“They Stare At Me Then Laugh Nervously”: Friends And Family Cause Pregnancy Pressure, So This Woman Invents The ‘Pregnancy Jar’

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Nobody likes being bugged. Especially if the person knows that they’re annoying you and they keep doing it regardless. But what is even more annoying than being pestered by someone is being bugged when you have clearly stated that you don’t want something and can’t do anything about it. It puts you in an awkward situation where you either stay silent and let the person do as they please or express your feelings about it and chances are you might come off as the bad guy. This woman has now reached out to Reddit asking if she was indeed being unreasonable after confronting her family for pestering her about not having a baby.

Feeling the pressure of family and friends to have a baby? This woman invents the 'Pregnancy Jar' to settle her nerves.

thasyojar2013 | thasyojar2013

Don't let pregnancy pressure get you down - try the 'Pregnancy Jar' 💰

thasyojar2013 | thasyojar2013

Stop the 💰-inducing questions with the 'Pregnancy Jar'!

thasyojar2013 | thasyojar2013

Family pressure is real 💔 Woman invents a "pregnancy jar" to put an end to it 🤰

thasyojar2013 | thasyojar2013

A woman invents the 'Pregnancy Jar' to cope with family and friends asking about her pregnancy status🤔

thasyojar2013 | thasyojar2013

Constant pregnancy pressure from friends and family? 🤯 This woman's solution? A ‘Pregnancy Jar’! 🤑

Friends and family always ask when we're going to have a baby. Letting it become a source of stress and anxiety? No more! This woman had had enough of the constant nagging about having a baby and came up with a simple yet ingenious solution to put a stop to it. She invented the 'Pregnancy Jar'!

The 'Pregnancy Jar' was nothing more than an empty jar, which this woman took everywhere with her. Whenever someone asked the dreaded question of when she and her husband were having a baby, the woman would pull out the jar and ask them to drop a dollar in there for asking. It became a simple way to put an end to the intrusive questions and, to her surprise, it actually worked! After four months of this, her friends and family finally stopped asking them.

However, when tensions flared up over dinner at her parent's house, her brother asked the same question, resulting in an awkward situation. Her mother reprimanded her for her 'childish' behavior, which only worsened the tension. Despite the discouragement from her mother, this woman was ultimately determined to not let her life be dictated by others and continue to take a stand for herself in this situation. This amusing yet thought-provoking story raises some interesting questions about how we handle life's struggles and the impact of peer pressure. It's time to look at the comments and reactions to this post!

🤣Creative Pregnancy Jar🤣

Gold-Somewhere1770 | Gold-Somewhere1770

The comment author states that NTA (not the a**hole) for coming up with this creative idea as a response to family and friends' intrusive questions about when she's having a baby. The replies are in agreement, praising the idea for being funny and light-hearted, and acknowledging that conceiving a baby can be an uphill battle with the insensitive comments. 🤩

💡 Brilliance ✨✨ in the face of pregnancy pressure! 🤰

Tical79 | Tical79

The comment, marked as NTA, praises the brilliance of the idea, saying that it brings the absurdity of the questioner to an even more absurd plane. The comment's replies are grateful that nobody shamed the person for their idea, and that they understand the mental and emotional toll this subject has taken on them and their spouse.

Mom owes the 💰Jar a dollar 💰

idngkrn | idngkrn

NTA (not the a**hole); mom owes the 'Pregnancy Jar' a dollar for people asking about the couple's plans for having a kid. The commenter's reply reflects the feeling of being judged and put under pressure.

😆 To all the pregnancy pressure 👏

lolopiecho | lolopiecho

NTA, the commenter shares how they make it awkward for their family and friends that inquire about the decisions regarding their pregnancy. They use sarcasm and humor to evade the pressure, and the replies share similar stories and appreciation for the commentator's idea.

👏 NTA, and a creative way to make a point💡

toofat2serve | toofat2serve

The comment applauds the woman for inventing the pregnancy jar. It was a creative way to make a point since words apparently didn't help. The comment also suggests it could be used to get a 'spite snack', to which a reply added 'Spite snack 🤣 I like it lol'

🤣 Loving the pregnancy jar!

