"I Just Thought That Was Genius”- Serena Williams Reveals the Most Impactful Advice Elder Sister Venus Has Given Her

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Serena Williams and Venus Williams
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Serena and Venus Williams will go down as two of the greatest ever females to have graced the sport of tennis. While Venus has seven grand slam wins to her name, Serena has 23 to her name which is the most won by a male or female in the open era. Furthermore, as a doubles pairing the sisters achieved world number-one status and also won 14 grand slams. There are not records that are going to be broken anytime soon.

Pearls of Advice From Her Elder Sister

While speaking as a keynote speaker at MetLife, the 23-time grand slam champion divulged the most impactful piece of advice her elder sister had given her. The elder Williams sister assured her sibling that when someone proclaims that something can not be done, it is because of their own insecurity and not because the task at hand actually can not be done.

She further elaborated, "I think Venus has recently given my new favorite advice, it's whenever anyone tells you you can't do it, it's because they can't. They're putting on you what they can't do, so don't believe that. Do what you can do, and don't let them put what they can't do on you. I just thought that was genius."

Dominating the History Books

When Serena Williams won her first grand slam in 1999, no one would have imagined that she would go on to win 22 more. It appears as though the former world number-one perfectly imbibed what her elder sister had taught her and went after a goal that seemed almost impossible to get close to, let alone break. 27 years after turning pro, Williams now stands alone atop the hill with 23 slams to her name. While it may not seem like this record will be broken anytime soon, anyone with the slightest inclination to do so just has to keep in mind what Serena Williams' elder sister taught her about goals and detractors.

Embracing a New Life

Serena Williams and her daughter
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Serena Williams recently announced that she would be stepping away from the sport of Tennis. While injuries did play a big part in the same, it was her aversion to juggling tennis and motherhood that ultimately led to that decision. The former world number one is someone who has to commit a 100% towards a task or a responsibility. She felt that for her to stay on top of her game in tennis, she needed to focus 100% which she was not able to do due to her daughter. Therefore, she decided to step away from the sport and focus on her daughter for now.

No Doubles for Now

In a recent question and answer session conducted on her Instagram, Venus Williams answered a plethora of questions ranging from who her favorite doubles partner is all the way to when she will return to action. Venus shared a picture with Serena Williams and a caption that said, "I only play doubles with this one. So unless she’s coming back...,” suggesting that her time playing doubles is done unless Serena Williams makes a comeback which is unlikely.