Daughter Refuses To Pay Father's Medical Bills After Years Of No Contact

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When a woman's estranged father contacted her asking for money to pay for his medical bills, she refused to help. After years of no contact and no child support, the woman felt no obligation to financially support a man who had abandoned her and her brother. Despite her mother's advice to show some compassion, the woman stood her ground and refused to help. While some may see her decision as heartless, others may understand the pain caused by abandonment and feel that she was justified in her actions. What do you think? Was she the a-hole or did she do the right thing?

Abandoned daughter denies father's medical bills after years of neglect

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Father's abandonment leads to daughter's refusal to pay medical bills 💔

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Abandoned by her father, now refusing to pay his bills 😔

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Years of no contact, no child support & no regrets 💸

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Forgotten father, comfortable life, and endless love for mother ❤️

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Unexpected family drama unfolds after years of no contact 🤷‍♀️

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Daughter refuses to pay medical bills for estranged 'father'.

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Unpaid child support, medical bills & a heartless bitch 😏

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Daughter refuses to pay father's medical bills despite family pressure 💰

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Seeking validation for not paying estranged 'father's' medical bills?

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Clarification on 'SS' in comments clears up confusion 👍

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Updates on daughter's response to medical bills controversy. 🤔

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Daughter refuses to pay estranged father's medical bills 🙅‍♀️

A daughter was contacted by her step-brother regarding their estranged father's medical bills. The father had left the family when the daughter was young, prioritizing his new family over his own children. The daughter, now grown and successful, refused to pay for her father's medical bills and cited the years of unpaid child support as a reason. Despite her mother's suggestion to help out a little, the daughter stood her ground and chose not to help. Was she in the wrong? Read on to find out what others had to say in the comments.

Forgiveness is an option, but NTA for not paying bills 💰❌

Divine_Mind257 | Divine_Mind257

Not the a**hole. But why the sudden change of heart?

Stormcaster06 | Stormcaster06

Daughter not responsible for 'father's' medical bills, NTA 🙅‍♀️

Fabulous-Mortgage672 | Fabulous-Mortgage672

NTA! You're not heartless, they are! 😤

SquirrelBowl | SquirrelBowl

Not the a**hole! Tell us more, what happened?

Sure_Tree_5042 | Sure_Tree_5042

Choosing to walk away, now expecting help? NTA 👏🏼

SidsNancy | SidsNancy

Cutting ties with abusive parents doesn't make you an a**hole 💔

CalypsoContinuum | CalypsoContinuum

Father neglected his children and now they refuse to pay. NTA!

SandboxUniverse | SandboxUniverse

Don't you hate it when people only remember you for money? 😒 NTA

TimeForMischief | TimeForMischief

Stepson reaps what he sowed. NTA wins the game 🎮

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA stands up to deadbeat 'father' who neglected child support 💪

moifikea | moifikea

Family is more than just DNA, NTA for refusing payment 💸

GiveMeFGO | GiveMeFGO

NTA calls out 'father' for scamming and suggests to cut contact.

stormlight82 | stormlight82

Father who abandoned kids now needs their money. NTA wins.

Karmafarmer001 | Karmafarmer001

Commenter refuses to sympathize with deadbeat parent. 💀

Maleficent-Cable-942 | Maleficent-Cable-942

Agreed! NTA says it all 👍

todd_beedy | todd_beedy

Father abandons family, daughter not responsible for medical bills 💰

Algebralovr | Algebralovr

Family demands payment from estranged child, commenters support OP. 💰

mundoabrego | mundoabrego

Stranger danger strikes again! NTA for refusing payment 💰

RTSchemel | RTSchemel

Family ties are earned, not entitled 🙌


Stranger reaches out for money, NTA daughter refuses to pay 💰

dreamchanter | dreamchanter

Father reappears after 18 years, daughter refuses to pay bills 💰

fluffybun-bun | fluffybun-bun

"Abandoned by father, but his death still caused me grief." 😢

Luck3Seven4 | Luck3Seven4

Support for standing up to family pressures. 👍

ExtentEcstatic5506 | ExtentEcstatic5506

Cutting off toxic family members for self-care 👌

Kashmir2020Alex | Kashmir2020Alex

Clever response to a difficult situation 😏

sullg26535 | sullg26535

Don't pay a penny! Cut off ties and move on. 🚫💰

Damien__ | Damien__

Don't let societal norms guilt trip you. Good on ya! 👍

Virtual_Friendship49 | Virtual_Friendship49

NTA! Blood doesn't make a father. 👍

Massive-Control-947 | Massive-Control-947

Calculating unpaid child support: petty or justified? 💰🤔

Born_Faithlessness18 | Born_Faithlessness18

Daughter refuses to pay medical bills for estranged 'father'

tatasz | tatasz

Supporting a single mother's difficult decision. 🙌

katherinemma987 | katherinemma987

Unapologetic response to estranged father's medical bills. 💸

kryotheory | kryotheory

Father's abandonment hurts even after 23 years. 💔

Real_Organization639 | Real_Organization639

Choosing not to pay estranged father's medical bills. NTA.

ImpossibleBlanket | ImpossibleBlanket

Father neglected OP, now expects her to pay medical bills. NTA 💸

Gemini-84 | Gemini-84

Cutting toxic ties 🙅‍♀️ #NTA

SoloBurger13 | SoloBurger13

Don't let them dump him back on you. You're NTA 👍

Reichiroo | Reichiroo

Family only when convenient? 👍 NTA for standing up.

