Husband's Mom Wants to Nap in Our Room - AITA?

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A woman's mother-in-law moved in with her and her husband temporarily, until her house is renovated. They gave her a room, but she's been taking naps in their bedroom and wants to keep doing it. The woman doesn't want her to, but her husband is on his mother's side. It's causing a huge conflict between the couple, with the husband even calling his wife selfish and mean for not letting his mother nap in their room.

Who's in the wrong in this situation? Read on to find out.

MIL moves in but wants to sleep with us - AITA?

throwra4t33 | throwra4t33

Mother-in-law overstays welcome and wants to take over bedroom 😴

throwra4t33 | throwra4t33

MIL wants to nap in our room and husband thinks it's okay 😴

throwra4t33 | throwra4t33

Husband's mom wants to nap in our room, but I pay mortgage? 🤔

throwra4t33 | throwra4t33

🤔 Refusing to share room with MIL for nap - AITA?

throwra4t33 | throwra4t33

Mother-in-law wants to nap in our bedroom 🙄 - AITA?

Living with in-laws can be challenging, especially when it comes to setting boundaries. In this case, a woman's mother-in-law moved in temporarily, and they prepared a room for her. However, the mother-in-law started taking naps in the woman's and her husband's bedroom and wants to continue doing so. The woman refuses, citing her need for the room after work.

Her husband thinks she's being unreasonable and selfish, refusing to speak to her until she agrees. It's a classic case of a clash of needs and wants. How should they resolve this issue?

Let's dive into the comments and see what people have to say about this situation.

NTA. The MIL wanting to sleep where her son has sex is creepy 🤢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband refuses to support OP's boundaries with his mother. 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let anyone mess with your sanctuary! NTA 👍

DragonFireLettuce | DragonFireLettuce

MIL oversteps boundaries, commenters agree NTA with some humor

notlucyintheskye | notlucyintheskye

Marital bed is sacred space. MIL should get a hotel room. 💍

Sha-Nanegins | Sha-Nanegins

Mother-in-law's strange request for nap sparks territorial dispute 💤👀

Slow_Orange_239 | Slow_Orange_239

Commenter suspects emotional incest and bad husband, replies agree

Kitty_kat_kat-_ | Kitty_kat_kat-_

Is it her house? 🤔

anonymous_for_this | anonymous_for_this

Make her uncomfortable with the idea of being in your room 💁‍♀️

JaxOmen | JaxOmen

Mother-in-law wants to nap in our room, but why?

ArcheryOnThursday | ArcheryOnThursday

Is he a freeloader? 🤔

Testingthrowaway00 | Testingthrowaway00

Guest bed confirmed leak-free 😴👍🏼

Witty_Structure_3767 | Witty_Structure_3767

Respectfully explain the importance of your sacred space. 🙏

SnooHesitations9269 | SnooHesitations9269

Take back your bed! 😴 NTA

Keziah_70 | Keziah_70

MIL wants to nap in our room? NTA, let her share guest room with husband.

stacity | stacity

Independent OP gets NTA for not sharing bedroom with MIL 💪

Micellangelo | Micellangelo

Jocasta strikes again 😂

chocokatzen | chocokatzen

Protect your bed at all costs! 🛌

roomforathousand | roomforathousand

Marital bed for MIL's nap? NTA but still awkward 😬

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Respect your privacy! NTA for setting boundaries 👍🏼

ArtShapiro | ArtShapiro

Mother-in-law wants to nap in our bed - NTA

Mindless-Warning-504 | Mindless-Warning-504

Stand your ground! 💪 NTA

emmiec1717 | emmiec1717

Setting boundaries with MIL - NTA. 💪🛏️

gemma156 | gemma156

Personal space is key 😴💤

outpostroad | outpostroad

Mom wants to nap in our room? NTA says commenters 🤔

Worried_Story9638 | Worried_Story9638

Husband's mom wants to nap in their bed - NTA

TheGodMother007 | TheGodMother007

Protect your personal space! 🚫 Napping on someone else's bed is weird.

RooTT4 | RooTT4

Setting boundaries with in-laws: NTA for wanting privacy 🚫👵

words68 | words68

Boundaries crossed: NTA OP, good luck with mama obsessed husband.

girlatbar | girlatbar

Asserting boundaries with mother-in-law 🛌💪 #NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

MIL entitlement strikes again. NTA for setting boundaries! 🚫👵

LouisV25 | LouisV25

Asserting boundaries with in-laws 😤🙅

CommentAway2893 | CommentAway2893

Mother-in-law intruding on bedroom for nap - NTA

trash_panda_lou | trash_panda_lou

Setting boundaries with mother-in-law during visit 👍

saltysegall | saltysegall

Mother-in-law wants to nap in our bed - NTA


Spousal loyalty vs. motherly love - gadget love wins? 💔

Brainjacker | Brainjacker

Stand your ground and assert your boundaries! 🛏️💥

Intuition33 | Intuition33

Maintain boundaries, but make her comfortable. 🛌

Mucho_Maas_ | Mucho_Maas_

Sleeping with MIL in our bed? No way! 🙅‍♀️

soloqueueme | soloqueueme

Get a lock and stand your ground. 💪

Substantial_Night619 | Substantial_Night619

Commenter's strong reaction to in-law situation with divorce mention 💥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sassy response shuts down nosy MIL - NTA!

EMWerkin | EMWerkin

A wife grossed out by MIL's request for room switch 😷

AlvinOwlHirt | AlvinOwlHirt

Suggesting hiding sex toys under the pillows? 😂

hahahawow1312 | hahahawow1312

Marital bed is no place for MIL 😴💤 NTA

Imtypingthisnow | Imtypingthisnow

Sleeping on my bed? NTA's got me feeling like 😒

GuinevereMorgan | GuinevereMorgan

Set boundaries and find out why MIL prefers your room 😴

GardenDivaESQ | GardenDivaESQ

Sleeping with mommy dearest? 🤢 NTA wins!

SteveKCMO | SteveKCMO

Defending their bed with a hint of humor 😂

pplcanbexhausting | pplcanbexhausting

MIL wants to nap in our room - NTA but first red flag 🚩

butterfly_d | butterfly_d

A humorous response to an NTA comment 😂💦

McLo82 | McLo82