Son's Girlfriend Loses It On His Mother After She Proclaims Her Son Is Not Part Of The Family

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Dating someone who already has children is a major choice that many people struggle with. While the person in the relationship may be okay with being a bonus parent, their family may not always be accepting of a new child in their lives. Many families struggle with blending and it can cause a ton of issues in a relationship overall.

However, there are times when messy relationships can cause individuals to want to be a bit cautious when accepting new children and bringing them into a family dynamic. Many will argue that they don't want to hurt a child should things fall apart.

One Mother Recently Explained The Dynamic Between Her Son and His Girlfriend Made Her Feel Cautious Towards His Girlfriend's Son

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mom girlfriend fight reddit
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The Mom Claimed The Girlfriend's Son is Not Her Grandchild

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The mom and Reddit user shared that her two children are in relationships with two women. Her younger son is in an on-again/off-again relationship with a woman who has a 10-year-old son. The relationship is very toxic and tumultuous—she shared they usually get back together whenever the girlfriend is in need of financial assistance.

Her older son has been in a long-term friendship with a woman—but they had never "gotten the timing right." Recently the mother found out that the two had gotten together finally and the girl was expecting a baby. She exclaimed at a family dinner that she was excited because he was expecting her "first grandchild."

Her younger son's girlfriend was upset by this because she felt that her son was her first grandchild already—as it turns out, the mother disagreed. She proclaimed that her son is not her grandchild. The girlfriend completely flipped out and was angry, urging the Reddit user to ask if she was wrong for what she said.

Reddit Users Shared That She Wasn't Wrong For the Way She Feels

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Many Reddit users agreed that the child was not her grandchild, specifically because the two are not married. However, if they do get married, the child would be her grandson. The mom responded by saying she didn't want to hurt the boy—as he has already been introduced to multiple families that his mother had been dating.

While Reddit Users Agreed With The Mom, They Said She Could Have Been "Gentler"

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Some Reddit users said the mom is right to say that the girlfriend's son is not her grandchild, but that she could have gone about it in a much gentler way.