No_Secret8533 | No_Secret8533

The comment is NTA and the commenter jokingly suggests that the mom should drop at least a ten in the 'pregnancy jar' as payment for her lecture. In reply, the commenter mentions that it would be 10 dollars if you think about it, but adds that the mom is their mom. 🤣

🤔Think multiple currencies

Adpiava | Adpiava

Commenter is impressed that the family and friends have a dollar in cash on them, while others note the possibility that they may not be in America and other countries having multiple currencies in which cash is much more prevalent than in the commenter's area. Someone also shares their own experience of feeling naked without some cash with them.

No one’s business🔒: Commentors share their frustration about constant pregnancy questions

HezzeroftheWezzer | HezzeroftheWezzer

NTA: Commenter shares her story of 19 years of enduring the question of "When are you having kids?", revealing she had PCOS, and couldn't get pregnant. Comment replies share similar stories and frustrations, emphasizing that one's reproductive plans are nobody's business.

🙅‍♀️ NTA 👶 No Baby Pressure!

guessmyageidareyou | guessmyageidareyou

The commenter firmly tells their friends and family to stop asking about babies, as it is a sensitive topic with fertility issues involved. They invent a 'Pregnancy Jar' as a humorous way to remind them to not ask nosy questions. The comment replies confirm that this was the right thing to do, as NTA (Not The A**hole).

Addressing pregnancy pressure 🤔

Fullerhouse2016 | Fullerhouse2016

The commenter suggested that if friends and family want them to have a baby so badly, they can pay for it and create a 'Rude and Stupid Question Jar' in response to intrusive pregnancy questions. The reply reasoned that the question is never a good one since it assumes that the couple is ready to have children, when that may not always be the case.

Looking to start IVF? 🤔

kwhorona | kwhorona

NTA! The comment suggests starting an IVF jar and expecting a minimum $20 contribution from family and friends who are causing pregnancy pressure. The reply agrees and explains that people don't understand the cost of things until they go through it, and suggests the person comes first, not the other's opinions.

Will you pay the 💵Pregnancy Jar💵?

NicoleD84 | NicoleD84

Commenters agree that the 'Pregnancy Jar' is a petty and rude way of responding to pregnancy pressure. While the jar is annoying and unbecoming, some commenters think that it's equally wrong as the people who ask private questions about family plans without your permission. Others disagree, thinking that it's reasonable to expect people to pay if they don't follow the rules.

👏 She invents the ⛑️ 'Pregnancy Jar'!

jocelina | jocelina

NTA, this person brilliantly invents the 'Pregnancy Jar' to protect herself from unsolicited advice. The commenter also notes that if the brother doesn't want to feel embarrassed, he should avoid being a nosy a**hole.

Mid-thirties and 🤦‍♀️ by 🤰 pressures? 🤔

Rubyleaves18 | Rubyleaves18

The commenter stands in solidarity with the woman, being in the same situation with their family wanting them to have children regardless of their accomplishments. They comment that the woman's mother sucks and expresses dissatisfaction. Replies to the comment express amazement at the commenter's own accomplishment and proclaim it to be like raising a baby of its own.

Mid-30s, 'Pregnancy Jar' & 😳😳😳

LissaBryan | LissaBryan

The comment describes the shock of being in the mid-thirties and the pressure from family and friends that comes with it. The reply speaks about the surprise of learning that it becomes increasingly harder to have children as one ages.

Respect✊✋💅for 🤰🙌❤️

NeuroticNomad | NeuroticNomad

The comment affirms the queen-master for setting boundaries with her family and not allowing them to pressure her about her pregnancy. The reply is one of understanding and appreciation for being acknowledged.

No Jar Game Required! 🤷

boogers19 | boogers19

This comment explains that the 'Pregnancy Jar' game is not obliged to be played by anyone. No one has to put money in the jar, and if another person's house does not want to play the game, then it is not allowed.

