Women Share The Things They Get Shamelessly Selfish About

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Life is to be enjoyed, isn't it? So do you ever feel guilty for doing something for yourself? Be it staying in bed a little longer on the weekend or going out with a friend for a coffee once a week, those are just a few examples.

Somebody recently asked on Reddit, "What’s something you are shamelessly selfish about? No shame or guilt about it whatsoever." And the responses were sure candid. Let's check them out.

Sleeping In

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Oh, yeah! That's one thing I never want to feel guilty about, alright. But of course, I do, sometimes. Especially when I have a ton of stuff I need to do, but all I want is to stay in bed, haha! Do you get what I'm saying?

Prioritizing Mental Health

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"I saw someone say just the other day that mental health issues isn't an excuse to cancel plans or not be social, and bro idgaf. If I feel my anxiety acting up it doesn't matter if I'm personally invited to the royal wedding, I'm staying home. I've already deprioritized myself and my health enough because I've been so afraid of coming across as aloof or selfish. No more. I come first in my life."


Amen to that.

Not Having Kids

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"I’ve never really understood how this counts as being selfish. How could I possibly owe a debt to someone who does not and never has existed? You don’t even have to be real for society to put your needs ahead of a woman’s. smh."


I tend to agree with that.

Working For Just Money

Kourtney Kardashian saying "True dat."

"Working with only money as your motivation. I hate when people say things like you gotta do what you love and the money will follow, or do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. No! [Expletive] that. I always thought that was propaganda spread by the already powerful and wealthy to diminish competition for their offspring."


True dat!

Personal Appearance

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User pandorable92 admitted that she likes to spend money on improving her personal appearance. She pretty much religiously visits hair salons and swears that it has improved her life. Same with face masks, waxes, you name it. She feels better in her body when she gets to spend the money and time to take care of it. Hey, there's no shame in that.

This Stance

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"What little sanity I have left. I no longer defend myself, I no longer participate in fights I am invited to, and I no longer worry if people think I am a good person. I am quick to cut off people who do not feel like a blessing, and I don’t engage with people who want to be a problem. Either you judge me by my actions, you treat me as you wish to be treated, or you GTFO my life."


Oh, I like that.

Work/Life Balance

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"Work/life balance as well as changing jobs often. Idgaf about company loyalty. If I’m happy I’ll stay. But every time I’ve switched jobs (never had the same job for more than a few years) it was for a nice pay raise that I wouldn’t have come close to otherwise."


I couldn't have said it better myself.

Being Alone

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"I am a single parent to 3 kids (2 neurodivergent) and I work with toddlers every day. When I have time to myself I want to be in an empty house, where it is quiet, doing nothing."


The sweet sound of silence, eh?

Time With Your Partner

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"Spending time away from our kids with my husband. I love no one else on earth like I love him and I prioritize our marriage over everything. We are good parents, but we also need time alone together."


Aww, that's nice.

Life Away From Work

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"Personal time away from work. When I clock out for the day or weekend... I'm gone. I don't care what needs to be done or who needs what. I work hard, and then I get to relax."


Sometimes it's hard to do but it's so worth it, no?

Saying 'No'

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"It's such a little thing, but there are so many people ready to slide past your boundaries or guilt trip you into moving them."


Oh, yeah! Sadly this happens more often than not and you learn to just say no!

Hiding All The Snacks

woan jumping up

Reddit user mermaid_with_pants shared that she likes to hide all the snacks and chocolate and not share. Hehe. That's what I would like to do sometimes, too, especially when my husband ate all the pretzel snacks I was looking forward to having the other day, hehe.

Cutting Off Toxic People

woman in a red top waving her hand saying "Bye Felicia."
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"Cutting off toxic people, even toxic family. I used to feel bad about it, but once I realized how much better my life and mental health could be without the extra drama, I made the decision to stop putting up with abusive bullshit from other people. I don’t care if you’re my family or not. I will not tolerate that kind of nonsense in my life anymore."


Sadly, I had to do that too.

This Respect

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"Being treated well and being valued and respected. I know what I bring to the table, and more often than not, people will take you for granted if you don't know your worth. As women, we are always told to adjust, but being valued and respected as human beings is the most basic thing, and I cannot be in places that tell me otherwise."


I definitely agree with that.


woman licking her finger and holding a cupcake
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"My food, none can touch my food."


Haha! I love that. As I said before, I got pretty peeved when my husband ate all the snacks I was hoarding. But of course, I forgave him. I'm not a monster, you know!

These Frivolities

Catherine O'Hara from Schitt's Creek saying "Treating yourself, dear there's nothing wrong with that."
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Reddit user salee83 said she doesn't feel guilty about spending money on such so-called frivolous things as handbags, skincare, homewares, and dining out. I have to agree with her. If it makes you feel good and doesn't break the bank, then why not? Feel free to treat yourself.

Taking Vacation

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"Using up all my PTO and going on vacation. People who don’t take vacation or time off are WEIRD."


Amen to that, eh? I think taking time off from work is so important for one's well-being. Do you agree with me?

And last but not least, sex!

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"At this point in my life, sex. I still give a lot and care deeply about the other person having a good time if that’s within my power. But I now care more about myself having a good time. It took a lot of years of (sometimes literally) bending over backwards (sp) for partners to realize that sex won’t get better until I start prioritizing myself."


I hear this woman loud and clear.

So what do you think of all this?

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Do you agree with what these ladies said about being shamelessly selfish about doing things for yourself? I definitely see where they're coming from here. The older you get the more you prioritize certain things over others. And no matter what anybody may say, there is no shame in that. Am I right?

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