportive commenters defend bringing non-blood daughter to event. 🙌

Beximillian | Beximillian

Taking a stand against family's discrimination sparks support and criticism 😕👏

MelodyRaine | MelodyRaine

Choose your family wisely. 🤔

lisaturtle_00 | lisaturtle_00

Adopted children deserve better than being treated like outsiders. 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting your child from toxic family. 🙌🏼

Snoo_7492 | Snoo_7492

Adopted children are real children. Family is more than blood. ❤️

NiDonnaNaiz | NiDonnaNaiz

Blood doesn't define family ❤️ Stand up for your loved ones

Current_Cranberry_85 | Current_Cranberry_85

Defending non-blood daughter at family event. NTA, but family is.

TheNervyNerd | TheNervyNerd

Adopted children deserve the same love as biological children 💜

YATA2020 | YATA2020

Definitely NTA! Your daughter, your choice 🙌

awkward-velociraptor | awkward-velociraptor

Defend your non-blood daughter against family AHolery 🚫👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👊 #TeamAnna #NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Love wins 🌈💕 Bringing your daughter is a no-brainer.

kab200 | kab200

Family is not just about blood. NTA for bringing non-blood daughter. 💕

Jewel131415 | Jewel131415

Standing up to family racism - NTA wins this round 👊

Silent-Towel-4158 | Silent-Towel-4158

Breaking the blood bond: Heartwarming family values triumph over prejudice ❤️

FeistyMouse | FeistyMouse

Breaking barriers: a heartwarming reminder that family is not just blood ❤️

Savagely_Rekt | Savagely_Rekt

Adoptive dad stands up for non-blood daughter, proves he's her dad ❤️

KandyShopp | KandyShopp

Stick to your guns, Dad! 🙌 Family can be toxic. 🚫

Cultural-Ambition449 | Cultural-Ambition449

Stand your ground! 🙌👏 Your family is being unreasonable.

calaakla | calaakla

Family is not defined by blood 🙌 #NTA

kellybean07251980 | kellybean07251980

Commenter defends man against family's discrimination 👍🏽

sparrow_fifi | sparrow_fifi

Stand up to racism, skip the event and speak out 🗣️

RaederX | RaederX

Support for non-blood family inclusion 🤝

pinepeaches | pinepeaches

Commenter supports bringing non-blood daughter, criticizes relatives. 👍

IAmGettingThePig | IAmGettingThePig

A heartwarming response to a dad's dilemma 🤗

EwokCafe | EwokCafe

Non-blood daughter is family too 💕 Stand up for her!

CoastalCerulean | CoastalCerulean

Defending non-blood daughter against race-based family exclusion. ✊

SpicyTunaRoll90 | SpicyTunaRoll90

Not the a**hole for disliking extended family 🙅‍♂️

verminiusrex | verminiusrex

Heartwarming support for stepfather bringing non-blood daughter to event ❤️

Free-Communication51 | Free-Communication51

Fighting racism in the family 👊🏽✊🏽

LingonberryPrior6896 | LingonberryPrior6896

Confronting family racism: Protect your daughter from bigotry 🤝

BUTTeredWhiteBread | BUTTeredWhiteBread

Standing up for his adopted daughter against family racism 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand up to family bigotry, NTA. 💪🏿👍

Scrubatl | Scrubatl

Supporting non-blood related family is important 👪

magpie0000 | magpie0000

👍 Keep standing up for your kids against unsupportive family members.

GrailJester | GrailJester

Supportive comment, suggests cutting off toxic family members. 👍

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