Woman Won't Take in Sister's Husband After She Passes Away, but Takes in Nieces Instead. AITA?

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Losing a loved one is never easy, and it's especially difficult for children who lose a parent. But what happens when the remaining parent is not on good terms with the family? One woman faced this dilemma when her brother-in-law asked her to take him and her nieces in after her sister's death.

However, due to past conflicts, she only agreed to take in the children. This decision caused a rift in the family, with some questioning if she made the right choice. Read on to find out if she's the a**hole in this situation.

Taking in nieces, but not brother-in-law after sister's passing 💔

throwaway3679656 | throwaway3679656

Refusing to take in sister's husband due to legal issues

throwaway3679656 | throwaway3679656

Woman refuses to take in sister's husband after her death.

throwaway3679656 | throwaway3679656

Woman refuses to take in sister's husband, takes in nieces instead 😔

throwaway3679656 | throwaway3679656

Refusing sister's husband after her death to care for nieces. AITA?

throwaway3679656 | throwaway3679656

Niece wants her dad, husband disagrees. Tensions rise 🤯

throwaway3679656 | throwaway3679656

Woman refuses to take in sister's husband after her passing 😠

A woman lost her sister to cancer and now finds herself in a difficult situation. Her sister's husband is struggling to pay off debts and has asked to move in with her and her family, but they have a troubled past. The woman has agreed to take in her nieces, but not their father. This decision has caused tension within the family, with some members accusing her of being selfish and making it more difficult for the grieving girls. However, the woman stands by her decision and believes that she is doing what's best for her family. The situation is complicated further by the fact that her husband is now having second thoughts and the 16-year-old niece keeps arguing about wanting her dad with them. It remains to be seen how this situation will resolve itself, but it's clear that emotions are running high. In the next section, we'll take a look at some of the reactions and comments to this difficult situation.

Woman refuses sister's hostile husband to live with her but takes in nieces instead. NTA!

Mad_Cowboy_64 | Mad_Cowboy_64

Unanswered questions and blocking nieces, YTA 💩

Help24-7 | Help24-7

BIL sued OP and showed up unprepared, but OP is willing to help nieces.

Straight-Singer-2912 | Straight-Singer-2912

Commenter requests more info before giving judgement. 🤔

vermilithe | vermilithe

Commenter suggests practical info needed, others suspect OP's hiding something 🤔

Kitchen-Arm-3288 | Kitchen-Arm-3288

Commenter asks for more info on house lawsuit, suggests focusing on nieces' wellbeing. 🤔

ADG1983 | ADG1983

Commenter questions OP's entitlement to sister's house, hints at foul play.

Testingthrowaway00 | Testingthrowaway00

Curious commenter asks about aunt's absence in child care responsibilities

__rynn | __rynn

Commenter questions OP's story, thinks they're TA 👀

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister's husband suing you for the house? NTA for not taking him in 🚫

Lilitu9Tails | Lilitu9Tails

Commenter questions OP's motives, suggests hidden agenda. 🤔

Tambug21 | Tambug21

OP hesitant to take in sister's husband; soft YTA. Suggests formal lease.

Emotional_Fan_7011 | Emotional_Fan_7011

Commenter asks for more context, deems OP YTA. 🤔

veastt | veastt

NTA for not taking in sister's husband after he sued you.

throwaway98cgu566 | throwaway98cgu566

Seeking info to judge fairly 🤔

Roonil_Wazlib97 | Roonil_Wazlib97

Taking in nieces but not sister's husband after her death? YTA 🤦‍♀️

alien_overlord_1001 | alien_overlord_1001

OP sparks curiosity about a suing situation. 🤔

Waerfeles | Waerfeles

Commenter suggests daughters and father should be together. 💔

koolasakukumba | koolasakukumba

Curious about the backstory? 🤔 Get the details here.

kingdomscum | kingdomscum

Caring for the nieces but not the BIL? YTA according to commenters 🤪

evelbug | evelbug

Missing details create confusion and emotional tension in the situation.

