Friend's Fiancée Wants Me to Skip Family Vacation After Finding Out About Our Past. AITA?

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A woman is questioning if she's in the wrong after her friend's fiancée told her she makes her uncomfortable and asked her not to come on vacation with their family. The woman used to date her friend before he met his fiancée and is close with his family. The vacation for this year has already been booked, but the fiancée wants her to stay away out of respect for her relationship.

An argument ensued, with accusations of wanting a free vacation, and now the woman is wondering if she's the a**hole in this situation for wanting to go on the trip with her friend and his family.

Awkward past with friend's fiancée causing vacation drama. 😬

sourcandy78 | sourcandy78

Navigating awkward situations with friend's fiancée. 🤯

sourcandy78 | sourcandy78

Skipping family vacation for friend's fiancée. AITA or not? 🤔

sourcandy78 | sourcandy78

Uninvited from vacation over past with friend's fiancée. AITA?

sourcandy78 | sourcandy78

Potential family vacation drama: Is OP being unreasonable? 🤔

sourcandy78 | sourcandy78

Judgement time: Am I The A**hole? 🤔

sourcandy78 | sourcandy78

Friend's fiancée wants me to skip family vacation after finding out about our past 😕 AITA?

What happens when your close friend's fiancée finds out about your past relationship and demands that you skip the annual family vacation? That's the dilemma our poster is facing. Despite being close to his friend's family, the fiancée has told everyone that the poster makes her uncomfortable and wants him to stay away from her and her fiancé.

The poster, however, has already booked the vacation and refuses to skip it just because of her discomfort. The situation has turned into an argument with accusations being thrown around. Is the poster the a**hole in this situation? Or is the fiancée overreacting?

Let's take a closer look at the dynamics of the relationships and what might be the best course of action for all parties involved.

Fiancé lied by omission, and now his fiancée is trying to process it. OP's friend is responsible for the mess.

Unit-Healthy | Unit-Healthy

Friend's fiancée wants OP to skip family vacation. NTA, unfair.

ParsimoniousSalad | ParsimoniousSalad

Joint vacation turns into a mess due to friend's fiancée's insecurities. ESH.

fizzbangwhiz | fizzbangwhiz

Fiancé's discomfort with ex on family vacation divides opinions. NTA.

greenseraphima | greenseraphima

Debate over OP's boundaries with ex on family vacation sparks controversy.

Difficult_E | Difficult_E

Don't let her trust issues ruin your friendship 🤝 NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-couple and friend's fiancée cause drama over family vacation plans 😒

NobodyEspeciallyCool | NobodyEspeciallyCool

NTA - OP's friend's fiancée is out of bounds for expecting OP not to go on a vacation that includes OP's siblings.

Catbunny | Catbunny

Fiancé angry about undisclosed past, friend is the real AH.

uknowimjojos | uknowimjojos

NTA, don't let her insecurities ruin your family vacation 🏖️

gamblingGenocider | gamblingGenocider

NTA. Ex's fiancée being possessive and insecure. Drama ensues. 😒

MarlyCat118 | MarlyCat118

Navigating friendship and past relationships can be tough. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breaking up doesn't always end in bitterness. 😊

Mr_MadKing16 | Mr_MadKing16

Don't let your friend's fiancée dictate your family vacation 🌴🏖️ NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex's fiancée uncomfortable with yearly vacation, OP should bow out.

suffragette_citizen | suffragette_citizen

Ex's presence in family vacation causes controversy, FIL asked to decide.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiancée discovers past relationship, uninvites family friend from vacation. Commenters agree, ESH.

IAmAllOfTheSith | IAmAllOfTheSith

Ex's past causing drama for friend's fiancée. Yikes! 😬

its_the_green_che | its_the_green_che

Commenter calls out OP for lack of empathy in tense situation 😬

Flicksonreddit | Flicksonreddit

Don't mess with the guestlist 👍

TheRealSkeeter | TheRealSkeeter

NTA for wanting to go on family vacation despite fiance's discomfort.

ThoroughlyGray | ThoroughlyGray

Ex's fiancée uncomfortable with family vacation, but OP shouldn't have to skip. NTA 🏖

672 | 672

Commenter empathizes with fiancé, urges OP to resolve issues. 😬

Arseypoowank | Arseypoowank

Ex's fiancée wants me to skip family vacation, should I go? 🤔

earmares | earmares

Ex's friendship with friend's fiancée causes family drama. ESH.

WagonsIntenseSpeed | WagonsIntenseSpeed

Family vacation invite causes tension with friend's fiancée. NTA.

lmco_ed | lmco_ed

Commenter suggests dropping friend's fiancé. 💔

The_Tiny_Empress | The_Tiny_Empress

Secret past causes drama for friend's fiancée. Drama llama alert 🐍

Blizard896 | Blizard896

Have an honest talk with her and clarify things 👍

FrenchieWoman | FrenchieWoman

Family traditions trump insecure fiancée's demands. 🙅

Liss78 | Liss78

Ex's fiancée sets boundaries but nobody respects them. 🤔

RactheRavenclaw | RactheRavenclaw

Friend's opinion on fiancée's request is crucial 🤔

SataySue | SataySue

Fiancée has a point. Is OP being a potential wedge? 🤔

DueMorning800 | DueMorning800

OP receives criticism for lack of empathy in complicated situation 💔

sweatersand | sweatersand

Curious about OP's involvement with ex's family. 🤔

noteasytobecheesy | noteasytobecheesy

👀 Ex is the a**hole? Tell me more...

AmberWaves80 | AmberWaves80

Ex's fiancée uncomfortable with OP on family vacation, ESH but YTA

Bens_den_of_thoughts | Bens_den_of_thoughts

A commenter imagines a dramatic love triangle. 😳

Sternjunk | Sternjunk

Setting boundaries with ex's family causing issues with new partner 🤔

SyrupExcellent1225 | SyrupExcellent1225