Drama! Jordyn Woods Takes Selena Gomez's Side After Feud with Ex-Bestie Kylie Jenner

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Jordyn Woods
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Jordyn Woods recently took Selena Gomez's side amid a feud with her former bestie, Kylie Jenner. A lot of people have been taking sides in the ongoing drama and team Gomez seems to be leading.

Woods Pick Gomez's Side In Feud With Ex-Bestie Jenner

The ongoing drama between Gomez, Hailey Bieber, and Kylie has nothing to do with Woods. However, the former ex-bestie of Jenner is riding with Gomez. There has been no love lost since Jenner cut ties with Woods in 2019.

Woods' Subtle Support

Jordyn Woods
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According to TMZ, while Woods did not exactly declare her team but her recent post insinuated it. She recently flaunted a lip liner that she loves and was from the singer's makeup brand, Rare Beauty. Woods followed up the Snapchat video with a close-up of the liner.

Her Message Was Cryptic

Ironically, the liner is called "Kind Words." The timing of Woods' post assumed she has taken Gomez's side. A week before the post, Jenner allegedly started drama with the singer.

Gomez And Hailey Internet Drama Started With Justin

Hailey Bieber
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The Lose You to Love Me singer and Hailey's internet drama started years ago. That was when Justin Bieber started dating Hailey shortly after his split from Gomez. Justin and Hailey later got engaged and are now married.

Fans Picked Sides

A lot of fans started siding with their team which resulted in online trolling. There was an apparent peace treaty between the duo last year. However, it all started coming back last month when Hailey posted a TikTok video. A lot of fans thought Hailey was calling out Gomez in the now-deleted video.

Alyssa Griffin Calls Out Jenner's Mean-Spirited Behavior Amid Gomez Feud

Kylie Jenner
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The View host joined team Gomez on their recent segment. Alyssa Farah Griffin recently shared on the show that she was invested in the drama. She revealed that she believes Gomez and has always been on her team. Griffin added that it seemed Hailey and Jenner were ganging up on the singer.

She Praised Gomez

The TV host pointed out the post from Jenner that riled fans while noting that it was a jab at Gomez. She continued that they mocked her in their post which was "mean-spirited." Griffin also pointed out that Gomez uses her platform for good causes. She stated that the music star often focuses on body positivity as well as going makeup free.

Griffin Threw Shade

Griffin also threw shade at Jenner pointing out that the mom of two has become the second most followed Jenner was the most followed woman on Instagram but lost 1 million followers while Gomez gained 8 million, taking the crown.

She Compared Gomez's Content To Jenner's

Selena Gomez
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The former Whitehouse staff juxtaposed the two stars and what their content meant on social media. Griffin then added that Jenner's page was more like a thirst trap, and a depiction that denotes, "Come to my page and maybe someday you can look this good if you have enough money to buy it.'”

Hostin Pointed Out That Mean Girls Do Exist

Griffin was not the only one on team Gomez in the segment. Sunny Hostin also pointed out that mean girls do exist. She then went on to narrate the love triangle history between Gomez, Justin, and Hailey. Hostin also added that Hailey and Jenner's post was a shade post.

Hostin Commended Gomez

Hostin shared her opinion stating how she was impressed by Gomez's demeanor towards the whole media fracas. She continued that the Monte Carlo actress did a wonderful thing by not meeting their energy. Hostin then concluded that "women need to stop being mean to each other."

Internet Drama Between Gomez, Hailey, And Jenner

Selena Gomez
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The recent drama between Gomez, Hailey, and Jenner started in early January. At that time, Gomez was body-shamed after photos of her in a swimsuit were published by paparazzi. Shortly after the incident, Hailey shared a TikTok of herself, Justine Skye, and Jenner.

How They Earned The Mean Girl Title

In the video, the trio was lip-syncing the words, "I'm not saying she deserves, but God's timing is always right." A lot of fans sensed they were mocking Gomez. The video was later deleted by Hailey but it has been re-uploaded several times by media users.

The Stars' Interactions

While the online drama went on, both parties involved weighed in. A screenshot claimed Gomez commented on the video saying people should be nice to everyone. Hailey also commented that the video was not directed at anyone.

Hailey And Jenner Called Out By Fans For Mocking Gomez

Hailey Bieber
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That was not the only time Hailey and Jenner gave out mean-girl vibes. Gomez recently posted a series of videos and photos on social media. In the videos, she joked that she accidentally over-laminated her brows.

Critics CALLED Them Out

A lot of TikTok users called their behavior "childish" behavior, as they lashed out at the duo. Jenner later commented on one of the posts where her Instagram uploads were analyzed. She wrote that the video was not a shade towards Gomez.

Gomez Announced She Was Taking A Break From Social Media

The drama has been going on and on. One was old footage of Hailey sticking out her tongue when Taylor Swift's album was named. Gomez took to the comment to defend her best friend, Swift.

She Is Back

Selena Gomez
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This was followed by an announcement that she would be taking a break from social media The songstress recently did a TikTok Live. In the Live video, she announced she was taking time off. The actress added that the drama was silly and she was too old for it. The TV star deactivated her TikTok page but has since reactivated it.