Shopper Warns Others To Check Receipts, Says She Was Charged For $20 Item She Did Not Buy

Ashley Hunte
Julia explains how there was an extra charge on her Walmart receipt.
TikTok | @julesakajuliataylor

With the price of everything constantly rising, it's more important now than ever to shop with caution. You never know when you could fall victim to a scam or get ripped off while shopping.

One TikTok user shared her story, in which she'd been charged for a "universal unknown item" during a Walmart shopping trip. As she discussed how she'd realized something was wrong and confirmed with customer service that the charge was there when it wasn't supposed to be, she warned viewers to always check their receipts when shopping.

Julia Taylor Posted Her TikTok in October

The user (@julesakajuliataylor) started out by saying that she'd ignored warnings about checking her receipts in the past. But during a recent trip to Walmart, she couldn't shake the feeling that she'd been charged more than she should've been.

Julia looked at her receipt, realizing there was a $19.86 charge for an item she didn't remember buying. She used an app to try and figure out what the item was, but it came back as a "universal unknown item." From there, Julia decided to go back into the store and talk to customer service about it. No one could figure out what the item was.

"I think someone is trying to scam me," she said in the TikTok. Luckily, the Walmart staff were incredibly kind and apologetic and issued a refund. But it taught Julia to be more cautious and check receipts when shopping. And using her platform, she decided to continue to warn others to make sure they check their receipts every time they go shopping.

Many of the Commenters Under the Post Were Outraged

Commenters discuss how big stores like Walmart do these kinds of things to customers.
TikTok | @julesakajuliataylor

No one goes to the store expecting to be scammed. But as some pointed out, it seems that places like Walmart may be able to get away with this because they hope most customers won't notice.

Other Commenters Had Their Own Experiences To Share

Others shared their own experiences.
TikTok | @julesakajuliataylor

Some shared that they were cashiers and that these kinds of added items happen more often than you'd expect.

For others, they'd been overcharged at other stores, such as Target.

Some Commenters Even Had Their Own Tips To Share

Other commenters had tips to share so that you don't get caught unawares.
TikTok | @julesakajuliataylor

The most important thing that multiple commenters advised was to make sure you check your receipts before you leave the store. Others shared that they take pictures of the items and price tags before going to the checkout.

Thanks to shopping apps, you can also scan your receipts to check which items are on them, in case you're ever unsure.

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