The commenter is shocked at the responses and explains that this game is childish and is not the answer to insufferable questions. The reply agrees with the opinion and emphasizes that the game should not be dragged around in public or other people's homes.

Friends 😳 pay up for 🤔 the "Pregnancy Jar"? 😱

MoltenCupcake | MoltenCupcake

The comment reflects confusion and surprise that the friends are agreeing to give money for the "Pregnancy Jar" and the embarrassment that the jar exists. No one in the comment section believes this is a legitimate situation, with one comment exclaiming they would cringe and laugh for a week upon witnessing it. Another comment questions if people actually imagine these things happening in real life or if it's just a sign of the weirdos on this sub.

🤔 One genius response to⠀pregnancy pressure

doodlydoo2222 | doodlydoo2222

An NTA response to an insensitive question, the commenter encourages the OP to use an honest and sassy response or to make use of a 'Pregnancy Jar' to shut down the pressure from family and friends. The replies suggest that this solution may be genius but most likely won't be enough to shut down the intrusive questioning.

Mom takes the heat for 💸🔥

JulesCDC | JulesCDC

A commenter felt that the woman's mother should give her $20 for making a comment about her being in her mid-30s, implying that she may not have much time left to conceive. The commenter deemed this comment as 'yikes'.

Inventing a "pregnancy jar" 🤔

louloutre75 | louloutre75

This comment states ESH (everyone sucks here) because the comment author sees the invention of the 'pregnancy jar' as a way to push back against intrusive questions from family and friends. The replies to the comment agree that the jar is a way to put the burden of uncomfortableness back on those who ask *unwanted* questions, but also suggest that a squirt bottle might be used instead.

A genius idea turns 🔥 ! 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

The comment praised the idea of the 'Pregnancy Jar', saying it's a genius idea. It's also noted how hurtful it is when family and friends pressure you to have a baby, and why they do it, and to show that there is an upside to the situation, it is suggested that the money from the jar be used to buy something fun.

🤔Money for baby questions? 🤨

PracticalSilver217 | PracticalSilver217

The section comment expresses their disapproval at the idea of seeking money from people for asking about the baby and states that the woman should have explained how the money would be used for the Pregnancy Jar before asking for it.

Pregnant & tired of Qs? 🤰 ✋🏼

fist_is_also_a_verb | fist_is_also_a_verb

The comment discusses the idea of a ‘Pregnancy Jar’ which came out of the need to put a stop to the frequent questions about pregnancy status. The comment replies express similar frustrations and suggest a polite yet firm response to saying “stop asking”.

👏👏Kudos to OP for🍼the 'Pregnancy Jar'🤣

brutelitops | brutelitops

Not the a**hole, the comment made the poster burst out laughing and their friends were looking at them weirdly. The poster's commitment to carrying their Pregnancy Jar is commendable and is deserving of kudos. Lols.

Standing up for 👩‍👧‍👦privacy!

toadbelliesgosquish | toadbelliesgosquish

The comment writer believes that friends and family are wrong to enquire about pregnancy and supports the invention of the 'Pregnancy Jar'. They suggest that a warning should be given before introducing such a jar as a reminder that pregnancy is a private topic for the woman.

No one's right here 🤔

DogRescueLady | DogRescueLady

Commenter acknowledges that everyone is wrong in this situation, without specifying sides. They suggest the original poster had the chance to avoid being the a-hole, but instead chose to demand money from the dinner guests.

🤔 NTA: Time to ⏰ STFU?!

mobyhead1 | mobyhead1

The comment suggests that the original poster's friends and family should stop talking about their concerns about the poster's pregnancy, as the original poster is already aware of them. The idea of a 'Pregnancy Jar' to address these conversations in a gentler and more amusing way is considered to be clever and not stupid.

NTA 👏👏 for the Pregnancy Jar

AhnaBeatsBilly | AhnaBeatsBilly

The commenter commends the idea of the Pregnancy Jar and expresses disbelief at how someone can be embarrassed over something small in front of their wife. The commenter wishes good luck in conceiving.

