Watch How Woman Says Goodbye To Her Dog Vs. Her Husband

Chisom Ndianefo
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We love good dog-human content, and for this one, this TikToker is showing us exactly how she says goodbye to her dog and husband. If anything, this video proves that our canine friends may receive more attention from us than our human friends. To that, we say, it's perfectly okay! No judgments at all.

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Kisses For Doggo, Not So Much For Hubby

Tiktok user @beccyehahn brilliantly defines what we feel when we leave home and the differences in intensity of goodbyes using her Viszla and her husband as the perfect example, and boy! is she spot on?

The TikToker heads out and gives her dog a soft cuddle accompanied by lots of kisses on the lips and cheeks. Her husband, not so much - all he got was a wave and echoes of "bye" from the door.

In her defense, the husband's gaze was fixated on the laptop, and the dog gave her all his attention. It actually hurts more to say goodbye to our pets than to our partners.

The Comment Section Is Buzzing

Fellow TikTok users have flooded the comment section in the video which has now garnered over 2 million views. One user @hay.steph wrote in solidarity with the account "It makes us feel better that we aren't alone."

Another viewer @dlumcc dropped this:

"Ha! They'll never understand the heartbreak we have each time we leave our dogs. It's not like we can call our dogs while we're out! "Nothing wrong with this," and to that we say a big yassss!

@kerryhaslam2 commented, "My dog is the first one I greet every time I walk in my house, then my bf." It's really the little things that make all the difference.

Why Do Dogs Love Humans So Much?

Dogs love their people due to the high amount of oxytocin released when interacting with people they like. This love hormone helps solidify the relationship and bond between a dog and its human.

It's also the same hormone that helps new moms attach to new babies, and dogs are literally our babies, so why not?

They also respond positively when we dog-speak to them. Yes, that high-pitched tone you saw the owner speak to the dog in the video makes the dog bond more with its human.

You Can Kiss Your Dog, But Do This First

Unsplash | Victor Grabarczyk

Showering your dog with a few smooches here and there is absolutely okay. They love it, and we love it too. However, the kisses can also carry harmful germs if your dog has poor hygiene. So ensure your dog's dental and overall health is at an A+ before leaning in for those big kisses, and you're good to go.