1000-lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton's Jaw-Dropping Weight Loss Transformation Revealed!

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Tammy Slaton
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Tammy Slaton has shared her mind-blowing body transformation with the world; we couldn't be happier or prouder. The reality star and her sister appeared on 1,000 lbs Sisters to document their weight loss journey, enabling them to proceed with bariatric surgery.

Keep reading for all the details.

Tammy's Rise To Fame

Tammy Slaton
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The 36-year-old began sharing her journey with the world in early 2020 alongside her sister Amy Slaton.

'1,000-lb Sisters'

The TLC reality series showcased the two sisters, who jointly weighed over 1,000 pounds and were trying to make some life-changing adjustments to their current situation. The goal was to shed enough weight to prep for the bariatric surgery.

A Little Problem

However, things became bleak when Amy made progress and dropped from 400 pounds to 275 pounds by the end of the show's second season, and Tammy didn't move an inch.

Tammy's Weight Went Up

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Tammy's weight increased to a whopping 665 as they wrapped up the second season, and this made her find solace in unhealthy drinking habits and partying the night away to help her cope with the severe depression that followed her failure to shed a few pounds.

Major Concerns

Her newfound lifestyle sparked major fear among those around her who feared she may die very soon.

Making Plans For The End

Tammy Slaton On An Episode of 1,000 lbs
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Her family even discussed putting everything in place for her last days during one episode of the show's third season. Many wondered if she would ever make a positive decision concerning her situation.

A Scary Incident

In 2021, she was rushed to the emergency section following her breathing problems. The doctors inserted a tube into her throat to assist her breathing. By that time she weighed 717 pounds.

Three Weeks On Life Support

Tammy Slaton
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The 36-year-old spent three weeks on life support while she battled for survival. This incident caused her to make a strong resolve to change her lifestyle.

Checking Into Rehab

Tammy Slaton
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Tammy checked into a food addiction program, and she has lived there for more than a year.

Massive Changes

Since enrolling at the rehab, she has made tremendous changes and even found love.

Wedding Bells

Tammy Slaton
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Tammy got married to a fellow patient in an intimate ceremony held at the rehab center.

Throwing Out The Trash

The reality star reportedly quit smoking and drinking completely.

A Shocking Photo

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She recently set tongues wagging when she appeared in a rare photo shared by the Southern Indiana Combat Production on Facebook. Fans expressed their pleasant surprise at how she looked.

Sharing Her Heroic Story

The 36-year-old relieved her story to curious fans, including a close shave with death due to her obesity and her decision to make a positive change.

A Strict Diet For The First Season

Tammy Slaton
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While the first season aired, Tammy and Amy were placed on a strict diet and fitness routine by their doctor, Charles Proctor. Tammy initially showed progress by losing 9 pounds, but the pandemic made it challenging to continue, and she gained all the extra weight back.

Bariatric Surgery

Three months after she posted a picture from rehab in March 2022, she was certified to go in for her bariatric surgery.

According to sources, the procedure was smooth, and she returned to the rehab center after she left the hospital.

Tammy and Her Husband

Tammy met Caleb Willingham at the center, and he proposed to her in October 2022 at the treatment center's parking lot.

A Shared Struggle

A source at the treatment center claimed the pair were perfect for each other.

"They have a lot of the same struggles that they can share. They've been a huge support for each other in rehab which is awesome."

Progress Report

Tammy Slaton
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As of this month, Tammy has lost 300 pounds since she entered rehab last year.