Police Release Footage: Reveals The Truth About Odell Beckham Jr.'s Airplane Removal

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Close up of Odell Beckham Jr.
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The plot thickens in the Odell Beckham Jr. airplane removal case as the police releases bodycam footage of the incident. Last November, the NFL player took to his social media to announce that American Airlines kicked him off an L.A. flight for no just cause.

Getting Off The Plane

When the news broke, fans only saw videos of the authorities escorting Beckham Jr. out of the airport without a backstory. Then, he shared a series of tweets explaining the situation vaguely. The star player said he'd never had such an experience before that day.

Claims Of Policy Violation

The new bodycam footage shows police officers from Miami-Dade county and the airline flight attendants speaking to Beckham Jr. They attempted to wake the 30-year-old from sleep to make him fasten his seat belt before takeoff per airline policy.

Waking Him Up From Sleep

Since he was barely conscious and still acclimating with his surroundings from slumber, Beckham Jr. didn't respond well. He was groggy and barely understood what was going on but the officers and airline crew insist they were concerned for his safety.

Forcing Everyone Off The Flight

The police told Beckham Jr. that they would force everyone off the flight, including him, to which the L.R. Rams player replied it's okay. Then a disgruntled passenger said Beckham Jr. should get off the flight as they wouldn't leave for him.

Getting Into An Argument With A Passenger

Beckham Jr. and the passenger then got into a heated argument as he reminded them that he was rich enough to get a private plane to his destination while they'd wait longer to get another flight.

Watch the exchange below.

De-boarding Everyone

The player left the plane escorted by the authorities alongside the other passengers who had to wait several minutes for another transport.

Back Home In A Private Plane

Beckham Jr. returned to L.A. in a private plane like he told those passengers. He then took to his Twitter to express his frustration in a series of now-deleted tweets.

Cross-Country Free Agency Tour

Side profile of Odell Beckham Jr.
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Meanwhile, the NFL star is now a free agent who tours cross-country free agency. He's visited the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and Buffalo Bills. If the one-time NFL Champion returns to the NY Giants, it'll be a homecoming since they chose him in the first draft of 2014.

Still Undrafted Due To His Surgery

OBJ played for the L.A, Rams
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Unfortunately, several teams are wary of drafting OBJ because of his knee surgery which they consider a vulnerability. He tore his ACL during the championship match where the Rams won over the Cincinnati Bengals.