Gallery Owner Arrested After Soaking Homeless Woman With Hose

Ashabi Azeez
A homeless person
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A gallery owner in San Francisco has been apprehended by the police after his misconduct was caught on camera. The senior citizen identified as Collier Gwin sparked outrage after he went viral for the inhumane way he treated a homeless woman.

Gwin Has Been Arrested

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Gwin has been taken into custody by the SFPD on an arrest warrant. He was charged with misdemeanor battery regarding the viral clip he was caught in. This comes as a surprising development because no charges were earlier pressed against him.

The Arrest Comes After Evidence Was Reviewed

According to TMZ, San Franciso's District Attorney Brooke Jenkins shared that authorities decided to take him in after all pieces of evidence were reviewed. Jenkins added that "the alleged battery of an unhoused member of our community" was "completely unacceptable." She added that he would face the consequences.

The attorney also mentioned that the vandalism meted out on Foster Gwin Gallery was completely unacceptable. She ultimately stated that two wrongs did not make a right.

Gwin's Misconduct

water hose
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On January 9, the senior citizen was spotted in front of a bar seemingly conversing with a homeless woman who sat on the walkway directly in front of him. However, the exchange was far from being a normal or pleasant one as Gwin could be seen wielding a hose. The camera soon showed him spraying water all over the homeless woman who in turn protested. He sprayed for some minutes before stopping and asking her to move down the block.

He Sparked Social Media Outrage

After the clip went viral, netizens clamped down on Gwin's actions demanding that the police put him in custody. Many demanded accountability while noting that Gwin must be found at the time. The act was seen as cruel and unnecessary because it looked like the woman was minding her business. Many also cited how it had rained days ago, and the homeless woman might not have got some warmth only to be doused further, and for no obvious reason.

The Bar Denied Being Involved

As it was earlier relayed that Gwin was standing before a bar, many thought he was affiliated with the establishment. However, the owners took to their official social media page distancing themselves from him by putting out a statement.

Both Parties Initially Did Not Seek Police Action

SFPD shared that when the authorities arrived at the scene neither Gwin nor the homeless woman demanded further police action. However, the Street Crisis Response Team sought out the woman in question. So far, the result of the meeting is unknown.