20 Interesting Things People Made That'll Encourage You To Up Those Crafting Skills

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A tissue box that looks like a milk crate of records.
reddit | DoctorPaulGregory

I believe strongly in the necessity of having a good, creative hobby. Not one you're good at necessarily, but one that lets you have fun and feel fulfilled. This can be painting, cooking, jewelry making, growing bonsai trees, whatever sets your heart ablaze with passion!

This list celebrates some interesting things people have made and just might encourage you to go out looking for some creative fun of your own.

"This guy makes pizza using volcanic vents on the Volcán de Pacaya in Guatemala."

A man cooking pizza in volcanic ash.
reddit | Yellowman230

I've always found charred bits of food to taste absolutely disgusting, and while these pizzas don't look burnt, I get the feeling that's what they taste like all over. Still pretty neat, though.

"These dice are made of bone."

A set of five dice made of bonw.
reddit | HotelCretin

It worries me that they never specify what type of bone this is. Was this originally a piece of roadkill, or do I need to call the police?

The speckling is also throwing me off. Can bones have freckles?

"Table I made out of old skateboards in my client's house."

A table in a living room that's made of skateboards.
reddit | BiloWaegons

I was about to comment on how that looks like hundreds of skateboards, but apparently, it was only about 45 according to the uploader. I don't know what type of trickery was needed to create this illusion, but I'm impressed!

"This hotel serves fresh honey straight from the hive."

A honeycomb in a breadbox free for scooping.
reddit | this_username

Whoa, this is super neat. I can imagine it must be nice to have real, fresh honey to stir into your tea or spread on your toast, as long as you don't mind a bit of wax in the mix.

"I've been working on this chainmail for about a month, I didn't know how hard it was to make it."

A hand next to a small portion of chainmail.
reddit | mr_evilfish

Chainmail, though incredibly durable and holds up well against numerous forms of battle, faded out of popularity for many reasons. One of them being that it just took way too dang long to make!

"My friend’s dog’s tag says 'Holy [expletive]! I’m Lost! My Mom’s Ugly Crying!'"

A dog tag that says, "Holy [expletive]! I'm lost! My mom's ugly crying!"
reddit | Hollywizzle311

The uploader assured everyone that there was, in fact, contact information on the other side of the tag. The dog's mom will not be left ugly cyring forever, it's okay.

"My mother made a framed sheet to help me do laundry more."

A printed, framed piece of paper that gives detailed laundry instructions.
reddit | R0b0_is_deth

This is a good lesson about context. If this was given when one child was moving away to college or something, it'd be sweet, maybe a little cheeky but nice all the same. With that child still living at home? This just reads passive agressively.

"Drained a machine with melted plastic at work and it made this weird sculpture."

A large, lumpy pile of melted plastic.
reddit | UltimaBahamut93

You could probably wander into an art museum with this thing, plop it on the floor, and set a tiny plaque next to it with fake details, and no one would know the difference between it and the other art hosted there. That's a compliment!

"Me and my sister made a huge toilet roll tower."

A girl holding a floor-to-ceiling toilet paper roll tower.
reddit | terrathunder13

As soon as she lets go, we all know what's going to happen. Are you going to trap her there forever to preserve what you have built, or accept the inevitability of destruction and let your tower fall?

"My wife made a custom board game pizza for homemade board game night."

A pizza in the shape of a board game.
reddit | sundayswimmer

I'm aware these are two different homemade board games, but by only mentioning the pizza, this series of images does make it look like the pic on the right is what the pizza looked like when it came out of the oven. A little dry if you ask me.

"I made my roommate a Batman toothbrush holder."

A Batman figure hanging from a suction up holding a toothbrush.
reddit | tentoesandcounting

It's admittedly a lot harder to skip brushing your teeth when a superhero you admire is actively handing you the toothbrush. "No, no, I can't skip out on oral hygiene, it's what Spider-Man would want for me."

"My neighbor put out a trebuchet on trash day."

A homemade, wooden trebuchet on a lawn.
reddit | hey_grill

You mean he doesn't want to keep that in his backyard so he can keep launching the trash over his roof onto a neat pile at the curb? That's a shame, it worked so well.

"[The] eye on my dolphin plushie fell out so my dad made it an eyepatch."

A small whale plush with a paper eyepatch.
reddit | BattleLegendBlue

Everyone deserves to get treatment for their injuries. When a stuffed animal gets a rip, we give them stitches, there's no reason we shouldn't perform other types of emergency plushie care!

"An evacuation plan posted on the wall for a small, single room building."

A laminated piece of paper with an evacuation plan with one line, from the middle of the room to the front door.
reddit | MongerKing

And if that doorway is the one on fire? Better buckle up and get that shoulder ready, you'll be ramming your way out of here through the back wall.

"This chair is made of wood."

A large, dark brown chair entirely carved from wood.
reddit | NotLaFontaine

I don't like this very much. The fact that it's all made of wood is unsettling to me, because it looks way too cushiony and lush for that to actually be true.

"My tissue box looks like an old milk crate of records."

A tissue box that looks like a milk crate of records.
reddit | DoctorPaulGregory

Now, this one, I like. It's a cute, clever idea that can be customized based on someone's tastes, and you get a cute mini milk crate out of it!

"This knitted hat for a postbox in my local, Southern England, village in support of the current conflict in Ukraine."

A mailbox with a knitted blue and yellow cap.
reddit | Jockua1

I believe the act of placing knitted objects atop city features is called yarnbombing, and I happen to think it's one of the greatest types of graffitti out there. Look at this and tell me it's not adorable!

"Baked Turtle (It's bread.)"

A turtle made out of bread.
reddit | musicalearnightingal

Thank goodness they told me it's bread, otherwise I would have accused them of baking a real turtle!

Actually, tough, this is too cute, I'd find trouble actually eating it because I wouldn't want to hurt him.

"I'm always one lighter short after chilling with my friends so I made this leather case I can clip to keys."

A small leather holder with a clip with a lighter inside.
reddit | BuckRafferty

Now these are some appropriate preventative measures. Having to replace your lighter all the time is annoying and it proves to your friends that you won't stand up for yourself in the face of stolen lighters. Never again!

"I installed a climbing system for my cats."

A wall covered in cat shelves.
reddit | CookieOmNomster

They all look to be loving it, if not also mildly confused and frightened, but that's just what cats look like in general so I'm not too concerned.