Man Refuses To Let In-Laws See Paralyzed BIL

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Man on a wheelchair
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A man shares his story of caring for his brother-in-law, who is paralyzed and requires constant care. The man's in-laws struggled to handle the responsibility, so the brother-in-law came to live with him and his wife. However, when the in-laws expressed a desire to see the brother-in-law again, he refused. The man's wife believes that they should reconcile, but the brother-in-law is still hurt by their past actions. When the in-laws showed up at the house unannounced, the man refused to let them in. Was he in the wrong for respecting his brother-in-law's wishes?

Life after paralysis: A family's emotional journey

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Family struggles with caring for paralyzed BIL during tough times

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Man defends decision to limit in-laws' access to BIL

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Family's neglect forces man to take in paralyzed brother-in-law.

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When a few weeks turned into permanent, tensions grew high.

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In-laws abandon paralyzed BIL, causing family conflict and pain.

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Family adapts to caring for paralyzed BIL during pandemic 🏥

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Navigating family dynamics when caring for a paralyzed loved one ❤️

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Cutting off in-laws after BIL's paralysis: a necessary move

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Family reconciliation fails as paralyzed BIL's brother refuses to cooperate

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Family feud: In-laws vs man, paralyzed BIL caught in middle

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In-laws surprise visit creates tension in family dynamics

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Man denies in-laws visit to paralyzed BIL, sparks family feud

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Family feud escalates as man denies paralyzed BIL visitors.

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Family feud over paralyzed BIL's visit with in-laws 💔

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Respecting wishes or being an a**hole? Family feud over visitation.

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Should she have let in-laws see paralyzed brother-in-law? 🤔

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Man refuses in-laws visit to paralyzed BIL 👨‍👦‍👦

A man shares his story of how his in-laws stopped visiting his paralyzed brother-in-law, leading to the man and his wife taking care of him. After over a year of no contact, the in-laws want to make amends, but the brother-in-law refuses to see them. When they show up unannounced, the man refuses to let them in, causing conflict with his wife. He questions whether he was in the wrong for not letting them see his brother-in-law. Read on to see how this family navigates this difficult situation.

NTA. BIL deserves autonomy to choose when to reconcile with parents.

dftaylor | dftaylor

Respecting autonomy of the paralyzed BIL is not A-H move 💪

fightintxaggie98 | fightintxaggie98

NTA for standing up for paralyzed BIL and his feelings ❤️

kruzin2244 | kruzin2244

NTA. Wife needs to respect brother's autonomy and feelings.

ResoluteMuse | ResoluteMuse

NTA stroke survivor defends BIL's agency, wife owes apology 🙌

alrielira | alrielira

NTA. Family should respect his decision to not have a relationship 🙅‍♂️

theliteraryKat | theliteraryKat

Respect disabled person's opinion. In-laws overstepping boundaries. 🙅‍♂️

MamanBear79 | MamanBear79

Respect paralyzed BIL's decision. Don't let wife control everything. 👍

youdidwhatnow10 | youdidwhatnow10

Supportive comment defends BIL's autonomy against manipulative in-laws.

SeaEmpressTitania | SeaEmpressTitania

Respect Jason's decision, but communication is key for resolution. 💬

MajesticSparkleBeast | MajesticSparkleBeast

Respect BIL's agency and autonomy 👍

Dookwithanegg | Dookwithanegg

NTA. In-laws abandon paralyzed son and feel entitled to visit. 🤦

Downtherabbithutch | Downtherabbithutch

Wife disregards wishes of disabled BIL for own family reconciliation 🤦‍♂️

Screaming-Harpy | Screaming-Harpy

Wife acting like an a**hole or just tired?

SnooPickles4953 | SnooPickles4953

Respect Jason's autonomy - NTA comment is spot on 👏

metalasfck | metalasfck

NTA, but have a serious talk with your wife. 🤔💬 Taking care of someone can be taxing and her mental health might be suffering. 💭

djfuzzy1 | djfuzzy1

Supportive comment, but concerning situation. 🤔

DocHoppersFrogsLegs | DocHoppersFrogsLegs

Prioritize family counseling and alone time with wife for support 😌

phineuscole | phineuscole

Empathy for paralyzed BIL, wife urged to consider his feelings ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect BIL's autonomy and choices, wife needs to understand that. 👍

bleak-bookworm | bleak-bookworm

Protect your BIL's boundaries with a doorbell camera 🚪📹

Avebury1 | Avebury1

Wife trying to force paralyzed BIL to see in-laws is abusive 💔

PurpleDot0 | PurpleDot0

Defending a disabled relative's right to choose associates. 👍

LillytheFurkid | LillytheFurkid

Supporting NTA, commenter defends BIL's right to choose visitors.

Y-Crwydryn | Y-Crwydryn

Respect BIL's autonomy. Wife owes apology for infantilizing him. #NTA 👍

diskebbin | diskebbin

Meeting in public place is best. NTA. 👍

Rduos | Rduos

Protective BIL caretaker gets NTA judgement, suspicious in-laws questioned 🤔

Thamwoofgu | Thamwoofgu

Standing up for paralyzed BIL's autonomy 👍

knintn | knintn

Empowering decision-making for family members. 👍

FunUnit151 | FunUnit151

Defending paralyzed BIL's rights against in-laws. Legal advocacy recommended. 🙌

boxerdogclown | boxerdogclown

Protecting a vulnerable man from abusive in-laws. NTA! 👏

BigWeinerDemeanor | BigWeinerDemeanor

BIL's brother-in-law stands up for him, NTA. 🙌

sh3nto | sh3nto

Respect for autonomy vs. family: A difficult decision 😕

TypicalManagement680 | TypicalManagement680

Debating the ethics of decision-making for paralyzed family member 🤔

2ndcupofcoffee | 2ndcupofcoffee

Respecting boundaries: NTA stands up to pushy in-laws 👍

fiberartistmom | fiberartistmom

Standing up for BIL's right to choose, NTA 🙌

RebelScientist | RebelScientist

NTA! Wife invalidating BIL's feelings sounds heartless 😢

Beautiful_mistakes | Beautiful_mistakes

Commenter believes the man is not the a-hole 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respecting Jason's decision to not reconnect with in-laws. 🙌

Trasl0 | Trasl0

Defending the decision while acknowledging its impact on BIL 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respecting wishes of paralyzed BIL 👏

After-Classroom | After-Classroom

OP is the only one respecting paralyzed BIL's feelings ❤️

constantflame7658 | constantflame7658

BIL's autonomy disregarded by patronizing sister, OP is supportive. 👏

kb-g | kb-g

Is the wife hoping for a break by inviting in-laws?

stiv1n | stiv1n

Standing up for paralyzed BIL causes marital strain 😔

cantgetright10 | cantgetright10