NTA 💰👵🏼

eatshoney | eatshoney

The commenter was not the a**hole, and they suggest that the commenter's mom should owe the 'Pregnancy Jar' a tenner for their conversation in the kitchen. The commenter feels they have enough in the jar to give their mom change for any bill she has.

When your family won't stop pestering you🤦‍♀️

wittiestphrase | wittiestphrase

The comment expresses that people asking others about their reproductive situation is unfortunately common and that asking people to stop is the way to deal with it. In response, one reply suggests that the breaking point can be reached when the person is asked repeatedly despite asking for the questions to stop.

NTA. 🤩 Brilliant idea 👏

stubborn_panda26 | stubborn_panda26

The commenter is not an a**hole and praises the woman's great idea to teach her friends and family not to pressure women about fertility issues.

🤔 Making your own rules

NeverCadburys | NeverCadburys

The comment suggests that inventing a 'Pregnancy Jar' to punish people for asking about pregnancy is a bit deranged and not okay. It suggests that, if in one's own home and one makes it clear they will enforce the jar, they aren't being an a**hole, but taking it to someone else's home is pushing a bit too far.

🤩 OP invents “Pregnancy Jar”✨

Okay-Albatross | Okay-Albatross

NTA - OP's pregnancy jar idea is amazing and a way nicer response than people deserve for their insensitive questioning. OP deserves privacy as to when and whether they want children.

Protecting the right to choose 🛡

sleepeegirl | sleepeegirl

The commenter is strongly against the pressure of pregnancy and believes that every person should have the right to choose if they want to have children or not. They state that it can be quite stressful if a person wants to have children, and suggest the idea of an embarrassment jar for those who are uncomfortable talking about it.

Mom owes you $10! 😲

Keirathyl | Keirathyl

The commenter isn't the a**hole for standing up for themselves and their mother is. They demand that the mother owes them $10 for the 'bullshit' she put them through.

🤯 A heart-wrenching story!

burning_panda_ | burning_panda_

NTA! The commenter speaks of their difficult history with trying to have a second child, a miscarriage, and the lifetime of health struggles they have endured since. The commenter urges everyone to stop asking couples when they are going to have a child as they don't realize the pain they may have gone through.

When family *invites* you to a party 🎉

kellyann101 | kellyann101

The comment suggested everyone sucks here (ESH) since people are being intrusive and demanding money, which is seen as odd and embarrassing.

🤩 Genius invention!

Potential-Grab-2536 | Potential-Grab-2536

The comment praises the inventor for their genius invention and clarifies that it was Not The A-hole (NTA).

No a**hole here❗️

Murderhornet212 | Murderhornet212

NTA: Refreshing someone's pain with questions about not having a baby may not be by choice and deserves consideration. Pregnancy pressure is real and should be respected.

🤔 NTA: A Future 🔮 Where No Pressure 🙅‍♀️

whatsmypassword73 | whatsmypassword73

The comment declares that the poster is not the a**hole for creating a 'Pregnancy Jar' to make people uncomfortable about asking intensely personal questions. They have visions for a future where everyone does the same to alleviate this pressure.

🤔👩‍⚕️🤱Can a 'Pregnancy Jar' help?

rannnnnnnndom | rannnnnnnndom

The comment across this section is that the commenter is Not The A**hole, who has come up with the idea of the 'Pregnancy Jar', an invention that helps with the pressure of family and friends when it comes to starting a family. The commenter also suggests that loudly asking 'why do you care what's growing in my uterus?' is a good way to respond to such pressure.

No more awkward questions.

Natural_Writer9702 | Natural_Writer9702

The comment suggests that the person in their mid-30s should have had an affable and informative conversation with their family to explain the situation and prevent them from asking questions they consider out of bounds. The comment ends with a suggestion to tell the family that they don't want any more unsolicited questions or advice.

