18 Pics That Are Pretty Much The Definition Of A Bad Day

Kasia Mikolajczak
Mouse in noodles
reddit | u/haddyboo

We all have bad days. Am I right? But what if you've been having a bad week, month, or even a year? That must be rough, huh? Well, when that does happen, let me remind you that you're not the only one.

Once you see what these folks had to deal with, you'll probably think you have it easy. So let's take a look. Shall we? If this doesn't make you feel a little better, I don't know what will, hehe.

1. This Car Trouble

Hand holding broken car pedal
Reddit | u/wootybooty

I don't know how you would react if you found yourself holding the gas pedal in your hand. How in the heck is this person going to get home now? Maybe they can 'Flintstone' their way out of it, huh? I'd like to see that, ha, ha.

2. This Cooking Disaster

Aluminium foil stuck to oven
Reddit | u/paintedshrubbery

"I put aluminum foil down in the oven to make cleanup easier after cooking pizza. The foil melted and got stuck instead."

I've had that happen to me before, but thankfully it wasn't as bad as this. It's not going to be fun cleaning this up, that's for sure.

3. This Unfortunate Incident

Woman looking at mess in the kitchen
Reddit | u/joshuambrose

"Closed the dishwasher and the cabinet decided to kill itself."

Don't you love it when furniture decides to sabotage your day? I bet this lady here is absolutely thrilled about all the clean-up she's about to do. I don't envy her at all.

4. This Egg Catastrophe

eggs broken on the floor
Reddit | u/Robotchickjenn

Do you fancy scrambled eggs right off of the floor? No! Well, that's the only breakfast this person is going to have or no breakfast at all. Aww, what a huge mess and all those eggs just went to waste. Better carry them carefully next time.

5. This Job Interview

Coffee spilled on man's pants
Reddit | u/Mikrobeast

"So I was heading to a job interview and accidentally spilled coffee all over me just before an interview. Not the best first impression, I suppose."

No, not at all. What crappy timing, huh?

6. This Airport Mishap

A bag left on the tarmac
Reddit | u/mrplinko

Oh, no! What is it that I see here? Is this not the loneliest bag you've ever seen? Somebody is going to be so mad when they find out their bag got left behind. This isn't right, ha, ha.

7. This Driving Mishap

Broken car wheel on the ground
Reddit | u/DenverNuggetz

"My entire wheel came off going 75mph down the highway."

Wow! That must've been scary. Apparently, the car started rattling, but this person thought it was their engine/transmission about to go. I'm glad everyone is okay, though.

8. This Surprise

Cow making a mess inside of a house
Reddit | u/asadali0786

"A small herd of cows found their way into a newly built home in Montana and lived inside for about a month before being noticed."

Wait a minute, what? How does that even happen? I don't envy this homeowner. That's quite a surprise.

9. This Doggy Culprit

Dog who shredded a feather pillow in the house
Reddit | u/lbpcod

Oh, no. Here's a word to the wise, never buy a feather pillow when you have a dog who is mischievous. This guy got into it, and apparently, he won. Now his owner has his work cut out for him, no?

10. This Forgetful Moment

Exploded soda cans in a trunk
Reddit | u/Cheesypunlord

This is what happens when you forget you had soda cans in single-digit weather. I bet this person learned their lesson and is never going to forget their mistake. Heck, after cleaning that mess up, they better remember next time, eh?

11. This Evil Cat

Cat destroying toilet paper on a couch
Reddit | u/PoonSwoggle

I'm not one to call a cat evil because I love all animals, but that face says it all. Am I right? It's so funny, I can't stop laughing at it. We have a black cat who's a rascal too, so I totally understand what this person must be feeling right now.

12. This Stellar Week

Spaghetti in a shoe
Reddit | u/millre01

"This week started with a breakup, then I had to get my car towed, now I spilled spaghetti in my shoe."

Oh, shucks. I bet you're glad you're not having this kind of week, eh? I know what you mean, and I feel bad for this person here.

13. This Act Of Rebellion

Dog poop on Roomba vacuum
Reddit | u/eldridgejames

"My wife’s dog hates our Roomba."

Oh my, that dog has a vendetta against the Roomba. That's pretty evident here. I wonder what it would do next. What do you think? Any educated guesses?

14. This Blizzard

Car buried in snow
Reddit | u/justinmillerco

Oh no, say it isn't so! I can tell right now that getting the car out from the piles of all that snow won't be fun. It's amazing they were able to find it. How much snow did the city get? I would really like to know.

15. And This Blizzard

Inside of restaurant buried in snow
Reddit | u/grisigt

If you thought getting your car buried in snow was bad, what do you think of this? Apparently, there was a huge snowstorm in Iceland, and this restaurant's door broke down. Now they have to deal with all of that inside. Holy cow!

16. This House Fire

Damage inside of a house after a fire
Reddit | u/knotjust

There's literally one thing I'm afraid of the most, and that is a house fire. I can't even imagine how horrible that can be. Not only do you lose the roof over your head but all your belongings too. That is so sad.

17. This Real Life Ratatouille

Mouse inside of pasta pot
Reddit | u/haddyboo

"Came home after a long shift, went to get some food, a mouse was in it."

OMG, that's hilarious, ha, ha. But I bet this person wasn't laughing when they discovered this little friend here. Why would a mouse want some dry pasta? Isn't there anything better to eat around?

18. This Start Of The Day

Broken car key in someone's hand
Reddit | u/mcgillibuddy

"I have a final to take in an hour, good thing I got up a little early today.

Whoa! I hope this person has a backup key, that's all. If they don't, they better call AAA ASAP, or what final is going to start without them. Oh, yeah!

See what I told you?

Woman saying "That's rough"
Giphy | Wolf Entertainment

No matter how bad you thought your day was going chances are somebody is having a much rougher time than you. So next time you feel defeated just remember the pictures you saw here. I hope this makes your day a little better. We are in this together, my friend.