Woman Claims to See Dead Husband in Local Indian Restaurant Promo Video

Ashabi Azeez
Screenshot from Spice Cottage promo video
Facebook | Spice Cottage

A woman claimed to have seen her late husband of nine years in a recent Indian restaurant promo video. The shocked wife dropped a comment questioning when the video was taken. A lot of social media users reacted to the bizarre discovery. 

Indian Restaurant  Promo Video Gone Viral

A video for the promotion of a restaurant has gone viral since it was posted. The video was taken in a Spice Cottage in the village of Westbourne, West Sussex. The short promo video showed diners poking into their meals. Waiters dressed in black uniforms could also be seen attending to the diners. The video showed a lot of diners gathered in different groups.

Here's Why The Clip Went Viral

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Unsplash | Adem AY

The short clip also gave a view of the interior decoration of the restaurant. The walls were painted white while the table clothes and chairs were black. At the end of the video, the customers gave a round of applause to the waiters. Everything seemed typically normal for a promotional video, but the content soon gained public attention after one viewer raised an alarm.

The Comment Section Was Buzzing

While many netizens and customers took to the comment section sharing their approval on how the restaurant was trying to improve ambiance, someone noticed something uncanny and definitely unexpected.

A Woman Claimed To See Her Late Husband In The Promo Video

The video was posted on the restaurant's Facebook page. A woman named Lucy Watson commented that she saw her husband in the video. However, Watson's husband died in 2014. The Indian restaurant has been at the center of the mystery since the comment.

Watson Was Sure She Saw Her Spouse

According to Watson, her late husband was spotted in the first round of the video. She said the man sitting at the corner when the video just started was her late husband. Although the view was recently shot, Watson insisted she saw her husband. 

The Woman Questioned The Date Of The Video

Watson took to the comment on the restaurant's Facebook page. After watching the video, she asked how old the video was. She said that her husband and son were on the first shot. Watson further revealed that her husband died in 2014.

The Restaurant's Aim Was To Make The Establishment Better For Customers

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The restaurant replied that the footage was taken last week. The video was posted on January 16th, 2023. They wrote that they have been working on making the dining experience more memorable. They also wrote that their dishes are inspired by ancient family recipes. 

Social Media Users Comment On The Bizarre Mystery

 The video has gotten over 100 responses from social media users since it was posted. One wrote they needed an update if his body was found or just a canoe. The user was referring to the story of John Darwin. Another Facebook user wrote, "He wasn't dead."

Some Tried Deducing What Could Have Happened To Her Husband

"He was just in a coma." Another user wrote joked about the situation. They said they were present in the video and saw their late naan. The joke did not go unnoticed by one who wrote that they thought Watson was lying.