Joe Gorga Threatens to 'Break' Luis Ruelas' 'F–king Balls' in Explosive Fight

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Joe Gorga
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Tuesday's episode of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey was intriguing as it held much drama for viewers. A recently released preview featured a heated argument between Joe Gorga and Luis Ruelas, with the former threatening to get physical. Here are the details.

Viewers Are Not Disappointed 

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers anticipated more drama after Season 13 Episode 1 aired on February 7. Two weeks later, fans of the show were not disappointed as they witnessed the hurling of more angry words.

Details Of The Preview

A sneak peek of episode 2 showed Joe angrily confronting Luis for failing to invite Melissa Gorga's parents to his then-upcoming wedding to Teresa Giudice.

Joe Threatens To Go Physical 

In the clip, the pair exchanged words over dinner with friends, and things became very heated at some point. Unable to contain his anger, Joe punched the table, shouting at Luis, "I'm going to break your f**king balls!"

Luis Responds To Joe's Threats

While Joe seemed to be fuming angrily, Luis responded in a somewhat patronizing tone, asking the reality TV star to quit the dramatic performances. 

More Drama From Joe And Luis' Families

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The exclusion of Joe's in-laws was not the only drama he and his wife Melissa were contending with from the wedding as Teresa chose not to have Melissa in her bridal party, despite being in-laws.

Joe And Melissa Miss Luis' Wedding 

Ultimately, the Gorgas chose not to attend Luis and Teresa's wedding. Unfortunately, everything that happened in the past was brought up again during the dinner, leading to the confrontation.

Joe Confronts Luis 

Joe began the argument by telling Luis how terrible it was for everyone to be invited to the wedding except anybody from his side, including Melissa's parents.

Joe Explains His Annoyance

However, Luis insisted that everything was in the past. Still, Joe continued the confrontation, insisting that Melissa's parents treated his parents with the utmost respect and deserved the same.

Luis Fires Back At Joe

Joe said not inviting Melissa's parents was a slap in the face and indirectly meant they meant nothing. In response, Luis recalled an incident that he also considered a "slap in the face."

Luis Recalls An Unpleasant Occurrence

The reality TV star explained that before the argument, Joe and Melissa went publicly to say that if they were not on RHONJ when Teresa went to jail in 2015, her kids wouldn't have had something to eat.

Joe Explains His Statement

Following Luis' comment, Joe tried to explain what he and Melissa meant, noting that he held his sister, called her every day, and took care of her until her release.

Luis Shares Another Surprising Information

However, Luis was not having any of Joe's explanations and made things worse by revealing that Joe's four nieces always talked about the two families' complicated relationship at home.

The Matter Escalates 

Emotions continued to rise as the duo went back and forth, and in a matter of minutes, the argument escalated, with Joe telling Luis he wasn't a man.

Joe Says Luis Should Be Embarrassed

The pair continued exchanging words, with Melissa's husband further telling Luis to be quiet, adding that he should be embarrassed to talk about his nieces.

The Pair Continue The Confrontation

Unaffected by Joe's words, Luis fired back, telling his brother-in-law that he could say whatever he wanted to, after which Joe threatened to go physical.

Teresa And Melissa's Feud

Meanwhile, Joe and Luis aren't the only family members at loggerheads, as Melissa and Teresa have had a hot-and-cold relationship for years.

The Rift Has Lasted For Over A Decade

Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey have watched the ebbs and flows of the feud for more than a decade, with one of the earliest onscreen flare-ups happening when Joe called Teresa "garbage."

Teresa Accuses Melissa Of Infidelity 

Since then, Melissa and Teresa have traded insults in between uneasy stretches of peace for family's sake, with Teresa once accusing Melissa of cheating on Joe.

Fans Are Still Optimistic

Although Teresa and Melissa mended things when Teresa went to jail, they soon returned to quarreling. Still, fans hope the pair can put their differences aside and make peace.