18 Things People Designed And Made Themselves That Deserve Some Applause

Kasia Mikolajczak
needle and thread and measuring tape crafting supplies
Pexels | Suzy Hazelwood

It's no surprise that we here at Diply love crafting. That's why we created the Crafty community. And over the years, we have seen a ton of talented folks who have put their brilliant skills into action.

Today is no different. I'm about to show you a few amazing examples of people who took their crafting abilities up a notch and definitely deserve some much-needed praise. Check these out and let me know your favorite.

This Beautiful Handmade Doll

handmade doll somebody's grandmother made
reddit | u/mightycranberry

Here's the thing, usually, I'm quite creeped out by handmade dolls but not this one. Oh, no, sir! This one is a beauty. That's for sure.

And get this. Somebody's grandma made it all from scratch. She did it by pouring the molds for the hands and face. She also pained the doll and sewed the dress. Sadly she passed away, but I bet this person will treasure this doll forever.

This 80's Child's Dream

Gizmo toy a woman made out of polymer clay and faux fur
reddit | u/FaunaDolls_

Oh, my goodness. Check this out. This talented lady made Gizmo (from Gremlins) out of polymer clay and faux fur. What? How amazingly life-like it looks, huh? My inner 80s child would absolutely love this, haha.

This Ring Holder

red octopus ring holder
reddit | u/tirapolo

Who here is obsessed with octopi? I sure am. So I can tell you right now that I would love to have a ring holder like that. A very talented husband made it for his wife, and I have to admit I'm super impressed by this.

These Cathedral Window Bookmarks

handmade cathedral window bookmarkss
reddit | u/CinderLotus

Who else adores unique bookmarks? Oh, yeah! I still like to read physical books. So when I see that somebody came up with this neat idea, my heart rejoices. It's something I would totally buy. Where is that Etsy shop when you need one?

This Needle-Felted Bat

Needle felted bat
reddit | u/y_fedorova

At the risk of sounding weird, I'm going to admit I adore bats. Yes, I said that out loud. I've always had some kind of fascination with these night creatures. That's why when I saw this adorable needle-felted one, my heart melted. Aww!

These Snake Earrings

handmade snake earrings
reddit | u/VallaVica

Oh, wow! How pretty are these earrings here, huh? The person who made them from scratch used polymer clay and acrylic paints. They look like delicate porcelain or Dresden china, no? I think they're absolutely gorgeous! And I would wear them in a heartbeat.

These Comic Book Painted Sneakers

comic book painted sneakers
reddit | u/MoxieMama326

Check out these painted sneakers somebody made to look like they are from a comic. I love them. This type of art is so cute because it’s simple yet detailed. It also reminds me of The Walking Dead video game series, which used to be one of my faves. Totally adorable, no?

This Embroidery

Ocean satellite imagery inspired embroidery
reddit | u/Satellite_Stitches

Who else is attracted to different scapes? I am, that's for sure. And this is why I got immediately drawn to this awesome ocean satellite imagery-inspired embroidery. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? I would love to display a piece like this on my wall.

This Watercolor Painting

vibrant watercolor painting of a girl walking on a piano keyboard with her dog with fall leaves around
reddit | u/mochimunn2000

"Thank you for sharing! My friend’s preteen son is an impeccable artist. I love placing his art on shirts, bags, or in resin. Please preserve this well, your talent is superior!"


I completely agree with this Reddit comment here. I want this art on a tote ASAP!

This Beautiful Guitar

handmade guitar on a Fender amp
reddit | u/ingold_audio

Oh, my! I can't believe this talented person made this guitar from scratch. This piece is definitely something my guitar-player husband would appreciate. I would love to buy him something like this for Christmas. What do you think?

This Cute Doggo

needle felted german sheppard
reddit | u/Marysiowe_Misie

"I am so amazed at the talent to make this dog look so lifelike. Before I read the title, at first glance I thought this was a real dog. I thought it was one of those trick photos that made it look like the dog fit in your hand."


I couldn't have said it better myself. And this lady is from Poland (my home country). Wow, what a talent!

This 'Harry Potter' Set

Harry Potter characters set made out of polymer clay
reddit | u/Elena3332005

Where are all my Harry Potter fans? Get ready to get wowed. Check out this incredible set of characters, including Harry himself as well as Ron and Hermione. This person made them out of colored polymer clay, and I'm truly amazed.

This Adorable Waldorf Doll

handmade doll with red hair
reddit | u/varvaDoll

Oh, my gosh! I don't know about you, but I much prefer handmade toys. So when I saw this pretty Waldorf doll, I was pretty much in awe. I really love that the person who made her chose to give her ginger hair. It's definitely a lot more unique, no?

This Stunning Pendant

Silver pendant with mystic topaz
reddit | u/YouRJeweleR

Wow! Check out this stunning silver pendant with mystic topaz. It's the type of jewelry piece I would wear all the time. I wonder if this person has an Etsy shop. If they don't, I suggest they start one. I'm sure many people would love to buy one.

This Beaded Broach

White elephant jewelry brooch beaded with lotus flower
reddit | u/HappyShickBrooch

"Absolutely amazing! The detail on it is exquisite, and the combination of beads and colour is perfection. Well done and keep up the good work!"


I have to say I totally agree with what this Reddit user said. My mom, who loves elephants, would adore this.

This Cutting Board

Here's one talented lady I've been following on Instagram for a while now. She makes the most stunning cutting boards inspired by the ocean. I mean, wouldn't you love to display something as gorgeous as this on your kitchen counter? Aha!

These Skull Earrings

Speaking of talented artists I have discovered lately, let me introduce you to PRK Jewelry. Natalie is a book-loving Gothic old soul who makes romantic handcrafted jewelry with a touch of nostalgia. Her pieces are not only stunning but also very unique and well-done.

This Crochet Parasol

black crochet parasol
reddit | u/iamacraftyhooker

OMG, what? Are you telling me somebody actually crocheted this parasol? The craftsmanship here is pretty much impeccable. If I have seen this two months ago, I could have used this umbrella in white on my wedding day. I'm absolutely in love with it.

Whoa, what did I tell you?

woman saying "You're so talented."
Giphy | Paramount+

Aren't these folks talented, or what? I'm not sure about you, but when I look at creative projects like these, I want to start making something special too. Hmm, what can I do? Let me tell you this, starting in the new year, I do, vow to be more creative. How about you? Are your as inspired by all of these as I am?