Ryan Reynolds Retiring From Playing Deadpool After Upcoming Third Film

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool 2'.
IMDb | 20th Century Fox

Ryan Reynolds recently shared the sad, sad news that the upcoming third installment of the Deadpool movie franchise will be his last.

Having first put on the suit for the first film in 2016 (and before that as another variation of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine), he's finally hanging it up and putting this iconic role of his to rest in 2024.

It's the end of an era folks.

Earlier this year, Ryan Reynolds announced that not only would there be a third Deadpool movie, but that it was going to feature a very special guest.

Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine.

Fans were elated.

Hugh Jackman in 'Logan'.
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Not only because of Reynolds and Jackman's history as frienemies, but because Wolverine was a role people assumed Jackman wouldn't pick up again.

However, this movie might genuinely be the last time we see him as Logan.

It might also be the last time we see Reynolds as Deadpool.

In an interview with The Jess Cagle Show, Reynolds shared the news that this would be the last time he'd be donning the red suit.

He was asked what he could say about the series' third installment.

Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool 2'.
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"I will only be doing Deadpool for the next two years," he answered, "That's it. Just this one movie."

This news has been a devastating blow to fans everywhere.

Especially since they were hoping to see him mingle with other superheroes.

Deadpool with his arms raised and pointing.

Ever since Disney acquired Fox back in 2019, allowing them to use the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool in Marvel films, people had been hoping for more Deadpool adventures alongside a wide cast of heroes.

If that does happen, it will be without Reynolds.

And at this point, I don't think I could ever imagine anyone else for the role. He was always the perfect choice! Proving it time and time again by hitting it out of the park with every appearance.

At least we have one more movie to look forward to.

"We are, quite literally, up to our necks right now in prep and still writing," Reynolds said, "The writing process actually on Deadpool movies doesn't really end until they take the movie away from us, literally."

"They have to snatch the mic away from me in the edit room."

Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool 2'.
IMDb | 20th Century Fox

He said production on the unnamed third Deadpool movie should begin just before the summer of 2023, with a prospective release date of November 8, 2024.

It'll be sad to say goodbye to such an iconic role, but that just means we ought to celebrate it more!

Deadpool clapping.

I know I'll be lined up outside the theater on release day for Deadpool 3, ready to both have some fun and bid farewell to one of the best series of superhero films we've had.

h/t: Insider