Redditor Wonders If She's Wrong For Not Letting Wife Take The Kids To See Family

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In same-sex relationships and marriages, there are many times when other people are not accepting of it. While love is love, there are those in the world who do not believe that to be true. When this happens, being in a same-sex relationship can cause people to push you away and out of their lives—even family members.

This can be hurtful and painful, causing a huge strain on everyone's lives. But, there are times when people come to their senses and change their minds because life is short.

One Reddit User Shared Her Wife's Family Cut Her Off After She Married A Woman

Wife upset with family holiday
reddit | Reddit

Wife upset with family holiday
reddit | Reddit

The Wife Shared She Was Upset That Her Wife Wanted To Take Their Two Children To Her Family's Home For The Holidays After Years of No Contact

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The wife wrote on Reddit that she was going to be on call for Christmas, and she didn't mind because she doesn't really celebrate the holiday that much. Her wife said she understood. However, she was then invited to a family holiday for the first time in ten years through her cousin. The wife's parents had not been in touch with her since the two got married.

However, her father was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and was told he did not have much time left. The Reddit user's wife decided that taking her two kids to their home for the holiday was important. When the Reddit user said she was unhappy with her taking their kids there, especially with how they have acted over the years, her wife said she was being pessimistic and she wasn't changing her mind.

Some Said The Wife Should Prepare For The Worst

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Some Reddit users said that she shouldn't prevent the wife from going to her family's home with the children, but she should be prepared and alert in case anything goes wrong. She shared the family definitely needs therapy, but also to sit down with her children and explain things to them, too, in case of any disasters that can happen.

However, Others Said It's A Hard Situation To Be In

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One Reddit user pointed out the obvious—this is a really hard situation with no "right" answer. If the wife's father is dying, this may be her only chance to have her children meet him. And, some said that if she can't go, she has to trust that her wife will do the right thing and protect her children.