Husband Finds Stay-at-home Mom's Secret Money & Demands A New Car For Christmas

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When the holidays roll around, everyone is usually bustling around trying to find the perfect gift for their significant other. Sometimes, spouses and partners want to give their significant other something special and meaningful. Other times, couples skip gift-giving because it's easier to spend quality time and cherish those memories with their children, rather than splurge on a big, expensive gift.

However, there are some couples who demand and expect big gifts, as well. This can put pressure and stress on a relationship—especially when it's money that is not shared.

One Wife Shared on Reddit That Her Husband Found a Book Contract She Recently Got, and is Now Demanding a New Car

husband demands new car
reddit | Reddit

husband demands new car
reddit | Reddit

The Wife Shared That Her Husband is Now Threatening Her If She Doesn't Get Him the Car

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The wife shared on Reddit that she is a stay-at-home mother because she has been raising their five children since she dropped out of college. Her husband is the breadwinner of the family and supports the family and the household. While she has been a stay-at-home mother, she began writing a series of books in her downtime. However, she did not think anything would really come of it.

It turns out, an agency wanted to publish her books and they gave her a pretty decent advance for the series. She was super excited, and decided to save the money and not tell her husband about it—she is unsure of their finances, as she has been raising the children and her husband has been taking care of everything.

However, he found her book contract and now is demanding that his wife get him a new car for the holidays. She does not want to, to save the money, but if she doesn't, he is threatening that the money will go towards splitting the expenses.

Many Felt The Husband Was Being Abusive

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Many Reddit users felt like the husband was being demanding and abusive. Although they have been married for a long time and also have kids together, some Reddit users said the wife should pack up and leave.

Others Said Her Husband Doesn't Understand the Contract

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Others commented that her husband clearly doesn't understand what an "advance" is. An advance means that the money has to be paid back if the book does not sell well, so buying a new car would hurt that in case things go south.

Some People Even Said She Should Open Her Own Bank Account

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