An Emotional Reunion Between Mother And Son After 44 Years, All Thanks To Facebook!

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Mohamed And His Mother
Facebook | @Rami el-Gebali

Don't you love social media and its superpowers? From finding missing humans, pets, and even cars, these social apps have brought a smile to many faces and reunited many families.

This is the case for Wissam Mohamed, who recently found his mom via a Facebook page after 44 years apart.

Keep reading for the details.

Wissam Mohamed's Story

Mohamed's parents who were of Jordanian and Egyptian descent had him during a turbulent time in their marriage and involved filing for divorce. The young lad was born and unfortunately feel ill some weeks after causing his father to cook up a lie that he had died in order to stop his mother from leaving with the sick baby.

Mohamed's Mom Moved Back To Cairo

Mohamed's mom was devastated at the news, and when her divorce from his father was finalized, she moved back to Cairo, Egypt, fully believing her baby boy was dead and gone.

Mohamed's Believed His Mom Was Dead

Young Mohamed grew up with few details about his mother and her background and even claimed she was dead! However, a discovery by his lawyers 4 years ago proved to be the string of hope he needed to go in search of his "late" mom as her death certificate couldn't even be found!

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Things looked bright earlier this year when Mohamed's aunt in Jordan discovered pictures of his mother. This discovery began a long journey that eventually led to a reunion between the long-lost pair.

Mohamed's Aunt Posted The Picture

To aid the search process, Mohamed's aunt posted the picture on social media which an Egyptian friend found, and contacted the "Missing Children" Facebook page upon seeing the pictures and posts.

'Missing Children' Facebook Page

The page was founded by Engineer Rami el-Gebali in 2015 with the sole aim of reconnecting lost children and their parents. The founder spoke to Insider about the post that he and his team shared on the page with over two million followers on December 6 and how they miraculously found her in 24 hours.

Mohamed Flew Out To Cairo The Next Day

Upon learning the news of his mom being found, Mohamed jetted out to Cairo to meet his mom and accompanied by el-Gebali. The pair met at the airport, and el-Gebali revealed they initially acted as strangers.

"They stood still like nobody knew what they should do now for, I think, 20 minutes," he said. "He didn't know if he was allowed to hold and hug this woman, and she didn't know who that man was."

Hugging And Making Up

The emotional reunion reached a peak as Mohamed kissed his mother's hands and the latter reciprocated with a warm, long embrace.

After 44 years apart, we're sure it'll take a while before they finally get along, this is such a soulful experience!

Addicted To Reconnecting People

Unsplash | Dawid SokoĊ‚owski

el-Gebeli revealed he has become used to reconnecting missing children with their parents for 8 years now and has witnessed reunions so many times. Over 3000 missing children have found their parents through the Facebook page.

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