Woman Who Won Lottery Quits Job To Become Professional Ghost Hunter

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Someone dressed a ghost standing in a field.
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Do you have a lottery winning-dream? A plan even? A set of things you know you'd do or buy if you ever won the lottery? Would you quit or job, or do you want to keep working? Any dream jobs you'd rather do instead?

These are all questions a lucky couple in England got to answer when they realized they'd won a lottery draw. Thankfully they had their dreams picked out already and went right to chasing them.

A very lucky woman won a staggering lottery last year.

A hand on a scratch ticket
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Called the Set For Life draw in the UK, the winner gets a whopping £10,000, or approximately $12,340, every month for 30 years.

Laura Hoyle won this incredible prize in March of 2021, and it's safe to say she's been living her best life ever since.

She 'immediately' quit her job upon finding out.

Someone dressed a ghost standing in a field.
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She and her partner, Kirk Stevens, have instead started a new venture, becoming paranormal investigators.

The two film their ghost-hunting excursions, and Laura edits the footage afterward, something she says she "absolutely loves doing."

Thanks to their newfound wealth, they've been able to tackle their bucket list.

A camera setup.
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This, of course, includes visiting specific ghost-hunting spots, like the National Justice Museum in Nottingham, which they were able to investigate after hours.

Laura anticipates "many more" trips to the museum, as well as whatever else she feels like as her daily life is now "very relaxed."

"I am so chilled about everything now," she said. "We are moving into a new house this month and it’s so stress-free because I don't work now."

Kirk plans on transferring his skills from his previous job to their new paranormal-focused life.

Someone studying.
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He says he wants to utilize his experience in engineering and carpentry to start a new business making "paranormal investigation products."

"I know what people want, I have the skill set and I now have the opportunity to make it work. I’m in my last year of my Masters degree in mechanical engineering. [...] I have used the winnings to pay for the course. I want to continue working and progress which was the reason for the Masters."

It's nice to see a fun couple finally able to achieve their dreams.

A sheet ghost leaning against a railing.
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Hopefully, their paranormal investigation videos continue to do well and they continue to enjoy making them. The good news is, if they ever get tired of it, they have the resources to chase after any dream they so desire!

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