Conjoined Twins Open Up About How Their Dating Life Works

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Twins in the womb can be rather common, but conjoined twins are not as common. In fact, conjoined twins occur once in every 50,000 to 60,000 births—and not all conjoined twins survive.

But we're here to look at a happier story! In which these conjoined twins navigate their life with joy, love, and great boundaries.

Let's look at these conjoined twins, who know how to make the best of everything.

Carmen and Lupita Andrade are conjoined twins who have decided to take their story online so people can get a glimpse of what their life is like. They love posting on social media to give insight to people who might have some questions.

Carmen and Lupita share a pelvis and are connected at the torso.

In addition, the girls explained on their YouTube channel that although they share a digestive system, they have two separate stomachs. Their brains and hearts are completely obviously completely separate as well.

They also have very different interests, and that includes interests in men.

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Lupita and Carmen may share many things, but taste in men is something they do not. Lupita has explained in the past that she is asexual and not interested in men. But, Carmen recently shared she has a boyfriend.

Lupita has admitted that she "isn't interested in anybody."

Lupita has explained that she actually hates someone touching her, and has a lot of boundaries when it comes to her personal space. Due to this, she has no interest whatsoever in finding a partner.

Carmen on the other hand, has a boyfriend, Daniel, who has been with her for over a year.

The two met on a dating app, and she has even joked about him on her YouTube channel. While many people might have thought that being a conjoined twin might have stopped the relationship from flourishing, that couldn't be further from the truth.

When they first met, Carmen said she was nervous.

It had been awkward for her, she shared, to explain to someone over a dating app that she was a conjoined twin. Not many people, in her experience, are willing to date someone who is a conjoined twin.

However, Carmen said she always wanted to be transparent with people online about her life.

Carmen said she shared a full paragraph on her profile about being a conjoined twin, that way she was always transparent with people she met or was going to speak to.

But even though she found her match, the relationship was a learning process for everyone involved.

"We obviously had to have a discussion on what boundaries are OK and what aren't," she shared.

But the girls have shared in their videos that it's not as awkward as people might think for Lupita.

The three have a pretty good relationship and funny banter between them. They often joke around and Lupita has been quick to jump in with a good burn or a funny joke.

Although she is happy and in love, Carmen admitted that she and her boyfriend are not intimate.

Thankfully, everyone seems to be okay with that and the relationship is still thriving. After all, for many people, sex isn't the most important part of the relationship.

People online have also shared that Daniel and Carmen's relationship gives them hope.

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Watching Carmen fall in love and watching Lupita be so supportive has really given their fans hope.

While it may be a complicated situation, we couldn't be happier that it's working out for them!