She Hated Her Wedding But Kept It a Secret From Her Husband. AITA?

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A woman shares a heartbreaking story of how her wedding was taken over by her husband's sick grandmother. She was forced to give up her dream wedding and had to settle for something she didn't want. Her husband later noticed that she was excited about planning her cousin's wedding and joked about the lack of enthusiasm she had shown for their wedding. This led to a fight, and she finally confessed that she was not happy on their wedding day. Read on to find out if she was an AH.

Keeping a secret from my husband about our wedding 💍

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Bride keeps wedding dissatisfaction a secret. AITA for doing this?

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A bittersweet wedding for a dying grandmother. ❤️

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Bridezilla takes over wedding planning, husband left in the dark

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Bride struggles to please dying MIL while keeping her own sanity 😓

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Bride's heartbreaking story of sacrificing her dream wedding 💔

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Bride regrets wedding, but kept it hidden from husband. AITA?

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Bride hates her own wedding, but MOHs for others. AITA?

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Bride regrets wedding, kept it a secret from husband. 😔

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Hiding wedding regrets from hubby. Is she an a**hole?

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Confessed hating wedding to husband, now receiving silent treatment. AITA?

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OP receives support and clears up misconceptions in edit.

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Bride hates wedding but didn't tell husband. AITA? 😕

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A diligent wedding planner learns from her own miserable experience. 💍

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She hated her wedding, but kept it a secret from her husband 😶

A woman shares her story about how her wedding day wasn't the dreamy affair she always imagined it to be. Her husband's grandmother, who was diagnosed with cancer, became the center of attention and controlled everything from the venue to the dress. The bride-to-be was called a bridezilla and was made to feel guilty for not honoring the dying woman's request. She had to go through with a wedding that wasn't hers and had to keep it a secret from her husband for years. Now, things are out in the open and the husband is hurt. Read on to find out who is the A**hole in this situation, and what the commenters have to say.

Wedding planning without bride's input leads to unhappy memories. NTA 💍

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Bride sacrificed her dream wedding for her husband's family- NTA ❤️

dbohat | dbohat

NTA- Husband's family hijacked wedding, he enabled it, now angry.

Zoeyoe | Zoeyoe

Plan a vow renewal for your dream wedding. NTA.

Lakota_Six | Lakota_Six

A rare misstep in an otherwise loving relationship. ❤️

Cevanne46 | Cevanne46

Wedding planning pressures and family dynamics. 💍

CanadianAreNice | CanadianAreNice

Plan your dream wedding for your vow renewal! ❤️

MrsJonesy2012 | MrsJonesy2012

Bride regrets not standing up for herself against family's controlling behavior 😔

EvanWasHere | EvanWasHere

Husband's hurt silence may be processing, not punishment. 🤔

ShelfLifeInc | ShelfLifeInc

Wedding was hijacked by MIL. NTA. Guilted, not gaslit.

WiseBad1 | WiseBad1

NTA. Honest communication is key in any relationship 💌

Famous_Brick5588 | Famous_Brick5588

Did her husband invalidate her feelings about their wedding? 😕

ninaa1 | ninaa1

Grandma's manipulative behavior at the wedding raises family dynamic concerns. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband sulks after wife reveals she hated their wedding. 💔

Decent_Ad6389 | Decent_Ad6389

Engage in a productive conversation with your husband. 💬

barnescando | barnescando

Grandma's outburst causes family drama. NTA but Yikes!

Cautiously_Optimist | Cautiously_Optimist

Communicate your feelings with 💕, and if he can't accept it, 🚩

Voidg | Voidg

Commenter blames husband for wedding disaster and gives ultimatum. 💔

HelenGonne | HelenGonne

Huge wedding sacrifice for husband's family, but he's insensitive. NTA 🚫💍

PurpleTechPants | PurpleTechPants

Bride feels not at fault, but is the groom reflecting?

__chill | __chill

NTA, but silent treatment is not a solution 😔

lauv2308 | lauv2308

Grandma's dying doesn't make her the bride. 🙅‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Clueless ex and controlling mothers ruined wedding plans. 😒

badnewsfaery | badnewsfaery

Don't fake happiness on your wedding day. NTA ❤

Harony | Harony

Bride suffers in silence for years after sacrificing her dream wedding, husband now feeling guilty. NTA 👰‍♀️💔

ViolinistDoll666 | ViolinistDoll666

Wedding regrets are valid. Your partner should listen and understand ❤️

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Commenter sympathizes with bride, suggests counseling. 💍

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OP's husband let his family abuse her during their wedding 💔

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A grandmother hijacks a wedding and gets remembered as a manipulative tyrant 😒

KawaiiQueen92 | KawaiiQueen92

Wedding day hijacked by husband's family. NTA for resentment.

Fuzzy-Ad559 | Fuzzy-Ad559

Hiding wedding disappointment for years. 💔 Time for honesty. NTA

Aitasuperfan | Aitasuperfan

Creative way to say 'not your fault' 👍

Rubberbandballgirl | Rubberbandballgirl

Bride sacrifices dream wedding for husband's grandma's last happy memory ❤️

MrGayrath | MrGayrath

Giving up her wedding was NTA, but husband's reaction was.

EvilGodCookie | EvilGodCookie

Is marriage not for you? 🤔 Read this thread on why.

Cool_Foundation_5319 | Cool_Foundation_5319

Grandma's dying wish ruins wedding, husband doesn't defend. NTA.

AmIarealbunny | AmIarealbunny

Spouse hated wedding but kept it secret. Marriage deal breaker? 💔

redditavenger2019 | redditavenger2019

Stand up for yourself! 🙌 NTA

SquirrelBowl | SquirrelBowl

Bride sacrifices dream wedding for husband's family. NTA, but husband is.

Astra_Trillian | Astra_Trillian

A supportive comment about a disappointing wedding and insensitive partner 🎉

young_coastie | young_coastie

Time to spill the tea ☕️ - NTA bride finally tells husband the truth about their wedding

Cocoasneeze | Cocoasneeze

Plan the perfect vow renewal ceremony with or without him! 💍

mochidog12 | mochidog12

She deserved better 🙌 Stand up for yourself #NTA

No_Respect_1778 | No_Respect_1778

NTA for keeping your disappointment a secret. Husband owes you.

ApartLocksmith1 | ApartLocksmith1

Honesty is key. Renew your vows and make it perfect ❤️

TheEvilGoats | TheEvilGoats

Bride's MOH took over the wedding, but she stood up. NTA ✌️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Speak up about your wedding or forever hold your peace. 💍

Aposematicpebble | Aposematicpebble

Wedding regret kept secret from spouse, NTA 👰❤️🤫

MotherOfCrotchFruit | MotherOfCrotchFruit

Renew your vows, make it about you! 💍

SignificantWhereas29 | SignificantWhereas29

Bride secretly hated wedding planned by husband's grandmother. NTA or ESH? 💍💔

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