Could Cameron Diaz And Jamie Foxx's Comeback Movie Derailed By A $40K Scam?

Sunny Peter
Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx
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The production of Cameron Diaz's upcoming film Back in Action has reportedly been plagued with issues and delays, including an incident involving co-star, Jamie Foxx, and an attempted theft of over $40,000. 

While fans eagerly anticipate Diaz's return to the big screen, sources suggest that the actress may not continue her career in show business following the completion of the film.

Production In Trouble 

The production of Diaz's upcoming film Back in Action is said to be in trouble after an incident involving Jamie Foxx, her co-star. 

Employee Fired 

According to reports, an employee was fired after an attempted theft of over $40,000 from the 55-year-old rapper and actor known for his hit song Blame It.

It Was A Nightmare

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, the production of Back in Action has been overwhelmed with issues and described as a "nightmare," with significant delays and ongoing investigations into various matters. 

Rolex Offered

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The insider also claimed that during the alleged theft attempt against Jamie Foxx, the perpetrators tried to offer him a Rolex watch as part of their scheme.

Incident Still Under Investigation 

The incident involving the attempted theft of $40,000 from Foxx is still under investigation. However, it's not the first time actors have been targeted in fraudulent schemes. Several high-profile celebrities, including Robert De Niro and Nicolas Cage, have fallen victim to scams and theft in recent years.


People Looking Forward To The Investigation Ending 

The source also revealed that people involved with the production are looking forward to the investigation coming to a close. "People will be glad when this thing finally wraps," they said. 

Weather Is An Issue 

Additionally, the insider explained that the cast has been filming in London for the past few weeks, and the cold weather has also become a significant issue. 

First Project Since 2014

Back in Action is Cameron Diaz's first film project since her appearance in the 2014 musical-comedy Annie, where she also starred alongside Jamie Foxx. 

Cameron Diaz Had Retired 

The 50-year-old actress retired from Hollywood in 2018 to focus on raising her family, making this comeback all the more significant.

Authorities Contacted By Netflix 

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As per The Sun's report, Netflix executives contacted the authorities after discovering that other actors had also fallen victim to similar attempts at fraudulent schemes.

Diaz's Family 

Cameron Diaz, known for her role in The Holiday, is married to Good Charlotte's lead vocalist, Benji Madden. The couple has a 3-year-old daughter named, Raddix.

Diaz's Acting Future Uncertain

Despite her return to the entertainment industry with the movie Back in Action, which has faced multiple issues, Diaz may still decide not to continue her career in show business following the film's completion. 


Diaz Struggling With Work-Life Balance 

A source informed the Daily Mail on Monday that Cameron Diaz struggles to balance her family life with the demanding shooting schedule of Back in Action. According to the insider, the long hours on set keep her away from her loved ones, and she struggles to regain her momentum in the acting industry.

Diaz's Priority Is Her Daughter

The same insider pointed out that Cameron Diaz's top priority is being a mother to her daughter, and she cherishes this role above everything else. 

Diaz Dislikes Drama 

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The source emphasized that Diaz dislikes drama and conflict, which was one of the reasons for her retirement from the entertainment industry in the past. "She has already established herself as a successful actor and has nothing left to prove to anyone," the insider added.

Film Expected To Wrap Up Soon 

Despite the setbacks, Diaz and Foxx have continued filming Back in Action in London, which is expected to wrap up soon. The movie is directed by Liz Friedlander and written by Micky Levy.

Not Diaz and Foxx's Collaboration

It's not the first time Diaz and Foxx have collaborated on a project. They previously worked together in the 2014 adaptation of Annie, which received mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike.

Foxx's Acting and Music Career

As for Jamie Foxx, he is known for his dynamic acting career and has won numerous awards for his performances. In addition to acting, Foxx is a successful musician, with hit songs such as Blame It and Gold Digger.

Back in Action's Future Uncertain

Given the various issues and delays that have plagued the production, whether Back in Action will succeed at the box office remains to be seen. However, Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx fans are undoubtedly excited to see the two stars share the screen again.