The Internet Is Convinced A Man Killed His Wife So He Could Marry Her Sister

Sarah Kester
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Thanks to the number of true crime documentaries and podcasts, people are awfully suspicious lately. 

You never know who could secretly be the next big serial killer, like Jeffrey Dahmer

So when one TikToker heard about a husband who married his wife’s sister a mere two months after her passing, some serious eyebrows were raised. 

What is it with husbands hooking up with their wife's sisters lately??

Couple caught cheating
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Earlier this month, we learned about the heartbreaking story of a woman who walked in on her husband naked together in her kitchen. She shared her story with the "True Off My Chest" community on Reddit.

In her shocking viral post, she explained that she had come home early from work one day.

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That's always how it starts, isn't it?

When she saw her sister's car in the driveway, she just assumed that she was there to drop off food from her work.

Sadly, that couldn't have been farther from the truth.

Beyonce shocked

Instead, she found her husband and her sister having sex in HER kitchen. The first time they hooked up was when she went away on a girl's trip. It kept happening from then on.

Absolutely devastated, she turned to Reddit for support.

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"I'm so very sorry OP, I can't imagine the pain and anger you must be feeling rn :(" one kind user wrote. Redditors also gave her many helpful pieces of advice on how to gather evidence and navigate through the divorce.

A short time after that, another viral story involving a husband and a sister emerged.

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This suspicious story was shared on TikTok by Nosey Rosie (@mindseverybodiesbusiness). A fitting user name, considering she dug up as many facts about this story as she could.

In her viral video, she shared a screenshot of a happy couple on their wedding day.

Nosey showing the couple's post
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But then the bomb dropped: "You see that man right there?" Rosie said. "He was married to her sister two months prior to them getting married."

But instead of cheating on his wife and leaving her for her sister, the wife tragically died in a bus accident.

Casket with flowers
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One of the couple's children also passed away, while the other two children who survived the accident are still in the hospital and rehab.

"Barely hanging on," she said about the kids.

Man saying "suspicious"
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While most people couldn't think of marrying again for a while, the husband went on to marry the sister just two months after the tragic deaths. Even more suspicious: "the cause of the bus accident was never determined."

The plot thickened when Nosey shared the new wife's Facebook post about her wedding.

Nosey sharing the wife's post
TikTok | @mindseverybodiesbusiness

It read: "I prayed and God answered in more ways than I could have ever imagined."

"And I just gotta say 'What was she praying for?'" asked Nosey.

Her suspicions had other users on high alert.

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"Definitely can’t wait to watch this on dateline soon," one user wrote, their comment gaining 13.8k likes. "At first I was like 'awwh don't make fun of some random couples happiness' then promptly said 'carry on,'" another added.

Many likened it to the crime story of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell, which was explored in the Netflix documentary, 'Sins of Our Mother.'

Some users even did their own digging and were shocked by the results: "Omg. I did some DIGGING and found her obituary and the sister that passed was married to him for SIXTEEN YEARS."

All we gotta say is "yikes!"