Woman's Two-Year Relationship Without a Kiss Is Making Waves on the Internet

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Many unmarried couples worldwide believe sexual intercourse and other sexual activities are necessary for their relationships, but not Kyndel Grove. The young content creator went viral after revealing that she and her boyfriend of two years were yet to engage in anything "physical." Here are the details.

Kyndel Reveals She Hasn't Kissed Her Boyfriend

Kyndel is only 23 years old, but her stance on physical intimacy with an unmarried partner recently left netizens in shock. The young US resident went viral after revealing that she had been in a relationship for two years but was yet to lock lips with her boyfriend.

The Reason For Her Decision

According to the content creator, her partner was her first boyfriend. Kyndel further urged TikTokers to pause before coming at her with terrible names, stating that the reason for their abstinence was because of their Christian faith.

Kyndel Says She's Waiting Till After Marriage

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Furthermore, the TikToker confessed that she and her boyfriend had boundaries, and kissing was one of them. According to her, they were waiting to walk down the aisle before having sex.

Kyndel Is Thankful For Her Relationship

Kyndel also said she felt kissing was special, and she had no intentions of doing it with anybody who wasn't her husband. Afterward, Kyndel expressed gratitude for her relationship, noting it didn't rely on anything physical.

Kyndel Doesn't Care About The Public's Opinion

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To crown it all, the young lady could care less about what the public thought, as she was only trying to please God. According to her, receiving hate comments from netizens and people around was something she had gotten used to. She finished off with the words:

"And our marriage will be blessed, let me just say that."

Netizens React To The Post

Not long after Kyndel shared the video, it went viral, garnering millions of views and thousands of comments. On the one hand, some TikTokers supported Kyndel and her boyfriend's decision, explaining it was their choice.

TikToker Shares Relatable Experience

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A user who could relate to Kyndel's choice revealed that she and her husband didn't lock lips while dating. According to her, their first kiss was at the altar. She further relayed that they dated for two years, were engaged for eight months, and married for two years.

Another Supportive TikToker

A second TikTok user mentioned that Kyndel's video proved that abstinence was possible in a relationship. In her words:

"THANK YOU! When breaking up with my ex, he asked, 'Do you genuinely believe someone will have the same standards as you.' This video right here is proof❤."

Other Religions Applaud Kyndel

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Kyndel didn't only receive accolades from Christians but also atheists and Muslims. The Muslims made it known that they could relate to the content creator as their religion preached abstinence before marriage.

Netizens Oppose Kyndel's Choice

On the other hand, some netizens didn't support Kyndel, describing her decision as risky. One user explained her mother did the same thing but spent 45 years married to an abusive tyrant. She advised Kyndel to go as far as living with her partner.

More Remarks Against Kyndel's Choice

Another TikToker stated it was a lovely idea but didn't make Kyndel or her relationship better than others. A third user jumped in, mockingly asking the content creator if she and her boyfriend shook hands whenever they saw.

Another Christain Girlfriend

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Kyndel may be heavily criticized for her actions, but she is not the first woman to open up about her decision not to be intimate with her boyfriend. A few months back, 22-year-old Kaytlin O'Neall said she hadn't kissed her boyfriend of two years.

The Decision Helped The Relationship

According to Kaytlin, the decision to abstain from anything physical strengthened their relationship and didn't mean they didn't love each other. Like Kyndel, Kaytlin said she had been a victim of negative comments but wasn't bothered.

The Reason For The Choice

To her, the choice was a result of personal conviction, not because she was pure or would go to hell for kissing a man who wasn't her boyfriend. Thankfully, she had a man who supported her decision and was willing to save his first kiss for his future wife.