People Confess To Secrets They'd Never Share In Real Life

Kasia Mikolajczak
woman with finger to her mouth
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Let's be honest, most of us have little secrets we don't want to share with anyone. Not even our spouses. We go about our daily lives not even thinking about it until we do.

But what if you could get this monkey off your back and confess to something anonymously online? Well, now you can. There's a Twitter account called @fesshole that lets people do just that. So, I'm going to share with you a few interesting bits people fessed up to.

This Innocent Act Of Revenge

Oh, my goodness. Haha! I have to admit I like that. I mean, I don't condone stealing stuff, but this one must've felt so good at the time. I bet it also felt great to get this off his chest once and for all.

This Work Expert

Wow! Isn't that a funny story or what? Well, you know what they say, "fake it until you make it." In this case, the guy is taking total advantage of the situation, but nobody is the wiser. I don't think he's in the wrong here.

This Toilet Bandit

Okay, first of all, how does one break a toilet? Asking for a friend, of course. Does it have to do with a person's size? I don't mean to get personal, but I just need a little bit more context here, lol.

This Infinite Discount

This might be a confession of my own, but if I were in this person's situation, I think I would do the same. These companies charge so much that the student discount is just a drop in their bucket, but it would make a huge difference to someone living on a budget.

This Cowardly Husband

Here's what somebody said in reply to that, "I get really annoyed when a guy says to someone that the wife won't let him do it when it's HIS choice. This can lead the 'friends' thinking less of the wife (she's soooo controlling) rather than less of the manly man who can't bear to take his own responsibility."

I kind of agree with that.

This Tattoo Swap

OMG, what? I can't stop laughing at that. Hopefully, his wife will never find out unless she's on Twitter and reading this thread right now. Oh, boy! If I were her, I would be quite pissed off.

This Cat Confession

Aww! Well, you can't separate a man and his cat or a woman and her cat. What this man did was actually really sweet. It's too bad he had to lie to his wife to get a pet to stay at their house. But I bet she loves the little guy now, so it all worked out.

This Dog Lover

Haha! I feel bad for this woman, but when you love a pet, you love a pet. What can you do about it? If I broke up with someone who had one, I think I would miss the pet and possibly want to stay friends too. It's a tough call.

This Little White Lie

I can definitely relate. My husband's family makes a lot of pasta, and honestly, sometimes I don't want to eat it. I have to come up with excuses so they don't give us leftovers. I wish I were sly like this, though.

This Clever Trick

Nice trick, huh? I would just let the video play as I'm doing something, so it shows I watched it. But thankfully, my friends don't tend to bother me with stuff like that too often. I guess this isn't the case for this guy.

This Sly Move

Okay, I could have used this tip just a few weeks ago when we were in the same situation. Now that the house sold, we're screwed anyway. Dang it! If only we could have done something about it. Best of luck to these two, though.

This Odd Family Ritual

Omg, how dare those people hold on to little sparks of joy and excitement in their adult life? How dare they enjoy special days together in a way they all like?


This Breakup Reason

I might get flack for this, but I say she dodged a bullet there. If anybody is so attached to Radiohead, they might need their head examined. Did the woman have other outstanding qualities? She did! Then I feel bad for this man.

This Sweet Gesture

Aww! That's so sweet, no? You know what? I always give my husband more food, even if I love it too. He works really hard and needs more than me, so I rather give it to him than eat it myself. I don't always tell him, either.

This Secret Craving

Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me, mate. After all, I was the kid who used to eat toast with butter and sugar granules generously sprinkled all over it. I know it's weird, but it just tasted so good to me.

This Work Confession

Haha! I know something of that. I used to stay longer at the office at one job just to make everyone think I worked hard. I did basically FA and just surfed the net all that time. Heck, I've put in enough hours as it is, so why not. Sorry but not sorry.

This Strange Matchmaker

As somebody said online, this man is definitely in the wrong profession. Instead, he should just be a matchmaker, no? But then again, maybe this way is a little easier. His patients don't see it coming, so they think it's just their good luck that brought them together.

This Lost In Translation

OMG, what? I would hate to know how this person felt afterward. But to be honest, I have a hard time sending food back too. I feel bad, and then I fear that they will end up spitting on my food. Is that weird, or what?

Wow! These confessions were interesting, huh?

man saying "I have a few secrets I need to get off my chest!"
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I bet it felt good for these folks to get stuff off their chests. It's like a relief you didn't know you needed, but in the end, it gave you satisfaction like nothing else. Have you ever experienced something like that? No? Then you should take a cue from these people and try it. It might feel pretty cathartic.