Paramedic Faces Backlash For Refusing To Answer Inappropriate Question

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A young girl wants to be a paramedic when she grows up and seeks advice from a family friend who is already a qualified paramedic. The friend, however, refused to answer the girl's question about the worst thing she had ever seen while on the job. The friend was worried about traumatizing the young girl, but the girl's mother was furious and accused the friend of being cryptic. Read on to find out if the friend was in the wrong for not being honest with the child.

On the road as a paramedic: A firsthand account 🚑

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Encouraging young girls to pursue their dreams in healthcare 👩‍🏫🚗

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Paramedic faces backlash for refusing inappropriate question 🤔

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Paramedic explains why he refused to answer inappropriate question 👍

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Paramedic faces backlash for refusing patient's inappropriate question politely 🚑

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Navigating difficult conversations with friends and family 👨‍🎓

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Paramedic faces dilemma disclosing road trauma to inexperienced colleague 🚑

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Seeking advice on a confusing situation 😕

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Navigating boundaries in the paramedic profession. 🚑

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Paramedic receives overwhelming support for standing up to inappropriate question

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Paramedic refuses to answer inappropriate question - faces backlash 😬

A paramedic faced backlash after refusing to answer a young girl's inappropriate question. In a meeting with her mother and the girl, the paramedic was asked about the worst thing she had ever seen while on the job. Feeling uncomfortable, the paramedic politely declined to answer the question and explained that it was traumatic for her to discuss such things. The young girl's mother became angry and demanded that the paramedic tell her daughter what she could expect to see in the field. While some may argue that the paramedic should have been more honest, others believe it is inappropriate to share traumatic experiences with young people. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Paramedic receives support for setting boundaries with inappropriate question.

boscabruiscear | boscabruiscear

NTA. Respect for privacy and age-appropriate information is crucial. Good job OP!

NoiseProvesNothing | NoiseProvesNothing

Paramedic faces backlash for refusing to answer inappropriate question. Comments highlight the unrealistic expectations some people have about the job. 💼👩‍⚕️

throwaway829832 | throwaway829832

Honesty is the best policy 🚑👍

Critical_Aspect | Critical_Aspect

Setting boundaries is important. NTA 👍

wpel_142 | wpel_142

Protecting boundaries and being tactful. 👍

RepresentativeOwl518 | RepresentativeOwl518

Paramedic declines inappropriate question, offers alternative for education.

Polarbones | Polarbones

Former A&E nurse shares why paramedic's response was appropriate. 🚑

throughtdoor | throughtdoor

Setting boundaries and protecting your mental health 💪

hauntmex_3 | hauntmex_3

Paramedic tactfully refuses inappropriate question, receives support from commenter.

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

Sharing traumatic experiences with a child? NTA, you handled it well 👍

WhiskyKitten | WhiskyKitten

Former paramedic shares experience of not answering inappropriate question 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Paramedics face trauma too. NTA for protecting a child's innocence 👍

PJ_fan | PJ_fan

Support for not answering inappropriate question about a girl's future.

xpotential31 | xpotential31

Paramedic's suggestion to shift responsibility to mother sparks debate 😬

Pony_Express1974 | Pony_Express1974

Paramedic handles inappropriate question with professionalism, NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect boundaries 👏, NTA handled it well 🙌

sister_winter0 | sister_winter0

A thoughtful discussion on the appropriateness of sharing traumatic experiences.

TheHiddenMessenger | TheHiddenMessenger

Honesty is important, but boundaries should be respected. NTA 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Find age-appropriate ways to discuss sensitive topics with kids ✨

DrinKwine7 | DrinKwine7

Honoring the challenges of first responders 💪

Scarecrowqueen | Scarecrowqueen

Experienced EMT shares tips on answering tough questions with humor 😄

the-drew | the-drew

Setting boundaries as a paramedic. 👩‍⚕️💪

Shark8j9 | Shark8j9

Support for NTA's response to inappropriate question about 13-year-old's career.

NobodyPerfect1175 | NobodyPerfect1175

Empathy wins: Reducing trauma in children can prevent future issues 😊

shut_your_cake_hole | shut_your_cake_hole

As a firefighter/EMT, this commenter finds discussing disturbing medical calls uncomfortable. They offered a polite and firm response to an inappropriate question.

