'Daring' Dairy Cow Doris Goes Viral After Faking Sleep To Avoid Milking

Asma Irshad
Doris the lazy cow
TikTok | Laura and John Brodie

We know that humans are capable of faking how they feel to get out of situations they don't want to be in, but it looks like animals do it too. A lazy dairy cow has gone viral after being captured on camera faking sleep to avoid being milked.

Doris, The Cow Has Received Over 1.5 Million Views

Doris, The Cow Has Received Over 1.5 Million Views
TikTok | Laura and John Brodie

A video of Doris the cow attempting to escape being milked was captured and has received over 1.5 million views on TikTok. Doris was seen trying to catch extra sleep.

She Tried To Get A 5 Minutes Nap

Doris the lazy cow Tried To Get A 5 Minutes Nap
TikTok | Laura and John Brodie

The Holstein-Friesian cow could be observed attempting to delay by falling asleep for five minutes after all her friends had already gotten up and started milking.

She Pretended To Be Asleep

John Brodie, a farmhand, saw Doris look up, then "pop her head back down" and pretended to be asleep.

The Farm Worker Recorded The Cow's Antics

Doris with John Brodie
TikTok | Laura and John Brodie

A farm worker recorded the mischievous cow's antics on video at the Island of Wight. Doris is "lazy," Mr Brodie said, and he noted that she's "always the last one to do anything."

John Brodie Talked To BBC Radio Solent

John talked to BBC Radio Solent and said, "She likes to take it easy, does Doris, bless her. The reason I took it in the first place was because she was the only one in the barn."

She Looked At John And Popped Her Head Back Down

Doris the lazy cow
TikTok | Laura and John Brodie

He added, "All the other cows had got themselves up. They'd wandered off as they do, to eat some silage before milking, but Doris had her head up and was looking at me and I watched her pop her head back down and think nah, not today John. That's why I got my phone out because I knew she was being typical Doris and trying to play me up. That's what made me think I better get this on video."

Her Ears Were Moving

Doris the lazy cow
TikTok | Laura and John Brodie

John is heard saying, "Everyone's out getting ready milking, except for Doris," in the video.

"Doris. Come on. I can see your ears moving."

Doris Is Unaware Of Her Fame

blissfully unaware
Giphy | CBC

If you want to call Doris a "lazy cow," you can, Mr Brodie responded when asked. She thinks by hanging back; she'll get a bit more fuss and attention by hanging back - she really loves a bit.."

He claimed they had been surprised by her sudden fame, but Doris remained unaware. He said, "Doris is really not too fussed actually, she's quite happy doing her day-to-day thing. But, certainly, for us, it's a complete whirlwind. I would never have imagined that it could have got this exposure and gone around the world."

Doris Lives At Mark Reed's Farm

the owner of farm, Mark Reed with Doris
instagram | Solent News and Agency

Doris is one of 200 dairy cows at Mark Reed's farm, where milk is processed and sold to local stores and co-op branches on the Isle of Wight.