Shutting her up 🤐

jamesfluker | jamesfluker

The commenter NTA suggests the OP to shut up their mother who is putting pressure on them about having a healthy baby by making a humorous remark about their partner's performance.

🤗 NTA: Brilliant idea! 👶🏻

MotherOfCrotchFruit | MotherOfCrotchFruit

The commenter is not an a**hole. They praised the idea of a 'pregnancy jar' as a brilliant way to deal with pressure from friends and family about when one should have kids, calling it a way to keep peoples' prying noses out of one's life.

NTA. An ingenious 👩‍👧 solution!

Kari-kateora | Kari-kateora

The commenter states that their mother has been pressuring them about pregnancy for over a year and thanks the original poster for inventing the 'Pregnancy Jar', an ingenious solution for dealing with pregnancy pressure from family and friends.

👏👏Taking control of her own body!

some1stolemyshit | some1stolemyshit

The commenter appreciates the individual's commitment to their own body and wellbeing, commending their invention of the 'Pregnancy Jar'. No a**holes here!

This woman invents 🔮 the "Pregnancy Jar" 🍯

Evil_Mel | Evil_Mel

This person is NTA and loves the idea of the pregnancy jar. As a way of getting her point across, she proposes an even more petty solution: stop talking to family, turn around, and walk away.

👏 Creative way ✋️😊

fsu2k | fsu2k

The comment praises the woman for inventing a creative way to handle the awkwardness of pregnancy pressure from family and friends. They deem her 'Not the A**hole'.

👏 No one's business!

napoleonthegreatest | napoleonthegreatest

The comment asserts that it is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS why someone doesn't want to have kids and suggests that nosy family and friends should stop asking questions.

👏 Moms-to-be's genius invention

VirtKitty | VirtKitty

The commenter, who is Not The Asshole, was very appreciative of the mum-to-be's genius invention, the 'Pregnancy Jar'.

Creative genius 👏👏

Kitchen-Ad5250 | Kitchen-Ad5250

Commenter says NTA (not the a**hole) and expresses shock that people are so up the poster's a** about their pregnancy. The commenter also commends the poster's genius idea of creating a 'pregnancy jar' to handle the pressure.

When baby pressure 👶🏽 isn't welcome 🙅🏽‍♀️

she_SNAPS_20 | she_SNAPS_20

This woman shares her frustration with the unavoidable pressure she receives due to her age and suggests asking for help if it will be given to them later when they have a baby. She declares the comment 'NTA' meaning 'not the a**hole'.

NTA: "Stop asking!" 🤐

MadamMarshmallows | MadamMarshmallows

The comment affirms that it's not the person's fault they are not having children and suggests they use a lie to shut down further pregnancy questions. The comment also harshly states that if their family and friends don't want to pay the dollar or be embarrassed, they should "stop f**king asking."

No a**hole here! 👏👏

naopatao | naopatao

The commenter approves of this woman's invention of a 'Pregnancy Jar', to deal with her family and friends insensitive pregnancy questions. The commenter wanted to know how much money she raised with it.

NTA x million, 🙌🏼 💯 💕

hidilyhodilyneighbor | hidilyhodilyneighbor

The comment applauds the woman's invention of the 'Pregnancy Jar', and highly condemns the rude, invasive, and hurtful questions that her family and friends are constantly asking her. It states that anyone who thinks the question is okay, can 'eat a bag of dicks'.

👏😮 A brilliant invention

Specific-Succotash-8 | Specific-Succotash-8

The commenter found the invention of the 'Pregnancy Jar' brilliant and considers it unacceptable to ask someone when they plan to have another baby.

😡 Friends and family pushing too hard?

TravelMud | TravelMud

The commenter expresses anger saying that it's nobody's business and they should stop asking. No a**hole here.

🤔 People should learn to respect boundaries.

Abeyita | Abeyita

The comment emphasizes that NTA (not the a**hole) and recommends that people should learn to respect boundaries. The comment does not agree with the concept of the 'pregnancy jar' as it could be considered too passive.

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