Meet the Mom Taking a Trip Back to the 1950s with the 'Tradwife' Life

Ashabi Azeez
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A Californian mother of two is going back in time to practice a full 1950s housewife lifestyle. The mom shared why she quit her job and made such a decision. She also shared an important tip on how to make life as a tradwife work. 

The Californian Mom Explains Her 'Tradwife' LifestyleAnd Practice

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Alexia Delarosa from San Diego lives the full life of a tradwife also known as a traditional wife. This is when women follow old-fashioned gender role stereotypes. The 29-year-old stays at home to clean, look after the children and cook while her husband goes to work.

Why Delarosa Adopted The Tradwife Lifestyle

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Per DailyMail, the Californian adopted the mindset of a homemaker because her mom was not around enough when she was a child. However, Delarosa always loved the idea of a 1950s-style housewife. The mom also found films showing stereotypical gender roles as romantic and sweet. Many women juggle childcare and work. However, Delarosa believes they will turn to the tradwife lifestyle when they understand they cannot have everything. 

Matthew And Delarosa Thrive In Their Roles

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Delarosa shared that when she just started dating her husband, Matthew, they talked about the kind of family they wanted. Fortunately, they both loved the idea of Delarosa staying home and Matthew working full-time.

She Completely Stopped Working When She Had Her Second Child

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She recalled that after she got pregnant with their first child, Archer, they decided she should stay home with him. At that time, she also had an at-home bakery business which she ran part-time.

Her Spouse Handles All The Finances

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However, when she became pregnant with their second child, Arlo, she became a full tradwife. Now, Matthew, 37, owns and runs a coffee shop while Delarosa takes care of everything at home. He loves being at work and she loves being at home. 

How To Make Life As A Tradwife Work 

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The mother-of-two shared it is important to maintain a watertight routine to make life as a tradwife work. Delarosa detailed an average day in her routine-oriented family's life. She wakes up around 5:30am to 6am to prepare herself before the children wake up. Around 6:30 am when they are awake, she makes breakfast from scratch.

The Family's Detailed Routine

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After that Delarosa cleans up and spends time with her kids. They could go to the park or see their dad at his coffee shop. After lunch, the kids take their afternoon nap while she does the laundry. Once they are awake, they play around the house, make dinner, bath them, read to them, then put them to bed by 7 pm. After that, Delarosa shared that she cleans the house one last time. 

Delarosa Addresses Negative Comments From Trolls

The 29-year-old often posts updates about her homemaker lifestyle on social media. However, she often gets negative comments from trolls. The term 'tradwife' was born in 2018 after the movement spread on social media. The term became controversial after being associated with far-right rhetoric.

Controversy Set In

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That was in 2018 when some white supremacist tradwives came out as Trump supporters. Delarosa shared that some people tell her being a full-time mom was not a real job. However, she does not let the negative comments affect her. She said it was important for a parent to always be home with their kids for special moments. She is also homeschooling her kids to protect them from negative 'outside influences.'