Gerard Pique Breaks Silence On Shakira's Diss Song With New Level Of Pettiness

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Gerard Pique
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Gerard Pique and Shakira's post-split issues are far from simmering down. In the latest update about the duo, subtle shades were dished and it did not escape the eagle eyes of fans

How It Started

Music icon Shakira initially went viral after she released her latest song, Out Of Your League which was shared on YouTube. In a matter of hours, the singer racked in over 60 million views which broke viewing records. However, the lyrics of the song held more significance

Shakira's Telling Lyrics

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The singer's new track was an address to a younger ex-partner who was in his twenties. One of the verses of the song did strike a cord as it read, "Zero grudge baby, I wish you good luck with my supposed replacement, I don’t even know what happened to you. You’re so weird I can’t even recognize you. I’m worth two of 22 [year old].

Details Of Her Song's Lyrics

The 45-year-old went on belting how the supposed ex-lover "traded a Ferrari for a Twingo," adding that he "traded a Rolex for a Casio". The music star's play on words continued, "You're going too fast, slow down. Lots of time at the gym, but your brain needs a little work too."

Pique Appeared To Respond To His Ex

Gerard Pique
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Per LAD Bible, the former Barcelona footballer seemed to be aware of Shakira's new song and the lyrics as he seemingly shot back a response now considered to be awhile "new level of pettiness.' Since the song came out, the star was spotted driving a Renault Twingo car. He also flaunted a Casio wristwatch, as he promoted his Kings League project.

A Deal With Casio

The World Cup winner also took to a Twitch stream announcing that he and Casio struck a deal. Pique relayed that they reached an agreement with the accessory franchise as key sponsors for Kings League. He went on by describing Casio as "a great watch," that "lasts a lifetime."

Social Media Users React

Twitter was abuzz about the shades traded between the exes. Football Twitter account, with the display name, Football Tweet, described Pique's action as "a level of pettiness" that was incredible. More fans weighed in on the developer as one person describe the athlete as a "clown footballer who became a "clown as a person."

Others came to his defense noting that Shakira wrote, produced, and distributed a song about their split, and Pique had the right to respond. Another noted that the duo was trolling each other because it is what 'couples do."

Inside Shakira And Pique's Messy Split

Shakira and Gerard Pique
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Back in June 2022, the former power couple who met at the 2010 FIFA world cup, released a joint statement letting fans know they were getting separated. This came after over a decade of being together and building a family. Reports following this showed that the Waka Waka crooner found out that her longtime partner cheated.

How Shakira Discovered Pique's Infidelity

There were rumors that the mom-of-two discovered signs of Pique's infidelity through a jar of jam. This was because no one ate the food item in their household, so it indicated that someone else was present in their home. She did not specifically mention this, but during an interview, Shakira noted that she checked the refrigerator at their home to become aware of the things that happened while she was away.

She Reportedly Contacted Detectives

The Hips Don't Lie hitmaker was also said to have contacted a detective agency to uncover the mystery of Pique's affair. However, some of these details got out. It was also said that she paid for optimum privacy so that the photos taken of Pique and his lover would not get out.