Reality Star Melissa Gorga Slams 'Very Manipulating' Luis Ruelas On 'RHONJ' Recap

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Melissa Gorga
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Melissa Gorga has a couple of things to get off her mind about Luis Ruelas, as she accused him of being 'extremely manipulative'. This exchange happened on the Tuesday episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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Manipulative Luis

Gorga gave Ruelas her description of him on the new episode.

“Listen, I see Luis for what he is. He’s charming, but he’s also very manipulating.” The 43-year-old confessed.

Why Gorga Thinks This

Melissa Gorga
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Gorga referred to Giudice previously working things out with Margaret Josephs and then telling everyone else on the show it's better to have Josephs as a friend than as an enemy.

Luis Influenced Margaret

According to Gorga, Luis told Giudice to be good to Margaret.

"It’s so obvious that Luis told her to be good to Margaret. ‘Don’t f–k with Margaret, because we’re gonna need Margaret to stop telling all of the truth about us that’s what we’re gonna need."

Who Is Luis Ruelas

Teresa Giudice

The reality Tv star is Teresa Giudice's husband and they both appear on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

It's Fake

According to Gorga, Giudice's attempt at reconciling with Josephs and mending their broken relationship was the 'fakest sh*t' she has ever seen.

Teresa Does Not Like Margaret

The 43-year-old spilled to Rachel and John Fuda, Frank Catania, and Brittany Mattessic with Joe Gorga that Giudice hates Margaret.

"I know fake when I see it and Teresa running to Margaret at my roller skating party was the fakest s--t I've ever seen. She hates f--king Margaret. She can't stand f--king Margaret, she can't stand me."

Melissa Doesn't Care

Melissa Gorga
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Further expressing her anger, the reality Tv star screamed.

“I don’t care what you say, what you say, what Teresa says, what Luis says, what Luis’ buddha says!”

Teresa Previously Warned Melissa About Margaret

Teresa Giudice
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Gorga continued uncovering Teresa and Luis's tracks by confiding in Fuda that Teresa had earlier warned her about being cordial with Josephs. Rachel then included her bit by revealing that Teresa told her "it's better to have Margaret as a friend than an enemy."

Margaret Questioned Louie's Character

Margaret Josephs
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Melissa has quite the retentive memory, as she connected the dots between Teresa and Margaret's new found friendship with a previous episode last season where Margaret doubted the legitimacy of Luis's character.

Danielle Cabral Also Has Things To Say

Another personality on the show revealed later in the new episode that Teresa and Jennifer Aydin gave her similar warning about being careful around Josephs.

"They're my friends so they just kind of told me, 'Keep your mind open, keep an eye out,'" she shared, adding, "'You're a better friend than an enemy." Cabral detailed in her confession to Josephs.

Margaret Fired Back

Margaret Josephs
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Joseph's quickly defended herself following Cabral's admission.

"I mean, look who's talking. I mean, you're the worst enemy known to man."

Margaret On Why She Questioned Luis's Character

Joseph's, however, defended her reason for growing doubts over Luis's intention.

"I think we're all very protective of Teresa. You'll have to see but I mean if you read social media you can see where it comes from. As long as Teresa likes him, that's all that matters. That's the most important thing, as long as Teresa's happy. I don't have to marry him."

This episode happened before Teresa and Luis's wedding.

Teresa Was Not Having

Teresa Giudice
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Teresa, however, wasn't pleased with how Josephs confronted her fiancé. Their conflict even escalated to the point where Teresa threw glasses across the table at Margaret over the rumors.

'Grudge Holder'

During lunch at Teresa's house on the February 7 episode, Margaret referred to Teresa as a grudge holder, which Teresa vehemently denied.

"But what about Melissa and Joe? I know there's issues," Margaret asks, to which Teresa responds, "Because of you."

Margaret Wasn't Invited To The Wedding

Teresa Giudice
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Teresa explained further to Josephs that she felt Melissa and her husband should have told Margaret that no one speaks badly about Luis, which is why Margaret wasn't invited to the wedding.

Melissa's Played Dirty

Giudice continued and recalled Melissa's actions last season after she texted her not to talk about Luis. According to Teresa, Melissa read the text out to everyone.

Melissa Failed The 'Trust Test'

Melissa Gorga
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Teresa explained that the text was a test to see if Melissa was loyal to her, and she failed.

The Big Question

Margaret queried further, "But why do you have to test people." Teresa answered, "show me you love me."

Teresa Giudice And Luis Ruelas

Teresa Giudice
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The lovebirds tied the knot in August 2022, a year after their engagement in October 2021.