0-Ahem-0 | 0-Ahem-0

Confused commenter questions custody details in article's story 🤔

PattersonsOlady | PattersonsOlady

Stand your ground, NTA. Start a GoFundMe for 'father'.

Tranqup | Tranqup

Father abandons child for 18 years, now seeks financial help. NTA 💰

Wonderful_Ad968 | Wonderful_Ad968

Cutting off toxic family members: Good for you! 🙌🏼

ShannonS1976 | ShannonS1976

User suggests a fair exchange for unpaid child support 💰👌

RonStopable80 | RonStopable80

Don't let guilt-tripping family members bully you into paying. 🙅‍♀️

KangarooOk2190 | KangarooOk2190

Empathy over entitlement is the key to healthy relationships. ❤️

Internal_Set_6564 | Internal_Set_6564

Confused about family dynamics, but commenter supports original poster. 👍

AnEpicHibiscus | AnEpicHibiscus

Don't waste your emotions on a shameless man 💸😒

girlwholovescats144 | girlwholovescats144

Not the a**hole, but what's the backstory? 🤔

FPFan | FPFan

Standing up to a neglectful parent. NTA 🙌

Betrothed_Of_Shadows | Betrothed_Of_Shadows

Mom wants daughter to pay 'father's' medical bills. Commenters disagree. 👍

Bearinmyhouse | Bearinmyhouse

No obligation to pay for absent 'father's' medical bills 💰

NuckFuggetz14 | NuckFuggetz14

Don't let guilt force you to pay for his mistakes 🚫💰

Lady-Zafira | Lady-Zafira

NTA daughter calls out entitled 'father' for medical bills 💰

Flat_Salamander_3283 | Flat_Salamander_3283

Grandpa mistreated mom, I met him twice, you're NTA 💰

Content-Method9889 | Content-Method9889

Standing up to entitled family members like a boss! 👊

YeouPink | YeouPink

Deadbeat dad finally gets a taste of his own medicine 💊

aberm1 | aberm1

Daughter not obligated to pay father's bills after no contact 💰

jingledingle03 | jingledingle03

Daughter refuses to pay medical bills for estranged sperm donor 🤷‍♀️

Rackminster | Rackminster

NTA, but what country are you in? Disgusted at dad.

druggydreams | druggydreams

Supportive comment gets straight to the point with NTA verdict 👍

OmightyOmo | OmightyOmo

Father who wasn't there for medical bills wants something now 😒

thefoxroxed | thefoxroxed

Unpaid child support comes back to bite absentee 'father'. 👌

TWAndrewz | TWAndrewz

Choosing not to pay medical bills for absent 'father' 👍

xxFairyNuffxx | xxFairyNuffxx

Biological father not entitled to medical aid, NTA comment

cryssylee90 | cryssylee90

Commenters side with daughter in medical bill dispute 💸

madpeachiepie | madpeachiepie

Cutting ties with family: NTA takes a stand 👏

Working_Horse_3077 | Working_Horse_3077

Father demands medical bill payment, commenters side with daughter.

Kitsune_Scribe | Kitsune_Scribe

Defending against familial obligation, a heartfelt NTA comment.


Dark humor shines through in NTA comment about estranged father.

vemiam | vemiam

Unpaid child support? NTA says it all 🤷‍♀️💰

Maddie215 | Maddie215

Stand your ground and don't let guilt manipulate you 💪

shawnwright663 | shawnwright663

Stepson's request denied, child support fund redirection justified. NTA.

dandelionlemon | dandelionlemon

Cutting ties with toxic family is tough but necessary 💪

Shakeit126 | Shakeit126

Not the a**hole for refusing to pay father's bills 👍

whiskeysour123 | whiskeysour123

Sassy response leaves no doubt who's the bigger person 💁‍♀️

FleeshaLoo | FleeshaLoo

Mom's lack of child support makes NTA seem justified 😔

Fireemotions | Fireemotions

Unpaid child support = unpaid medical bills. NTA for refusing.

RuncibleMountainWren | RuncibleMountainWren

Don't let guilt trick you, NTA. Keep doing your thing! 💪

Hsimpson5454 | Hsimpson5454

Choosing not to pay medical bills for absent father. NTA.

CarnateofChaos | CarnateofChaos

Taking care of family isn't always black and white 🤷‍♀️

gjm40 | gjm40

Did the father even know about the request for money? 🤔

x-me-x | x-me-x

NTA for not paying father's medical bills. Step-son drama 🙄

MitzieMang0 | MitzieMang0

No sympathy for absentee 'father'. Karma's a b***h 🤷‍♀️

Dancerz82 | Dancerz82

Commenter receives praise for NTA response 👍

Humble-Plankton2217 | Humble-Plankton2217

Biodad gets what he deserves, NTA sets boundaries ✊👏

DiligentPenguin16 | DiligentPenguin16

No contact, no guilt trip. NTA for refusing medical bills 💊

[deleted] | [deleted]

To pay or not to pay? Reconnect or not? 🤔

redorangeblue | redorangeblue

Don't pay a penny! New family can't blame you. 💰❌

Lady_Ellie119 | Lady_Ellie119

Sassy response to deadbeat dad's medical bills. 💁‍♀️💰

Carinne89 | Carinne89

No reason to pay for toxic 'father's' medical bills. 🙅

hbombgraphics | hbombgraphics

Unbelievable entitlement of absent 'father'. NTA 🙅‍♀️

CaptainBignuts | CaptainBignuts

No contact, no bills. She's NTA and deserves justice. 💰

Bergenia1 | Bergenia1

NTA gets a thumbs up 👍

sworcha | sworcha