Texas Couple Claims Their House Is Haunted By Dirty Talking Ghosts

Exterior shot of supposedly haunted house

Do you believe in the supernatural? Have you ever lived in a haunted house? Whether you're ghost-skeptical or a ghost enthusiast, this story out of Texas might give you a different impression of ghosts.

A couple says their house is haunted by ghosts — but not the typical spooky kind. No, this particular house is supposedly haunted by some extremely horny ghosts.

They own and rent out this house in Gainesville, Texas.

Exterior shot of supposedly haunted house

The house on Denton Street is owned by Linda Hill and her husband, who rent it out as an income property. But despite it being a nice house, they've had a tough time finding long-term renters.

Eventually, they started hearing rumors.

Linda Hill, who says she owns haunted house

The Hills saw 10 tenants move in and then move out in a two-year span. They were wondering why, and eventually one of the former tenants let them in on what was wrong with the house.

It's haunted.

silhouette of a hand against a window
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"No," said Hill. "No, [I didn't believe it]. Not at all."

Undaunted, Hill went to check out the vacant house for herself. When she took a shower, she saw a dark shape through the shower curtain, which whispered, "Lookin' good!"

Was it her husband?

A hand reaching out from behind a blue shower curtain
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Linda assumed it was her hubby, but found herself absolutely chilled when she found out he wasn't in the room with her.

"He said, 'Who are you talking to?'" she explained. "And it was like, oh my god, it really is haunted."

That wasn't the end of the ghostly encounters.

Steve Buscemi looking uncomfortabel and confused

Describing the nature of the haunting, Linda has one word: "Sexual. There's no other way to put it."

Hill says ghosts in the house have been heard saying, "Oh baby, oh baby, yeah, I like it like that."

There's conventionally spooky stuff, too.

Not all of the ghosts are horny. Some are just plain spooky. Linda says that there's a door that continually opens itself, along with a well underneath the living room. Linda says it's a good source of water, but I say it's a portal to hell.

Is there a plausible explanation?

Roadside ad for a closed-down brothel
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There's nothing definite here, but there is a persistent rumor that the old house (it was built in the 1840s) used to be a bordello or a brothel, which might help explain the nature of the haunting.

Did someone get killed there?

A neon sign for a psychic
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The room directly next to the living room is known ominously as the "murder room." That's because, according to Linda Hill, "almost every psychic" who's entered the room has described seeing a dead body in the middle of the room.

They've given up on finding new tenants.

"Investigations by reservation only" sign on supposedly haunted house

Because the house is too spooky/horny for anyone to want to live there full-time, Linda and her husband have found a different way to pay the bills: renting it out to ghost hunters and paranormal investigators.

Have you ever lived in a haunted house?

Exterior of supposedly haunted house

On a logical level, it's tough to believe in ghosts. But if you've experienced something spooky that can't be explained, it's tough not to believe in ghosts.

Let us know if you have any spooky experiences and share your thoughts on this story in the comments section!

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