Bam Margera Reacts To Estranged Wife's Public Remarks With A Trip To The Strip Club

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Bam Margera and Nikki Boyd
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Bam Margera's history with substance abuse has shut several doors for him, and his divorce is the most recent result of his drug and alcohol addiction. From a messy divorce to a night out at a strip club, here are all the juicy details you've been missing.

The Last Straw

Last week Nikki Boyd, together with her lawyer, David Glas, filed for divorce from her husband, Bam Margera.

The Child Comes First

I love my child
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The divorce announcement was the direct result of Bam spending time with their son while Nikki believed Bam to be under the influence.

A Long History

Bam has often found himself in deep waters due to his long history of substance abuse, and it has now cost him his family.

Goodbye Jackass

Goodbye Jackass
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In 2021, Margera was fired from the set of Jackass Forever for breaking a "wellness agreement" in his contract. After taking a drug test, it became known that he was on Adderall, which resulted in his exit from the film.

A Wrongful Lawsuit

Following his departure from the film, Bam even filed a lawsuit against the Jackass team for wrongful termination. The lawsuit was later dropped and the matter was settled privately.

A Rehab Escape

rehab escape
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In September 2021, the court ordered Margera to undergo treatment for his addiction at a rehab center, but he was later found missing from the facility only to be spotted partying shortly after the escape.

Another Attempt at Sobriety

Following the rehab stunt, Bam was later assigned to an outpatient program. However, just days after his release from the program, he was found at a bar in Florida.

A Podcast Appearance

Last year, Margera made an appearance in his fellow Jackass co-star, Steve-O's podcast, and revealed that he was back in rehab, continuing his journey to sobriety.

Never Felt Better

Shedding light on his recovery, Bam confessed that he "never felt better" after about a year of undergoing treatment for substance abuse.

Disappointment On Peak

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Bam has recently revealed that his wife's media-bashing has greatly disappointed him, especially since his side of the story remains unknown.

Trip Down Memory Lane

Trip Down Memory Lane

The former actor shared a picture of himself with his wife and son, Phoenix, on their trip to Disneyland with the caption, "I am very disappointed in what Nikki and her attorney have said publicly about me as a father. I love my son more than anything in this world. I actually supported my son. Nobody knows my side of the story, which makes me sad. But one day, hopefully, they will.”

Meetings With Strangers

Meeting strangers
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Bam has been sharing his stance on the whole divorce scenario with total strangers, blaming Nikki for the divorce.

Concerns On The Rise

People concerned
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People close to the actor, especially his friend and co-star, Steve-O, are concerned about his public outcry and substance abuse.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Last month Steve-O took Bam and his son with him and posted a picture of himself with Bam with an emotional caption, which he has now deleted. The post shared concerns the podcast host had regarding his friend and his unwillingness to recover by saying, "You say you want to have a relationship with your son, but your actions guarantee the exact opposite will happen."

News of Death

Steve-O also shared how his friend's actions have made him brace "for news of your death." He further concluded the caption by saying, "You’re dying, brother, and it sucks that I can’t do anything to save you.”

True Or False?

True or False?
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While his loved ones are sharing their worries about the actor, Bam is claiming to be sober and shares plans to stay on the wagon.

The Green Signal

green signal
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As for the divorce, Bam shares that he's been waiting for the green signal from his attorneys to reveal his side of the story.

A Trip to Vegas

A few days after Nikki filed for divorce, Bam took a trip to Las Vegas for an appearance at Day of the Dead Horror Con.

Multiple Stops on the Way

Work commitments weren't the only stops made by Bam in Vegas. He was later spotted at Larryn Flynt's club where he clicked pictures with strippers and seemed to be having the time of his life amidst the nasty divorce.