Netflix Blocks Certain Shows And Movies From Users On Cheaper Plans

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There's nothing like winding down after a long day's work by getting cozy on your couch, popping a bowl of popcorn, and sitting down to watch all your favorite Netflix shows, ad-free and at your own leisure.

Unless you've opted for one of their cheaper plans, which means you will have to watch some commercials. But for what you're saving, maybe it's worth it, just to be able to sit down and watch your favorite — what's that? Some shows aren't available? Well...

Netflix's decision to create a cheaper subscription tier to allow ads was not a universally popular one.

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The plan, Netflix Basic with ads, just launched — it became available on November 1st in Canada and Mexico, and November 3rd everywhere else (unless you're in Spain, which gets it on the 10th).

The website shared a little bit of detail on the plan itself.

Obviously, if you're paying less, you're going to get less features.

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"Netflix Basic with ads is an ad-supported subscription plan that allows you to enjoy movies and TV shows at a lower price. With this plan, you can enjoy Netflix in HD video quality (up to 720p) on one supported phone, tablet, computer, or TV at a time," Netflix says.

"Unlike our other ad-free plans, ads will be shown before or during most TV shows and movies."

A TV screen that reads Technical Difficulties.

But the ads aren't the only thing that's different about the available content. Netflix revealed that "Some movies and TV shows will not be available due to licensing restrictions, and downloads are not included."

People have already been compiling what shows aren't available.

Some of those shows include House Of Cards, Arrested Development, Peaky Blinders, New Girls, The Magicians, The Last Kingdom, Friday Night Lights, and The Good Place.

You might notice those are some of Netflix's most popular titles.

This hasn't been a very popular decision.

"What is the actual point of Netflix now?" tweeted one user.

"Given how much stuff they cancel after just 1 or 2 seasons now it's quickly losing value for me," added another.

Fans were not happy.

"why do they hate the poor so much" one user tweeted.

"THE GOOD PLACE AND NEW GIRL??? those are my two biggest comfort shows what is wrong with them," added another.

A lot of fans didn't see much of a point in this Netlfix plan at all.

|doesnt hulu and hbo have an ad supported option that gives you access to ALL their catalog ? like i promise you nobody’s paying $6.99 to stream kissing booth 1,2,3,4,5…" tweeted a user.

"Whew. Having people pay for additional pixels, and now this? Netflix's flop era continues," another added.

What do you think?

Would you pay for this subscription without having access to these shows, or are you keeping your regular subscription? Let us know how you feel in the comments!