Super Bowl Champion Antonio Brown Accused Of Domestic Violence, Warrant Issued

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Antonio Brown
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Former NFL star Antonio Brown continues to make the rounds for the wrong reasons. This time, the Super Bowl champion has been issued an arrest warrant by the Tampa PD due to an alleged domestic violence incident.

Apparently, Brown threw his ex-fiancée out of the house where he resides with his four children and one of Brown's unrelated teenage sons. Brown reportedly threw her belongings to the street and even threw a shoe at her.

Brown Threw A Shoe At The Victim

The police arrived at the scene shortly after, and even though there were no injuries or signs of harm, they issued an arrest warrant for the erratic wide receiver:

“The suspect exited the residence and threw a shoe at the victim striking her in the ponytail,” the police report stated, per Fox News. “The victim had no injuries but believed the shoe was meant for her head. The suspect would not open the door or come outside to speak with officers. The suspect also during this incident attempted to issue an informal eviction to the victim.”

Brown Wants Her Out

Brown threw all of her belongings to the streets and demanded she leaves the premises immediately, stating that she no longer had any right to stay there since November 28. Notably, the police advised the woman to leave for her own safety:

“The suspect placed an informal eviction notice on the door … with 11/28/2022 at the date showing the victim has 7 days to gather her belongings and leave,” the police report said in part. “The suspect continued throughout the incident to state that the victim had no right to be at that residence or to even gain entry to it because she did not live there. The victim’s ID has the listed address as her residence as of 10/18/2022.”

Brown Didn't Get The Warrant

Antonio Brown
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Notably, the police left without handing Brown the arrest warrant. He refused to leave the house to get the warrant, and they reportedly didn't want to escalate things, so they wound up leaving.

Up to this moment, the former Pittsburgh Steelers star hasn't reportedly left the property:

"We're assuming that law enforcement thinks that he's in the house. But if he's not seen in a window, you know, seen in the doorway, they don't have evidence suggesting or establishing that he's in the house. They can just go breaking down the doors," attorney Anthony Rickman told Fox News.

His Behavior Is Worrying

This is yet another sign of Brown's erratic behavior. He went from being one of the most beloved and respected wide receivers in the NFL to going rogue and creating mayhem everywhere he goes, both on and off the field.

Brown's mental health has been a subject of debate for months now, yet he claims he's not suffering from CTE or needs any sort of counseling, therapy, or medication. Needless to say, that doesn't seem to be the case. Hopefully, he'll pursue the help he so evidently needs before it's too late and he harms himself or someone else.