18 People Who Are Probably Struggling To Find A Silver Lining Right Now

Kasia Mikolajczak
splled coffee on the ground
Unsplash | Jan Antonin Kolar

I don't know about you, but I've had my share of bad days lately. You know what I'm talking about, right? That day when you were running late and accidentally spilled the entire cup of hot coffee on your freshly washed white shirt. Oh, yeah!

It's the type of bad luck I'm discussing here. But as they say, there's always a silver lining. Somehow I hope that the folks who experienced these unfortunate events below find it one day, hehe.

This Allergy Test

woman lying on a doctor's bed with hives on her back
reddit | u/wilderwoof

“You are allergic to everything outside.”


Oh, my! Did I tell you that I once developed an allergy where I broke out in hives every day for a year? It only went away once I got rid of an old carpet in the apartment where I lived before. Yeah, that was not fun at all, so I sympathize with this lady here.

This Uncomfortable Flight

5'8 woman squeezed into a plane seat next to a manspreading guy
reddit | u/EmilyKauai

"This was how my entire 4-hour flight went today. I am a 5’8” female."


Yikes! When I look at pictures like these I'm so glad I'm only 5'3. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be on a long flight and have to put up with this.

This Interrupted Vacation

person in a boot with a broken leg
reddit | u/Brewskii3

"In a boot with a broken foot on day 7 of 24 of my dream tour of the United Kingdom."


Boy, oh boy! I don't envy this person at all. It must be such a pain, figuratively and literally, to have to finish your UK tour with a broken leg in a boot. But at least this person will get plenty of sympathy wherever they go.

This Surprising Find

bee hive under sombody's bike seat
reddit | u/ALINROM1

OMG! Is that a bee hive underneath somebody's bike seat? WTF! How did those bees get there? There's only one funny comment that comes to mind. It's going to leave someone with a sore bee-hind. Haha! You can say that again, huh?

This Interesting Morning

lunar eclipse over a house with trees
reddit | u/mellowwynn

"Got up an extra hour early because I forgot to fix my clock/alarm clock so I caught the eclipse and was running early for work. Till (sp) I realized I locked my keys in my running car. Took two and a half hours for the locksmith."


But at least the picture came out alright.

This Not-So-Fun Accident

man in a hospital bed with a meat thermometer stuck to his head
reddit | u/davedude115

"Accidentally stabbed myself with a meat thermometer."


Okay, how does that even happen? I have so many questions for this man. Well, at least they don't have to take his temperature, lol. According to the thermometer in his head, this guy should be dead. Hehe!

This Pizza Fail

hand holding burned pizza
reddit | u/Real_Chris_Hansen123

Here's a newsflash, when you're trying to warm up that frozen pizza, make sure you check on it from time to time. And definitely don't fall asleep. I'm not sure what happened here, but this pizza is toast now, that's for sure.

This Pizza Carnage

frozen pizza boxes spilled all over the road
reddit | u/loosie13

Speaking of frozen pizza, how do you like what you see here? Oh, my goodness. I would really like to know what the heck happened on this road. It's safe to say this won't be fun to clean up. Am I right?

This Annoying Wedding Guest

wedding guest holding a summer fan blocking people's view
reddit | u/Jen_With_Just_One_N

"I went to a wedding, got there early, found a decent seat with a good view ... minutes before the nuptials started, this lady sat down in front of me and did not care one bit that her fan blocked the view of every person sitting behind her."


Wow, can you believe the audacity of some people?

This Perfect Timing

bruised leg over a tub
reddit | u/Nachbarskatze

Speaking of weddings, check this out. This woman was run over, stood on, and dragged through the mud by a horse. If that wasn't bad enough, she's also a bridesmaid who's supposed to wear a short dress the very next day. Oops!

This Broken Dream

broken glasses lying on a counter
reddit | u/zLightningz

"I have a rehearsal and a presentation to give today and didn’t pack my spares."


Here's some interesting advice somebody offered on Reddit.

"If you squeeze the two nose pads a little closer together, you should be fine. Otherwise, use a toothpick and some tape to splint it until you can get them fixed or replaced."


That should work, no?

This Unhappy Day

car with smashed window
reddit | u/Dumbbrokekid

This person dared to park their car on some street in Portland just to have it broken into alright. Here's something they should have noticed. Take a look at the car across the street. You know, the one that has the car window covered by a black garbage bag. That might have been a sign not to park on that street, no?

This Sucky Monday Morning

flat tire on a car
reddit | u/Plenty-Grape-1840

Speaking of car issues, here's another Monday morning this person would like to forget. It must really suck to get ready for work only to realize you're not going anywhere. Don't you hate when that happens?

This Dinner Fail

meatballs in sauce spilled over a range
reddit | u/Elwinora

Oh, my goodness. What a waste, eh? Quick, maybe you can still salvage it. Does the 30-second rule apply here? Hmm! I don't tell anyone, I promise. I bet it will still taste great, hehe. Just watch out for the glass, okay?

This Garbage Day

garbage truck flipped over on the street
reddit | u/305Mitch

Whoa! Somebody is having a really bad start to the week. This garbage truck overturned on the street, and every piece of garbage went flying. I don't envy whoever gets the pleasure of cleaning this mess. That's not going to be fun, eh?

This Hot Water Heater Fire

water heater damaged from a fire
reddit | u/djasz1

"Luckily it’s located directly under our bedroom and I had gone in to change for dinner and smelled an electric burning smell. We went to check it and walked up right as it stated flaming. Ran and got the extinguisher and hit the breaker. Very lucky and happy we checked out the smell immediately!"



This Unnerving Experience

thermos that exploded inside
reddit | u/os-sesamoideum

"My thermos exploded with a loud bang and glass flew all over my kitchen. I stood nearby and I am glad I didn’t got (sp) hurt but my heart skipped a beat."


What? A thermos can explode? I didn't know that.

This Surprising Discovery

attic that colapsed under somebody's weight
reddit | u/ErroneousBosch

"I found out that the weight-bearing limit of my attic is less than what I weigh."


Whoa! You don't say, huh? Here's some advice from an expert.

"Every time I take someone into an attic (don’t ask), I explain where you can and can’t step. Every single time they are shocked they can’t just walk anywhere."


And here I thought I was having a bad day.

woman saying "silver lining, huh?

Hehe! As it turns out, these folks have it much worse than me. As I said at the beginning, accidents can and will happen. But it's how you handle them that's all that matters. If you can find a silver lining somewhere, you're on your way there. Do you agree with me?