Katherine Schwarzenegger Discusses the Changes of Having 2 Kids with Chris Pratt

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Katherine Schwarzenegger
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Having kids is a huge responsibility, and it comes with many new changes, like adjusting to their routines and making critical life decisions with these little ones at the center of it all. Katherine Schwarzenegger is opening up on how life has been with two children, which she shares with her husband, Chris Pratt.

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Promoting Her New Children's Book

The author and mom of two sat down for an interview with ET as she promoted her newly released children's book Good Night, Sister. Schwarzenegger detailed her life as a mom after welcoming a baby girl with Chris Pratt in May 2022.

"We are hardcore adulting here! It's been a very blessed time. I feel very lucky."

The Challenges

She discussed the challenges of raising an infant and a toddler simultaneously, and it mostly revolved around these little ones waking up more in the middle of the night and disrupting everyone's sleep patterns.

"It's wild! I mean, I think that to me the biggest adjustment has been just the sleep factor. I feel like everybody always tells me that the jump from one to two children is the biggest...but definitely in the middle of the night, when they both wake up, is when I’m just kind of like, OK, this can be a lot."

Gushing Over Hubby

Chris Pratt
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She also took the time to show admiration for her husband, who has been very supportive and loves being a father to their little girls.

"It's so sweet to watch! He's an incredible dad... it's very special."

Lyla Is A Very Loving Older Sister

Katherine and Chris Pratt
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Looks like there're enough accolades to go round as she also showered praises on her first girl Lyla whom she called a very caring older sister at the tender age of 2.

"She is just so excited about her all the time, wants to be with her, wants to squeeze her, wants to hug her, help her, Just the two of them are just so sweet together."

Her Book Centers Around The Importance Of A Sisterly Bond

According to her, the relationship between her daughters drew her closer to the title of her new book, Good Night, Sister, which speaks about the importance of a solid relationship between sisters.

Schwarzenegger Feels Lucky To Watch Her Kids Share A Unique Bond

katherine Schwarzenegger
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The author described how she enjoyed the good rewards of sisterhood growing up, especially with her sister, and now she feels lucky to watch her two daughters get quite as close.

"It's really special to be coming out with something that talks about the importance of sisterhood and just the importance of that relationship, because it was such an amazing one growing up...To watch my girls do the same is so special."

Amazing Grandparents

Katherine Schwarzenegger
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She described herself as lucky with her whole family, who has taken the roles of being great aunties and uncles to her kids. Schwarzenegger called her mom and dad amazing grandparents to her girls and revealed they love the role so much!

"They just really love the grandparent role, Especially [how] you can hype them up on sugar and send them home."

Her Mom Is Her Source Of Strength

Her mom is her major source of strength; having watched her growing up, she called her an epitome of class, beauty, and resilience whom she always runs to for advice on parenting 100 times a day.

"She’s an incredible mom, incredible wife, daughter, friend, everything."

Katherine And Chris Pratt

Katherine And Chris
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The pair got married on June 8, 2019, in Montecito, California, in an intimate ceremony. They're parents to two girls, Lyla, 2, and Eloise, 8 months, as well as Chris's 10-year-old son, Jack, from his previous marriage.