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A new cast of individuals has helped The White Lotus flourish in Season 2. This season of Mike White's fantastic television series The White Lotus is set at an exquisite Sicilian resort in Italy. Tanya McQuoid, portrayed by the amazing Jennifer Coolidge, is one of the few returning actors among the mostly new cast members.

In addition, each new season brings a new murder mystery that will be solved at the end of the cycle. Following the conclusion of season two, viewers have been discussing the season finale on social media.

Here are some of the reactions we gathered from the series finale.

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The online community for The White Lotus is one of its best features; people produce thought-provoking hypotheses, shareable memes, and topical jokes. The show's creator, Mike White, does his best to sprinkle in metaphor, foreshadowing, and symbolism across the entire season. Thus some of the theories even came true.

There is a lot of other material to analyze, even though Tanya, played by Jennifer Coolidge, led the surprise finale, and Meghan Fahy, who played Daphne, stole the show with her subtle portrayal. Hopefully, when can get more answers in season three.

It's stunning, fashion-driven, and utterly chaotic. The show's third season is already being discussed; earlier this year, series creator Mike White told Deadline that The White Lotus resort might have a location in Asia. He told the outlet;

"You know, we did Europe, and maybe Asia, something crazy like that, that would be fun.

Major Spoiler Alert On Season 2 Finale

The hotel guests spent their final day in Sicily in the series finale, and of course, they messed up everything. For Lucia, a local sex worker, Albie asks his father for €50,000. Instead, Lucia took the money and left early the next morning, contrary to his expectation that she would stay with him and come back to Los Angeles to see him.

Ethan tells Daphne that he believes their husbands hooked up on the other side of the island, and Daphne gives the response of a lifetime. He and Cameron fight on the beach before that. Fortunately, a calm observer intervenes before they both fall into the water.

Tanya, sadly, is not as fortunate. She spends the day with her dubious friend Quentin and begins to suspect that her husband Greg is the mastermind behind the entire scheme. Tanya shoots Quentin and his goons after fitting the puzzle pieces together; however, things don't go as planned for Tanya as she meets her death. You should see the movie to catch up on the other scenes in the finale.

What's Next For 'The White Lotus'

The White Lotus, an HBO series, completed its second season in the most stunning way possible. And yet, we still failed to anticipate it.

In November, HBO formally announced that The White Lotus would return for a third season. However, A fresh cast of characters will appear, and the scenery will alter. Season three has not yet started filming, so nobody is certain about the premiere date.