Decent-Necessary849 | Decent-Necessary849

Can she dish it out, but can't take it? 🤔

AlbaTejas | AlbaTejas

Aunt to the rescue 🦸‍♀️ Taking in the nieces instead 👩‍👧‍👧

WolfMaiden18 | WolfMaiden18

Aunt passes away, but who should take care of the girls? 🤔

louloutre75 | louloutre75

Unpacking the situation - INFO needed! 🤔

KittyKatCatCat | KittyKatCatCat

NTA, but beware of potential tenant issues 📄

ddnibn26 | ddnibn26

What details are missing? 🤔 ESH situation explained.

insomniactastic | insomniactastic

Curious about details surrounding home lawsuit and BIL conflict. 🤔

AnneCalie | AnneCalie

Did OP buy the house alone? NTA or YTA depending.

tortsy | tortsy

Commenter questions motives of sister's husband after past legal actions 🤔

dart1126 | dart1126

Aunt won't take in nieces but criticizes sister's choice. 🤔

Prize-Emu-6761 | Prize-Emu-6761

Respect OP's decision, NTA. 👍

cmaej | cmaej

Choosing not to take in sister's husband after her passing. Protecting oneself & nieces from potential trouble. NTA 🙅

Status-Pattern7539 | Status-Pattern7539

Sister's husband tried to steal house, OP NTA. 🏠

Putrid_Ordinary1815 | Putrid_Ordinary1815

Curious about alternative living arrangements for sister's family. 🏠

crimsonraiden | crimsonraiden

Commenter calls out both parties for poor behavior. ESH 😠

housemuncher | housemuncher

Aunt won't take in sister's husband, takes nieces instead. Fair?

Kitty-Wrangler | Kitty-Wrangler

Compassionate move: Woman takes in nieces instead of sister's husband ❤️

FinnFinnFinnegan | FinnFinnFinnegan

NTA for not taking in sister's husband after he tried to steal your house and sue you. Take care of his children instead 👍

Fun_Positive_3722 | Fun_Positive_3722

Commenter defends woman's decision not to take in sister's husband.

Pharmacienne123 | Pharmacienne123

Taking in nieces but not BIL after sister's death. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Aunt avoided taking in brother-in-law but took in nieces instead 🤔

Ok_Ball_155 | Ok_Ball_155

NTA for prioritizing safety and legal precautions over family ties 👍

aquavenatus | aquavenatus

NTA. Choosing not to take in sister's husband after mistreatment.

Rarefindofthemind | Rarefindofthemind

Woman refuses to take in sister's husband after her death. NTA.

Sensitive-Eagle3641 | Sensitive-Eagle3641

Choosing not to take in sister's husband, NTA. Safety first 🙌

alternativeedge7 | alternativeedge7

Curious about the lawsuit and family dynamic 👀

OldMammaSpeaks | OldMammaSpeaks

Commenter calls out poster for potentially being an a**hole 👀

ccl-now | ccl-now

Seeking more information to judge NTA stance. 🤔

pikkapie | pikkapie

Commenter hesitates to call OP TA due to past legal issues 🔴🚩

Binky390 | Binky390

Choosing to not take in sister's husband after his past actions 💔

Beigetile6565 | Beigetile6565

NTA takes in nieces, but not sister's husband. Commenter suggests explaining to nieces why he can't stay. Reply sarcastically agrees.

Alternative-Pea-4434 | Alternative-Pea-4434

Curious about why sister didn't receive share of mom's house 🤔

Thenedslittlegirl | Thenedslittlegirl

BIL wants in on your home after suing you? ESH. Nieces need support too.

Natural_Garbage7674 | Natural_Garbage7674

Commenter accuses OP of being TA for not taking in nieces' father after sister's death. 🔴

Mammoth-Effective384 | Mammoth-Effective384

Choose family or not? Engaging debate on niece's dad.

Ok_Berry_2693 | Ok_Berry_2693

Don't let your dispute break up a family. YTA 😒

SyndicalistThot | SyndicalistThot

A question of family responsibilities. 🤔

fatsoq8 | fatsoq8

Complicated situation, but prioritizing the kids was a good move 👍

Blommer12345 | Blommer12345

Sarcastic comment sparks no replies, guess aunt's not convinced 🤷🏼‍♀️

liquor1269 | liquor1269

Choosing revenge over support for grieving nieces makes YTA 👎

imlayinganegg811 | imlayinganegg811

Curious about lawsuit, no verdict yet. 🤔

Beck2010 | Beck2010

Curiosity arises: Who inherited the house?

Avijel | Avijel

Taking in nieces, not sister's husband. NTA for prioritizing safety.

OkPhilosopher1313 | OkPhilosopher1313

Protecting her home from sister's husband. 💼

AustnTG | AustnTG

Protect your assets! 🛡️ Siding with OP in family feud.

Comfortable_Box_8798 | Comfortable_Box_8798