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Former NFL Wide Receiver Antonio Brown Releases Alleged Text Message From Tom Brady

Few people would argue that Tom Brady isn't the greatest quarterback ever to play the game of football. With seven Super Bowl rings, three league MVP awards, and pretty well every record an NFL quarterback can own, his resume speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, as of late, Tom's personal life has made more headlines than his professional one, and it's all for the wrong reasons. Not only is Tom going through an incredibly difficult and public divorce, but he's also being trolled by his former teammate/one-time NFL Hall of Fame hopeful, Antonio Brown.

Suffice It To Say That Tom Brady Has Had Better Years

Tom Brady taking a selfie on the field before the Bucs game in Munich.
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For one thing, Brady is off to the worst start to a season in nearly two decades. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can barely manage to keep their head above water, and to top it all off — he's going through one of the most public celebrity divorces in recent memory.

Everywhere we look, the once-fabled image of Tom Brady appears to be fading. He may still be the GOAT, but he's far from the best quarterback in the league. He may have seven rings, but he's sullying his legacy with every blown route and interception he throws.

Tom Has Been Continuously Trolled by His Former Teammate, The Once-Great Antonio Brown

Tom Brady
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In the wake of Brady's divorce announcement, Brown released a series of t-shirts that show him embracing Tom's ex-wife, Giselle Bündchen, after the Bucs' Super Bowl win. He claimed that the proceeds were intended to help fatherless children.

Most recently, AB tweeted out a screenshot of an alleged text from Tom Brady, wherein the future Hall of Famer trashes Brown for behavior that he calls disappointing and bizarre.

“You Are Demonstrating Very Poor Decisions and Poor Communication to So Many People Who Have Gone Above and Beyond To Help You”

"You are acting selfish and unfortunately many of those people are exhausted by the erratic and unpredictable emotional behavior."

Tom then discusses how AB changed from the humble, kind player he once knew to somebody he barely even recognizes today. In the text, Brady also accuses Brown of associating with people who don't have his best interests at heart and those who only serve to reinforce the toxic negativity he's willingly brought into his life.

“I for One, Am Disappointed in Many Behaviors Over the Past Few Months”

APG is an acronym that Brown has used countless times in his social media posts. It stands for "Appreciation. Perspective. Grateful." Brady has made no comment or statement in regard to Brown's screenshot, and AB deleted the tweet almost immediately after posting it.

It remains unclear what Brown seeks to gain by calling out the NFL's prodigal son repeatedly, but suffice it to say that his days as a wide receiver in the NFL are far behind him.