Let's Look Back At 2022's Hottest Nail Trends

Ashley Hunte
A hand with purple and white-toned fingernails.
Unsplash | PatrĂ­cia Hellinger

Fashion comes and goes, but nails are forever. In fact, having the right length, color, and design on your nails can elevate your whole look into something that'll turn heads. As clothing trends shift and evolve over time, so do nails.

Let's face it, 2022 was a pretty wild year for nail art. From flashy, time-consuming designs, down to simple staple colors that show off your personality, this year kind of had it all. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the wildest, most beautiful nail trends this year had to offer, and that might make their way into 2023 and beyond.

Gold Accents

They say all that glitters is gold, and whoever "they" are is totally right. Nylon writes that this trend is perfect for the fall months, but something about glamorous gold feels right for the holidays, too.

Pastel Blue

InStyle reports that this soft, innocent shade is going to be at the forefront of spring trends. Makes sense, given how cute and retro pastel blue feels.

Shimmery Chameleon Colors.

There's something totally awesome about nail polish that shows off different colors as it catches the light. This trend stayed strong in 2022, and hopefully won't go anywhere anytime soon.

Moody Thermal Nails

Sort of like the chameleon colors, but also like those mood rings we all wore in high school. Thermal nails are beyond gorgeous, and strangely perfect for the cold weather.

Going Goth With Floral Designs.

Floral nail designs will never truly go away. But there's something pretty refined about adding flowers to a darker color palette.

Getting Down To Earth With Geodes And Gems.

Earth tones have been all the rage lately, and what better way to add them to your nail art than with geode designs?

Bringing A Bit Of Grunge Back.

Those 90s grunge colors really made a comeback as of late. They're nice, neutral, and work with a whole bunch of skin tones.

French Tips - With A Twist.

The French tip is perhaps the most timeless nail design around. Of course, it stands perfectly well on its own. But adding a hint of black brings it to a whole other level.

Matte Top Coats.

Glossy nails are really satisfying to apply and look at. Matte nails are too, and for a totally different reason. They're absolutely amazing!

Think Pink.

Shades of pink were very trendy over the summer. And to be totally honest, they probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Going Bold With Black.

Black is another trend that is here to stay. From punk looks to haute couture, the shade goes with pretty much anything.

Knock 'Em Dead With Coffin Shaped Nails.

There are many, many different ways to shape your nails. The coffin shape is on the rise, and it's oh-so-gorgeous.

Nails Designed To Look Like Paintings.

Nail art is, well, art. Making your nails look like they could be part of a landscape painting just makes sense.

A Touch Of Lace.

Harper's Bazaar calls this trend the perfect go-to for summer brides. It's soft, beautiful, and classy.

A Pop of Floral.

This tiny take on floral patterns is so adorable. Paired with pastel colors, it made for a pretty cute trend over the summer.

(Mostly) Natural.

Don't let these nails deceive you; there's definitely some polish on them. This look is subtle, yet elegant.

Shimmery Pastels.

Like the chameleon colors, but with a hint of unicorn instead. Shimmery nails better stay around for a long time.

Nails That Are All Smiles.

The past couple of years haven't been too fun, but 2022 was definitely a year where people showed off their happy faces once again.

Matcha Latte Energy.

As far as pastels go, that light, matcha color is just perfect.

Half-Moon Nails.

Popularized by Blake Lively, it's hard not to want to jump on the trend.