Former Bulls Star Dishes on How Michael Jordan Prepared Him for Life

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Michael Jordan
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For some, Michael Jordan is not only one of the greatest players in NBA history but also one of the most dominant athletes of all time.

Jordan's legacy was unmatched. His accomplishments on the court fell short of his impact off it, as he became a worldwide sensation and perhaps the most popular person in the world during his prime.

Jordan Was Ruthless

But as beloved as he was by the fans, some of his teammates didn't feel the same way. Jordan was infamously a tough character to deal with in the locker room, and his way of leadership didn't sit well with everybody.

He mocked, humiliated, and even harassed some of his teammates. It was his way of bringing the best out of them. Notably, it worked for Bulls' Scott Burrell.

Burrell Appreciated The Tough Love

Burrell, who joined the Bulls in 1997 after they had already won four titles, actually appreciated Jordan's tough love. Even though it wasn't easy to deal with back then:

"It was like getting taught; getting taught in a tough way. I didn't think it was embarrassing, I didn't think it was humiliating. I don't have any regrets of how it went down or any second thoughts about learning from the best," Burrel said on 'The HoopsHype Podcast.'

He Was Learning From The Best

Michael Jordan
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Burrell knew that he had to be at his best if he wanted to be with the best. The Bulls were the best and most dominant team in the NBA by a long stretch at the time, so he was willing to pay that price:

"I mean, I was getting tutelage from the best player to ever play, from the best team ever put together," Burrell added. "And it was a team that won five out of seven championships before I got there, and I didn't want to mess it up! So, I was glad to learn any way possible that was taught to me."

It Prepared Him For Life

Moreover, the former Bulls player added that Jordan's attitude didn't only shape his basketball career but also his life. He learned that good things aren't just handed to you and that you need to work your heart off if you really want to achieve your goals:

"I think it prepared me for life, not just basketball. I had played with some very good teams in the past and with very good players, but it's totally different when you play for a great player and great coaches, and you're playing for the same goal – winning a championship. It's totally different when that level is turned up another 100 degrees and you're in the midst of it," Burrell concluded.

Burrell bounced around the league and didn't have the most successful career in the league, but he made sure to live up to Michael Jordan's standards up to this day.

And you may say whatever you want about Jordan and his leadership, but you cannot deny that it worked. Six trips to the NBA Finals, six NBA championships, and two three-peats speak for themselves.