Edward_Scout | Edward_Scout

Finding a middle ground in tough situations 🤔

Spoonbills | Spoonbills

Protecting kids and your own mental health is important 💪

HsinVega | HsinVega

Recommendation to show Medizzy to satisfy curiosity and protect paramedic

mcraneschair | mcraneschair

NTA for not wanting to discuss traumatic experiences with a 13-year-old 🙅‍♀️

locke0479 | locke0479

Experienced paramedic shares insight on career path for curious individual 👨‍🎨

Ecstatic_Ad7875 | Ecstatic_Ad7875

Be transparent about the job's realities to avoid future trauma 💔

eatapeach18 | eatapeach18

Let her do her own research 🤷‍♀️ #NTA

bushydendrites | bushydendrites

Protecting mental health and boundaries from morbid curiosity. 🙏

CoastalCerulean | CoastalCerulean

Reddit provides better answers than inappropriate questions. 🙅‍♂️

danielkratos219 | danielkratos219

Setting boundaries is important, NTA for refusing personal questions 😌

Water_Melonia | Water_Melonia

Paramedic's job not for the faint-hearted. NTA commenter offers support 🙌

lcroucher01 | lcroucher01

Protecting innocence: Former medic and LEO supports NTA's decision 🚑💙

ImplicitDeny | ImplicitDeny

K's mom gets roasted, commenter deemed NTA 👏

type1error | type1error

First responders face unimaginable situations daily 👏 #NTA

Lead-Forsaken | Lead-Forsaken

Setting boundaries is important. NTA stands up for themselves 🙌

chucker23n | chucker23n

Paramedic sets boundaries and receives support for refusing inappropriate question 🙌

sarahhcli | sarahhcli

NTA for refusing inappropriate question, but does asking people not to repost work? 🤔

clarkcox3 | clarkcox3

Explaining the job without graphic details: a reasonable compromise 🚑

BigMrTea | BigMrTea

Social worker explains the importance of trigger warnings. 💯

SnooCapers4591 | SnooCapers4591

Respectful boundaries should always be honored 🙌

liberry-libra | liberry-libra

Mom's TA for letting her daughter ask inappropriate question. NTA.

Important_Phrase | Important_Phrase

🙌 Setting boundaries and receiving respect for them. #NTA

SamW20910 | SamW20910

Nurse supports paramedic's refusal to answer inappropriate question 💪

sainthO0d | sainthO0d

Setting boundaries as a paramedic. NTA 🙏

looc64 | looc64

Protecting patients' privacy is crucial 🔒

sleeplesscatss | sleeplesscatss

NTA paramedic suggests 13-year-old to Google, sparks backlash 🔥

sadlandlordde | sadlandlordde

EMT explains why asking inappropriate questions is traumatic ❌

lowbudgetmulan | lowbudgetmulan

Showing empathy is important, NTA for not asking that question 🙏

Intrinsicat | Intrinsicat

Respecting personal boundaries as an EMT is important 👍

WarTequila | WarTequila

Inappropriate humor or harmless joke? Discuss in the comments! 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Paramedic refuses inappropriate question, praised for age-appropriate conversation with child 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Speak your truth 💬👊

Amsnabs215 | Amsnabs215

Encouraging response to paramedic's refusal to teach inappropriate content.

EmeraldHorse02 | EmeraldHorse02

Respectful boundaries win. 🙌 NTA handled it maturely.

biffmaniac | biffmaniac

Honesty is the best policy, even when it's uncomfortable 😬

A0Zmat | A0Zmat

Suggesting ways to handle a sensitive question with empathy 🤝

Miss_Fritter | Miss_Fritter

Consent and boundaries matter. NTA's response is spot on ✌️

Fink665 | Fink665

Paramedic shares gruesome experiences after inappropriate question. 💀

Remote_Note_5563 | Remote_Note_5563

Respect boundaries. Not the a-hole.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for boundaries, NTA comment gets platinum reward 🏆

bigpapastu | bigpapastu

Controversy ensues after comment defends 13-year-old's autonomy. 🤔

MindlessNote3735 | MindlessNote3735

Protecting a 13-year-old's innocence and future career prospects 🙌

Vienta1988 | Vienta1988