Employee Misunderstands Gym Booking, Chaos Ensues

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A recent hire at a climbing gym receives a call from a woman asking if it's appropriate for a group of "little people". Assuming she meant people with dwarfism, the employee tells her it should be fine. However, on the day of the booking, it turns out the "little people" are actually small children. Chaos ensues as the gym has strict policies regarding children and belaying. The employee's manager comes to the rescue but also calls them a dumba**. Was the employee in the wrong for not anticipating the woman's use of an extremely specific term for children? Click to find out.

Boss saves the day after gym booking misunderstanding 😅

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Off-topic comment leads to bizarre trend, internet confused 🤔

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Navigating gym policies for diverse groups can get confusing 😕

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Navigating inclusivity in physical activity, one gym's misunderstanding.

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Gym booking mix-up leads to chaotic child policy

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Misunderstanding at the gym leads to weekend chaos and laughter 😂

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Redditor confused over term 'little people', seeks judgement 🤔

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When gym booking goes wrong 😳

A recent employee at a climbing gym faced an unexpected challenge when a group booking turned out to be a dozen small children instead of people with dwarfism as they had assumed. The mistake resulted in chaos as there was a strict 2 kids per 1 adult ratio and the children were not allowed to belay until assessed. The lady who made the booking was unhappy with the turn of events and the employee had to get their manager involved. However, it turned out to be a funny misunderstanding in retrospect, and the employee was left wondering who in the world refers to children as "little people". Have you ever experienced a similar situation? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Using euphemisms for children can lead to misunderstandings. NTA for assuming 'little people' referred to those with dwarfism.

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Debate over terminology for children sparks heated discussion 🔥

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Commenter is NTA but finds the situation hilarious 🤣

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Clear policy communication avoids potential conflicts. 🤔

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Misunderstanding 'little people' creates hilarious situation 😂

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Using 'little people' instead of 'dwarf' is preferred and respectful 💪

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Discussion on the use of the phrase 'little people'

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Miscommunication leads to confusion about gym rules and terminology 🤔

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Clear communication is key to avoiding misunderstandings at work. 👍

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Clarifying age/height restrictions, little people not 'midgets'. NTA.

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Using euphemisms for kids to bypass safety regulations? 😱

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Misunderstanding leads to gym chaos, but comment finds humor 🏋️‍♀️😂

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Using appropriate language is important for clear communication 🗣️

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Using confusing terminology can lead to misunderstandings 😕

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Childish gym booking misunderstanding leads to relatable comment section 😂

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Clear communication is key, NTA comment shuts down ambiguity 👍

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Misunderstood invitation leads to confusion and awkwardness. 🤨

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Politely correcting a misunderstanding on acceptable terminology for dwarfism 👍

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Be mindful of your word choices! NTA comment sparks discussion.

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Misunderstanding gym booking, but 'little people' story steals attention. NTA 😂

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Defending the innocence of children. 🧒🏻❤️

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Commenter defends employee's mistake, says she's not to blame 👍

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Misunderstood gym booking leads to awkward situation, manager finds humor 🤣

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Miscommunication due to autism leads to confusion and frustration 😕

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Clarifying the definition of 'little people' in a gym mishap 🏋️‍♂️

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Misunderstood gym booking leads to little people confusion 🤔

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"Little people" only for kids in class, not outside. NTA 😊

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Commenter calls out boss and woman, declares 'Not the a**hole'

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Educational comment on dwarfism terminology, NTA judgment affirmed.

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Misunderstood gym booking leads to potential issue with language.

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Clever rule-bending or entitled behavior? NTA comment debates.

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Inclusivity matters! A thoughtful response to a sensitive situation 👍

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Parent didn't sign liability waiver for minors at gym 🤔

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Commenter calls out ableist language, receives support from replies 💪

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Defending a misunderstood employee and suggesting a solution 💪

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Standing up to a disrespectful boss. You go, person! 👏

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Using the term “little people” caused a misunderstanding, NTA

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Commenter not at fault, chaos still ensues 😅

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Clear communication is key! 😅

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Support for using correct language in NTA comment

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Misunderstood gym booking leads to communication breakdown and frustration 😕

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Agreeing with a fellow gym-goer, NTA comment wins support 👍

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Employee misunderstands gym booking, and causes policy issues. NTA.

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Assuming 'little people' referred to kids, not NTA for misunderstanding.

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Defending the use of 'little people' when referring to kids 👶🏻👧🏾🧒🏼

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Calling out 'little people on the floor' goes horribly wrong 🤦‍♂️

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Misunderstanding leads to chaos, but commenter is NTA 🤣

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Clearing the confusion: 'Little people' refers to dwarfism, NTA.

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'Little people' is not an insult, says NTA comment.

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Climbing industry worker calls out inappropriate language, sparks discussion 👀

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Clear communication is key. NTA for not understanding.

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Empathetic comment defends customer service workers. #NTA 🙌

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Comment highlights harmful stereotypes faced by little people 👎

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Understanding language and context is crucial in avoiding misunderstandings 😊

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Proper terminology for people with dwarfism explained 🤓

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Misunderstanding gym booking leads to name-calling. NTA wins.

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Commenter defends gym-goer, calls out condescension with sarcasm 💪

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Clarifying child size terminology avoids misunderstandings, NTA handled it well 😊

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