Jasmine Jordan Shares The Secret To Growing Her $5 Billion Business

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Being the daughter of a legend like Michael Jordan comes with pressure, but Jasmine Jordan remains unfazed. The 27-year-old opened up to Forbes about building a career off the court and growing up as the last child of the iconic basketball player.

Jasmine, the daughter of Jordan and his ex-wife Juanita grew up in Chicago while her father played for the Bulls. She's now a married woman focused on building her brand while preserving her family's legacy, especially her father's name in the basketball world through management.

Continuing Michael Jordan's Legacy

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Jasmine Jordan is the brand manager for over a dozen Women's National Basketball Association athletes and recently expanded beyond the sport to other activities. The 27-year-old represents top athletes in the basketball world and the newly-signed Peloton instructor Jess Sims.

Jasmine has no interest in riding her father's coattails as she realizes that his influence and relevance are waning.

Jordan now thrives on past glory, and with a new generation of sports enthusiasts that haven't seen him play, it's important to keep the legacy alive through other means.

It's no surprise since Jasmine once googled her dad to understand his impact in the NBA! PS: She was 11 years old then. Now, she knows who THE Michael Jordan is!

Expanding The Brand Beyond Basketball

The 27-year-old's big plan is to make the Jordan Brand Management a force in the sporting industry. Achieving that requires representing athletes that'll promote the brand and respect Michael Jordan's legacy.

"We want to be the best of the best. We want to know that when we’re signing athletes that they’re synonymous with the brand."

For Jasmine, it exceeds basketball hence her signing Sims into the group. The Jordan group plans to evolve and is doing just that.

Started From The Bottom

The businesswoman practices what she preached and starts her career from the ground up.

She worked with the Charlotte Hornets after bagging a degree in Sports Management at Syracuse University.

While at Charlotte, Jasmine became the go-to for the WNBA players despite her job description as the Coordinator of Basketball Operations.

While working with the Hornets, Jasmine liaised between the Nike Jordan Brand and the team. Then, she doubled as a psychologist of sorts and learned first-hand the kinds of challenges athletes faces.

It gave Jasmine the right starting tools to build her management company and tailor its services to the athletes' needs.

Establishing Her Legacy

The youngest Jordan furthered this service by gaining experience in Predictive Index Assessment. It gave her more experience in women's sports and the discrepancies between them and their male counterparts.

Now she's interested in building a legacy for herself as she doesn't believe anyone can replicate her father's own.

"If my legacy continues to pave the way and create opportunities for women to be seen and heard in this unquote, male-dominated industry, then that’s amazing."

While praising her father and acknowledging his impact, Jasmine said people can emulate his work ethic and mindset and that'll be enough for success.

"It’s understanding that there’s never going to be another one of him. But you can still embody those elements. And that has no gender, that has no boundaries."